gratitude monday 5/19

I understand peace. How lovely to have this. The time in bed before sleep, lying on my side and breathing. Feeling relaxed and safe and happy. No stress. I feel so blessed.

I am grateful for so much.

Hours at traffic court. What an experience. Getting a $100 reduction in the fine.

Productive and profitable meeting with a client. Business is doing so well!

Two wonderful coaching calls. I love having four coaching clients. Although it will become three very quickly; I think.

Lots and lots and lots of witchy time this weekend. An hour and a half of conference-call planning on Friday. Dinner before the ritual on Saturday and then the full-moon ritual. Awesome. Went well. Creative. Juicy. Lots of lovely energy.

Three of my witch sisters are coming with me to see Stevie Wonder. Woohoo!

Two ceiling fans are bought and sitting in the trunk of my car waiting (not too long! not too long!) for installation. Paid for by my landlady. That’s just lovely!

I hold space for the installation to occur before, before, before the next heat wave hits.

Bills are paid, checks are deposited. With more to deposit.

Hula practice was great. More lively energy in another of my communities.

And family time. I enjoyed my visit with my sister so much last night. We never got to do the borrowing each other’s clothes things when we were kids—I was out of the house before we had the same-size bodies. My sister very generously let me wear a brand-new tshirt of hers last night. How sweet is that!

I am loved and blessed and cherished and I am so happy to know this.

Blessed be.

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