gratitude wednesday 9/10

I’m humbled and grateful and struck nearly mute by the changes of the last few days. The Gathering was more than I have yet been able to assimilate. And then I come home to the experience of my dear Kim’s husband’s death. Jeff was my age and had been living with failed kidneys for a long time.

I moved through Monday—the day of Jeff’s transition—with text-message notifications from Kim. After he passed, I could barely restrain myself from just jumping in the car to be at Kim’s side (she lives 85 miles away). I waited until the morning, which is when she wanted me. I drove up and spent 4-1/2 hours with her. Holding space for tears and laughter and anger and regret. Looking at photos. Honoring Kim for the impeccable way she showed up for Jeff’s life, their marriage, his disease and his transition.

We dumped a prodigious amount of prescription pills into a baggie and added water and threw them away. And then recycled the bottles. I called crematories and mortuaries to find out who could/would provide a simple cremation for a simple price. Now I know: The price range is ridiculous—in five phone calls I was quoted $700 at the low end to $2,200 at the high end.

I called my sister and she helped Kim and me puzzle through what happens when a spouse dies with an old pre-marriage will.

And I held space held space held space. I am so glad I was able to follow my calling to her side. And I cherish the depth of our relationship. It has been multi-faceted, and has lasted nine years. And continues. I am blessed.

I am grateful for knowing that no matter what happens with and in my businesses, I am well and well-cared for. Even in the depth of winter in my business, I know that winters don’t last forever. Prosperity and new contracts and new clients are ready now and coming my way.

All is well, all is well, all is already well. Blessed be!

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  1. September 10, 2008 at 10:15 am

    so very proud of you in this moment. stepping into the role of not only good good friend, but also in the amazing priestess that you are becoming, and already are.

    blessed be my sister. you are a strong and amazing person.


  2. September 12, 2008 at 9:09 am

    On the road at 6 AM following the death of someone who was close to you, holding space for your friend in her grief, doing the menial tasks that help her process…that is a big part of being a priestess. The path is full of opportunities to be of service in so many ways. You channeled that experience at GG into an extremely needed service. Blessings will follow you for that. Love!

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