gratitude monday 4/21

img_0327.pngI am grateful this morning. I invited dad to come with me to visit my mother’s grave yesterday. He was pleased. Even though he did not remember that yesterday was his wedding anniversary. Sixty-one years—April 20th, 1947.img_0328.JPG

Dad brought his prayer book and his yarmulke. He said his prayers and went to the car and waited for me. I created sacred space, walked three times around the grave, talked to mom, thanked her for my life, and blessed her bones. I found two rocks and planted them in the corners of the stone.

(Yes, dad’s stone is already in place for his future final repose. And yes, those are a poker hand of cards in the bottom center of mom’s stone—I think it’s a royal flush.)

I am grateful for my gratitude blog. That I have a verbal/pictorial diary that’s open to the world. I am grateful for this practice.

I am completely grateful for this full-moon weekend. The ritual Friday night was amazing. Wonderful energy. I can’t believe how much I love entering into and inhabiting ritual space. With ritualing women. In community.

I am grateful for dancing Thursday and Friday nights. It had been too long. I love love love love love love partner dancing. And I got to see Aurie too, a friend who has been living in Vegas.

img_0336.pngI am grateful for completing my visions and intentions map (that I planned to do over two months ago). I had a wonderful night collecting images and making this treasure map that is now hanging on my wall.

I am grateful for my full-moon reading. Saturday night was a beautiful time of sacred solitary work.

I am in day two of a four- or five-day cleanse. Intense. I am continuing another week of no grain, no fruit. A good time of year to clean out.

I am blessed I am blessed I am blessed.

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