Gratitude challenge week 7

Feels like this year of the Gratitude Challenge is flying by!

Real life isn’t always going to be perfect or go our way, but the recurring acknowledgement of what is working in our lives can help us not only to survive but surmount our difficulties. — Sarah Ban Breathnach, author of Simple Abundance

I’m loving compiling and sharing these wonderful gratitude quotes with y’all.

Okay, I took a deep self-loving breath and here we go:

Today I am grateful for all of it.

  • I am grateful that my sister was able to meet me at the gym so we could have sister Pilates time.
  • I am grateful that I was still at the gym (I was leaving before she did) when she fell and hurt herself, so I could help with the first aid.
  • I am grateful that I have learned (and continue to learn) about self-care for injuries and ailments. Barbara (my sis) asked me if I subscribe to the western ice-ice-ice or the Asian ice for a little while then heat approach. I answered her that I ice for the first hour or so, to reduce swelling, then only go with bringing the warm. Just as I don’t eat cold foods (except for kombucha!), to improve digestion, I also love the idea of inviting more blood and chi (life energy) to the injured area with warmth. Think about it. Icing constricts, which would be the opposite of increasing blood flow, wouldn’t it?
  • I am grateful that I’ve returned to the practice of including the first three words (“I am grateful…”) to each of these. Deepens intention.
  • I am grateful that my little Yoda Fonzarelli joke went viral (in a small way, but it did) this morning.
  • I am grateful to be funny.
  • I am grateful for another set of responses to my Shero’s Journey questions (illustration by the brilliant Eric Klein —you can buy it here. And check out his blog for more awesome!). Here they are:

People come to Sue for…her perceptions and ability to see what might be holding a person back and his/her negative patterns, her sense of humor and enjoyment of games

People thank Sue for…Her creativity and great cooking and follow through and love

Sue is known for…Dedication and commitment to her friends and family, perseverance and the way she takes care of herself, for being competitive, for being very smart, her recent (like some years) ability to apologize after she has been prickly about something, for being quick witted.

What’s really easy for Sue includes…being smart, being able to stay on food plans she thinks will help her

What Sue downplays about her gifts includes…her ability to change from a self-destructing person to one who values herself and life

Sue forgets that she is a role model to many about self-care, about the ability to change, about looking at yourself honestly but also with love and compassion

  • I am grateful for healing
  • I am grateful for sleeping last night, needed it!
  • I am grateful for my richly varied life
  • I am grateful for love, coming in and going out.

And I am grateful to acknowledge my Gratitude Challengers.

From your posts this week, a sampling:
From Kim: I am grateful for spending the last hour doing the things that clear me and leave me feeling spacious ease around time. I have reviewed my schedule, gone through my emails, caught up with my friends and got my dinner plan in place.
From Barbara: asking for what I want and knowing I may not get it (that’s high-level gratitude! I know this from experience)
From Belinda: I am grateful for finding two ripe strawberries in my garden and enjoying eating them.
From Amanda: Snuggling in bed “late” on a Saturday morning with sleeping baby and husband

Hooray for gratitude shared!

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