gratitude wednesday 6/18


For work. For talent. For clients. For wealtlh.

For colleagues and clients.

For friends.

For family.

For knowing that this time of intense deadlines will pass.

For self-care. For my local self-care resources. For Lhasa Karnak, the herb store. For stocking up on sun tea mixes so I can make my own pitchers of tea.

For nectarines and apricots at their best. For the last of the cherries and asparagus. For seasonal eating.

For Tarot readings. I did two three-card readings yesterday and they went very well.

For creativity. For intelligence. For the gifts I am so happy to share—my time my treasure and my talent.

I am grateful to be taking myself a little—a lot—more lightly.

Life is good and I am blessed.

And so it is!

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