What if you could bring your sacred mission and purpose into every facet of your business?

Welcome, beautiful you!LJ2heart

You’re smart, creative, curious, committed and full of chutzpah. You’re passionate about your business, about your work in the world. It’s important to you to create a business that reflects every bit of your passion, your juicy mission and purpose.

Yet there’s a disconnect. Your work life becomes so demanding and you get so consumed by cash-flow concerns and to-do lists that you lose the connection to the sacred impulse that got you here in the first place.

Do you find yourself wondering…

  • Is my business really in alignment with my heart’s mission and my soul’s purpose?
  • Does my branding, messaging, logo, and website reflect the sacred invitation I want to extend to my right and perfect clients/customers?
  • What’s missing that will not only deeply satisfy me, but allow me to be of powerful service to the world through my work?
  • Am I even on the right path? Didn’t I set out to…?

Here’s what I want to whisper to your beautiful heart… You deserve a business that expresses the fullness of who you are, and that supports you to make the difference that you want to make in the world. And, sister, you can have it.

It doesn’t have to be hard. Your business can reflect your beautiful sacred self, while being of powerful service in the world.

Your business can…
…fulfill the highest expression of your true mission and purpose, the good you are meant to do in the world
…connect deeply with your clients so they can enjoy the fruits of your sacred calling
…nurture your passion, that juicy creative spark that deeply satisfies your soul

Picture yourself standing tall, head up, tits out, regally, beautifully and gracefully moving through your life, connecting authentically and lovingly with your clients, your students, the people who read your newsletters and blog, the potential clients you meet in the world.

I’m Sue Kearney, business coach, branding specialist, and logo and web designer.

Wondering about me? I’ve been a meditator, martial artist, women’s spirituality facilitator, and student of spiritual neuroscience for many years. Add to that my experience as a typographer, graphic designer, brand specialist, and web designer/developer. The techniques we’ll use together come from all these rich and juicy sources, and as I always do, I’ll offer you a personalized set of tools targeted for your success. Feet on the earth, roots descending to the center, stretching up the heavens, there is no limit to what you can do!

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