Gratitude challenge week 27

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.” — Denis Waitley, American author

Two weeks post-Summer Solstice.

Still basking in the glow of l-o-o-o-o-o-n-g days. And the gorgeous weather. Although I’ve been hearing about the record high temperatures all over the place (and mourning the effects of global warming), here in the Bay Area it’s been cool and overcast in the mornings and sunny and absolutely glorious in the afternoons.

Yup, it means the tomatoes in the garden are ripening slowly. And the blackberries and other fruit. But oh so gorgeous blessed days!

I am grateful for the Rx from my Chi Nei Tsang practitioner: spend 20 minutes in the sun every day (before 3pm), wearing as little as possible, and bask! How’s that for a prescription?

But wait, there’s more!

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Is being true to your heart and soul selfish? Does it matter?

This morning I rolled out of bed before 7, before the alarm, and I put on my flipflops and went into the garden.

Dragged the heavy hose its full length and started watering the seedbeds. The whole garden looks like more dirt than plants, as you can see, and I spent my time (15, 20 minutes) watering every bed, and the paths in between, bending down and saying hello to each little tiny seedling I could see.

This time spent in the chilly morning sunshine was most definitely not on my calendar. I have so much more important stuff to do! Tax-related stuff, business development stuff. I have blogs to read and comments to write! I have #FFs to send, and RTs. And yes, I also have sunshine to soak up, and invisible seeds to water and love, and seedlings to greet.

Yes it’s selfish. And yes it matters. In a good way.

I tell my clients this all the time: Make room for every part of your most sacred self in your schedule. Want some unstructured hammock-lying time? Schedule it! On first glance this might look and sound counterintuitive to you. Take a moment with this. Close your eyes and picture your calendar—using the week view. And picture a lovely two, two-and-a-half–hour chunk labeled Sacred time: Laze in a hammock and look at the clouds. This chunk is in a color you don’t use for anything but Sacred Time. Using a different color is a very important part of the magic of this, try it and see! And then picture yourself getting to that day, that afternoon, that chunk of time. And shutting your computer, leaving your phone behind, slapping on some sunscreen, and going out to do nothing. In the very best way.

But wait, there’s more!

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Gratitude Thursday 4/19

Gratitudes at night, right before bed.

I am grateful that I am healthy.

I am grateful that the people in my life who know about my gratitude practice remind me of it when I’m complaining, and that I am willing and able to stop complaining and shift to gratitude. On a dime, frequently (not always!).

I am grateful that the garden is coming alive.

I am grateful that last night when I broke a jar flooding my kitchen with a gallon of kombucha my reaction, while ridiculous, wasn’t dangerous. I didn’t get loaded, yo. I spent an hour trying on workout pants at Target (an ego-killing exercise if I ever saw one), bought nothing, not even a mop which would have been a good purchase (sticky floor). Came home and remembered, a couple of hours later, that forgiveness and love are available, even here. Only took about four hours to remember.

But wait, there’s more!

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Gratitude Tuesday 9/27

I celebrate with gratitude ease flexibility health, all coursing through my physical body.

I humbly stand in gratitude for the love in my life. For my daughter and sister. For my sisters of choice.

I joyfully express gratitude for my home, for the shelter and safety I get her.

I happily breathe my gratitude for faith and spirituality.

I am grateful for the last bunch of ripe blackberries yesterday, plump and perfectly ripe amid the dying vines.

I am grateful for the bounty of SunGold tomatoes in the garden. Hard to beat the experience of eating sunwarmed SunGolds right off the vine. Yum!

Here’s a true fact: Cherry tomatoes are best when they have split. This is something I never learned when buying them, because vendors don’t pack the little baskets with split tomatoes (cosmetically faulty, I guess). If you have an opportunity to eat ’em off the vine, try the ones that have split (they’ll fall right off the vine into your hand) and you’ll taste the perfection of the precise best moment of ripeness.

I love eating food from the garden, eggs from the hens. Life as an urban farmer. For this Brooklyn girl, these things are simply miracles. Yay!

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Gratitude Monday 8/15

Spent two hours in the garden yesterday…

…weeding and seeding, perfecting my farmer’s tan. Finally figured out the derivation of the word “redneck” as I was bending over, pulling weeds, and feeling the sun on my neck. Note to self: buy a new bottle of sunscreen to replace the one that’s gone missing.

Put in some new snap peas (hope it’s not too early), and seeds for bok choi and a couple of other greens. Then I found some “pink lipstick” chard starts at the nursery and put them in as well. Yum.

Made and bottled incenses and bubble bath with Jenny yesterday for the Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium. We’re going to vend these two things and my kombucha, Jenny’s jam, my hand sanitizer. I love doing this stuff. Joyful joyful joyful.

But wait, there’s more!

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Gratitudes Monday morning 5/9

I am so grateful today!

Sunny, cold morning (what is up with this weather? so weird…).

I celebrated Mother’s Day early with Rose. On Friday, we met in the middle—at the Nut Tree shopping center in Vacaville. I found a really good Mexican Restaurant via Yelp, Villa Corona. I had something new: Machaca de Carnitas (scrambled eggs with pork). Yum! Really really good. My daughter treated me to lunch. And I treated her to an ice cream and side-by-side pedicures. What a lovely day.

To those raised eyebrows (“a mother treating a daughter on Mother’s Day?”) I answer with nothing but delight and gratitude. As I told Rose, she is that which brings me the gift of motherhood and I am so grateful and lucky and happy to celebrate her. Just sayin’…

I got to priestess at our Beltane ritual on Saturday night. And be the altarist. I strolled the courtyard here and picked a giant basket of flowers. Unbelievable bounty. Enough for the center altar and the four directional altars as well.

And my sister Rowan brought her garlands of silk flowers as well. So much beauty!

I am grateful for circling with such beautiful women.

But wait, there’s more!

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gratitude monday 5/2

Beltane! May is here. Spring spring spring.

Everyone is gardening. Fresh dirt everywhere. I hear there’s a recent UC Davis survey that says that handling soil while gardening with your bare hands actually increases the amount of oxytocin (a naturally occurring drug the brain releases during sex, child-birth and laughter).  Yes I am so grateful to know the joy of gardening.

This year I’ve changed up the greens mix. I think I now have five varieties of kale growing. And a few kinds of chard. And some new stuff: I found specially bred cut-and-come-again beet greens and broccoli. Fits the way I grow and eat. I like my greens tender (small). I’ve been cutting and coming again with kale and chard and tatsoi and mizuna for years. Now I’ve added the beet greens and broccoli and collards and spinach. It’s a teeny jungle of greens.

But wait, there’s more!

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