Gratitude challenge week 19

I am a grateful woman.

“Being grateful for all I have brings more abundance into my life.” —Che Garman

  • I am grateful for the life in the garden. Bean plants of all kinds reaching for the sky, sending tendrils out to wrap around anything that will help them stand upright.
  • I am grateful for dancing last night for a whole hour without feeling sapped and depleted. Woohoo!
  • I am also grateful that my legs didn’t hurt when I danced. Or after.
  • I am grateful for my sister and our shared love and neuroses.
  • I am grateful that I had my first Journey healing process today. Powerful.
  • I am grateful for my nutrition coach urging me more and more to health.
  • I am grateful for the wealth that allows me to take care of myself this well.
  • I am grateful that my daughter calls me on the phone. Even if it’s just to ask mama techno-geek how to take a screen grab. (Works for me.)
  • I am grateful for this unbelievable weather. I like this sunshine and mild temps. Just gorgeous.
  • I am grateful for the first peaches and nectarines sitting on my counter with some apricots and cherries. My favorite season for fruit has begun.
  • I am grateful that my body is healing.
  • I am grateful for working technology.
  • I am grateful for a working car!
  • I am grateful for a plan. Managing my energy with time over this next two weeks is critical for me.
  • I am grateful for my web developer partner, Dustin Laine, who is a coding god and a very good friend.
  • I am grateful for everyone who has commented on my blog. Welcome all to the conversation!
  • I am grateful for gratitude practice; it brings me peace.

From this week’s Gratitude Challengers:

Amanda: a husband who gets up in the middle of the night to warm milk for our baby – it was his idea, no urging necessary.

Sonia: Yelp IPhone application for helping me find the best restaurants.

Mary Jane: I’m so grateful that my body is getting better and my T3 and T4 numbers are almost normal. Good job bod!

Barbara: today I am grateful for the moon, the moon, the moon [this during the last Full Scorpio Moon, did you see it?]

Another from Sonia: The ability to see, the ability to hear, the ability to touch, the ability to taste

Theresa: Having the mother that I do to celebrate on Mother’s Day

Belinda: I love the phrase “Take a Deep Breath, Sweetheart.  We’ll get through this together.  We’re going to be OK.”  This is a good one for me.  I use it.

Love and light, y’all.

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