gratitude wednesday 2/3

Imbolc has come and gone. And I gratefully declare Spring! I’ve seen magnolias all over and I’ve seen fruit trees abloom. I see bulbs coming up and buds on every tree. That exquisite amazing color of new-growth green is everywhere. This is the time of year that inspires me so much. That life force bursting in every living thing rushes through my heart and cells. A good good thing.

I’m grateful for growth, for patience, for friends, for knowing the goddess, for being called by both Brigid and Mami Wata, for their fierce protection.

I’m grateful for skill, love of work, talent, clients, potential clients.

I’m grateful grateful grateful for health, good food, cooking skills.

I’m grateful for support from my sisters (of blood and of choice) and the rest of my support network.

Life is good and I am blessed.

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