The astrology of the audacious — are you open to the surprising and unexpected?

surprising and unexpected

This month’s astrology is going to bring the unexpected in many forms — all you need to do is be open

I think the shakeup has been happening for weeks already, don’t you?

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Tuesday 4/15/14
25º15′ Libra
12:42 am Pacific
3:42 am Eastern

Cardinal Grand Cross

Pluto opposite Jupiter
Mars opposite Uranus
all square to each other at 13º on April 23–24

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Monday 4/28/14
8º52′ Taurus
11:14 pm Pacific
2:14 am Eastern on 4/29

I know it has for me. Sometime in early March it suddenly seemed possible, do-able (talk about surprising!), and right to take a month off in sacred retreat. I leave on April 25th, the day after the peak of the Grand Cross, and I will return at the end of May.

If I’m any example, the energies of shakeup and surprise have been present for a while now. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been open to the idea of a healing road trip and a full month away from my business. I’ll be packing my car full of what heals and nourishes and restores me and traveling to Big Sur, Santa Barbara, Joshua Tree (the desert), Kernville (Sequoia National Forest), Mammoth Mountain (Death Valley, Kings Canyon), South Lake Tahoe, and Sonora (Yosemite). Big trees. Canyons. Ancient lodgepole pines. Desert. Five days at a women’s Buddhist retreat.

This is the second time in my life since I was in school that I am taking a full month off.

I traveled to Ireland, England and France in 2010, my first and so far only trip across the Atlantic. Amazing. Sacred. Healing. I visited many sacred and ancient places. I pulled some pictures of my favorites: the Black Abbey, Avebury, Newgrange, Stonehenge, and the ocher hills in the Luberon in Provence (in the order they’re in in the photo strip).


It was excruciating in 2010, to open the door to leaving my business and my clients for that long. I don’t know about you, but since I’ve been in business for myself my vacations have been occasional three- and four-day outings, with an occasional full week. Each break was difficult for me at first, I am so much more comfortable with routine duty and obligation than I am with treating myself like a queen who of course needs, deserves and must have balance, restoration and just plain fabulousity in her life! So I’m setting aside what’s comfortable and inviting the surprising.

I’ve learned so much about this. Not only it is really important for me to take a healing break for me, it’s also so important for my clients to see me do this… this allows them — and you! — to drink in the idea that self-love and self-care can include audacious and surprising moves just like this one. My clients inspire me! I have a client who walked the Camino in Spain last year… she planted a big juicy seed in me when she took nearly two months off to nurture herself in such an amazing way.

This time, for my 2014 month away — perhaps because I’ve done it once before, and perhaps because of this amazing astrological energy of change that’s brewing — I’m finding that it’s a bit easier. I decided to stay close to home and keep expenses down (this month off should cost less than half of my Europe journey), and this Eclipse — Grand Cross — Eclipse energy seems to be shining ease and a thrum of excitement to my planning.

One more astro note — take this with you as you do your Full Moon ritual

This next couple of weeks may cause a lot to shift. What felt stable and predictable may change, may even dissolve, and something surprising may appear on the horizon. Spend some time under the light of the Full Moon pondering the rest of 2014. What’s coming? What will unfold for you? Roll with it, beautiful one. Allow. Don’t try to rush the changes, and don’t resist them either.

Logistics: I will have one more blogpost for you in my normal schedule next weekend. I will have some guest posts go up when I’m gone. I may pop in and blog photos if I have any that I love, but I’m taking a writing break until the end of May.

What is brewing in you? Don’t brush away the surprising and unexpected — and audacious! — ideas that come to you during this time. Hear them, express them, live them! I’d love to hear from you in the comments… talk to me, beloved!

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Your niche, your road — own what makes you unique

YourRoadI went to a tantra and breathwork workshop yesterday

And was told I wasn’t doing it right


I know the facilitator had nothing but my healing in mind when she told me to go deeper, and to reach for more. I’m not sure exactly what she had in mind a little later when she suggested that because I wasn’t having a deep and profound experience I was perhaps disassociating. 


I know from my own experience as a student of transformational technologies, and as a teacher, that not everyone has the same capacity — in any given moment — for a breakthrough. That everyone has her own pace, her own journey, and follows her own unique path. Which is often not linear nor predictable — a spiral that bends back upon itself and then goes forward and then bends again…. I also believe that techniques are not cookie cutters — not everyone is a good fit for everything.

In my own private practice, I find that every client is unique and that what tools and techniques work for one may not work for another, or maybe not in the same order, or maybe it will take longer for one to get the benefit than for another. Even in my group trainings, with a set curriculum, I make space for lots of individualization, as needed, because my clients are beautiful, quirky, unique individuals.

Stand for yourself as the beautiful unique individual you are

Whether you’re learning something, or teaching something, being a participant in a workshop, or leading your own class, be yourself. Your beautiful, human, self. As you are. The more you can do this, the more you can find, claim and rock your niche!

This workshop I attended offered me a powerful opportunity to realize and take ownership of something very useful…What you have, who you are, these are your unique gifts. Everything you have survived and transformed becomes the gifts you can offer to the people you serve.

There are many reasons to claim your niche for your business

  • On your journey, as you heal each and every single thing that has brought you to be the beautiful woman you are today — every wound, every trauma, every joy, every regret, every loss — those things begin to change and become transformed into your own unique gifts — into exactly what it is you are meant to share in your work.
  • Your gifts are not for everyone. I can’t hear this enough, and I can’t say it enough: I’m pretty sure you don’t need to appeal to seven billion people to succeed in your business. I am certain that the ones you are meant to serve — the ones who need you — will find you with so much more ease if you can let go of trying to appeal to the whole planet and talk directly to your tribe (the ones who crave what you’ve got, sister).
  • Resistance to claiming a niche comes from fear. I know this from experience. I used to say I was an intentional generalist. I finally realized that I was using that fancy phrase to cover the fear that if I didn’t take all the work that I could, all the work that was offered, I wouldn’t survive. I promise you, when you plant your flag, and start offering your gifts to your ideal client, you can move into your sovereignty in your business. And your tribe, your ideal clients, will learn so much from your discernment, from how you choose those with whom you work. They will learn, and they will have mad respect for you!

How are you going with claiming your niche? Is it easy? Is there any resistance, any stuckness? Share your experience in the comments!


But wait, there’s more!

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Leaping out of the box — the Aries New Moon calls for chutzpah



That’s Yiddish for shameless audacity, impudence, guts, boldness and temerity. Cheek, yo.

This New Moon invites you to get your chutzpah on, beautiful one!

Spring into action (boing!), take risks, stand tall, plant your flag, and go for it!

New Moon in Aries

Sunday 3/30/14
9º59′ Aries
11:45 am Pacific
2:45 pm Eastern

We are at the beginning of the new astrological year now, with the Sun and Moon in Aries, and possibilities can truly seem endless. All the intentions we have nurtured since the Solstice are fired into motion now. Aries loves to move forward, to blaze a trail, to conquer obstacles. With Mars as its ruler, Aries lights a fire under whatever may have been holding you back. Let that flame melt your fears, your resistance, your wavering commitment. Strap that jet pack on your back and light the fuse, sister!

Desire, discovery, curiosity, passion, purpose — you may feel these more strongly. I hope you do, and that you heed the call to forward motion. What do you feel passionate about? What motivates you into action? What do you want, and do you have the chutzpah to go after it?

But wait, there’s more!

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Branding and personal branding — living your best life

What’s the difference between branding and personal branding?

There is none. Or, at least, there doesn’t have to be.


That’s hard to believe sometimes, I know. It’s like you undergo a kind of identity change when you step into “work mode.”

You have a business that reflects your heart’s mission and soul’s purpose.

You’ve done so much work on yourself. You reached the point in your life where you’ve had the vision, felt the calling, allowed passion and purpose to motivate you into being of service in your business.

All the skills, learning, experience and practices have made you the woman that you are, and have brought you this far.

Your personal brand

Everything that comprises the woman that you are — a beautiful regal woman who walks her talk, who has a big and loving heart, who is generous, who feels called to serve — that’s your personal brand. Your values. The way you show up. Your self-care. How you love. All of the above… But what happens when you turn your attention and devote your bandwidth — your time, your treasure, your talent — to your business?

You’ve got so much on the line in your business.

When your livelihood ($$$) is on the line, you can easily lose that beautiful glowing silken cord that ties your heart to your business. Based on fear, you start interacting with your business and making decisions from stress instead of from love.

Fear of failure. Fear of loss. Fear can drive you to seeing our business as a foreign object, instead of as a manifestation, reflection and organic representation of your best and highest: your values, your passion, your mission and purpose.

Is your business, in all its facets, in alignment with your heart and soul?

But wait, there’s more!

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Soak up the serenity, bathe in the calm waters…you’ll need the rest!

Full Moon in Virgo

Sunday 3/16/14
26º02′ Virgo
10:08 am Pacific
1:08 pm Eastern

This Full Moon in Virgo offers some serenity, some calm before the storm

Please, dear one, take that breath.

By the time April rolls around, you may find it a bit harder to access that serenity, and that calm.

First, of course, let’s remember that every Full Moon is a culmination moment. This is the time to look back over the last couple of weeks, and acknowledge with gratitude what has come to pass, how you have manifested your intentions. Under the light of this Full Moon this weekend, take some time to bask in her glow and express gratitude for what has come to pass, and state your sacred intentions for the coming lunation.

You can do this on your own, or you can circle with other women… However you choose to mark this moment, know that I will be marking it with you, and that our regal selves are connected on our journey.

FullMoonVirgoTake another breath, and let’s look at what’s noteworthy for this Moon.

  • The Moon is Full in Virgo, opposite the Sun in Pisces, which asks us how well we are integrating our spirit with our work. We get to look at the unity of our sacred essence with our commitment to being useful — this is the Full Moon that invites us in a very deep way to be of service now.
  • Virgo is the only constellation in the galaxy that is depicted as a woman, and is a Virgin in the sense that she is a complete being in her own right, belonging to herself. She is also the Goddess, the Sacred Feminine, the Great Creatrix. Each of us — of any gender — can find and reclaim our Sacred Virgo Feminine and belong to and be accountable to our own selves. We can see, feel, taste and own who and what we are meant to be, do and give.
  • Virgo’s greatest gift is discernment, which helps us see, know and accept who we really are. Of course, we will do best to rock this skill of discernment if we can avoid Virgo’s dark side and not get sucked into the need to be fucking perfect! In my own natal chart, Saturn is in Virgo, and makes a square aspect to Mars, which, if I let it, leaves me making myself crazy about the details at the expense of finishing what I have set out to do. Let me share this wisdom with you: embrace the imperfect, it’s so freeing!  Let this Full Moon support you as you take actions that support your business, and let go of the idea that they have to be perfect.

But wait, there’s more!

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Sharing gratitude

Celebrating, and sharing gratitude with you…


  • I am so grateful to be celebrating 23 years clean and sober this month. In recovery, I was told I only had to do two things: stop getting loaded and change everything. Happy to say that (finally!) everything has changed, and while I’m still a work in progress, I feel transformed from the inside out. Phew! Y’all don’t know how lucky you are that I am not the woman I was. Today I’m not lying, stealing, or manipulating, and that’s cause for happiness all around, right?
  • Happiness. I have so much gratitude for happiness. My concept and definition of happiness has changed over time and that’s a good thing. When I was loaded, and lying, and stealing, and manipulating, I was chasing happiness, for sure, really all I ever got was a temporary reprieve from bitterness and disappointment. It’s very very different now.
  • I am grateful for celebrations. Boy, celebrations sure have changed! Part one of my anniversary celebration: I spent the day with a friend, seeing the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit at the deYoung, having dim sum at Ton Kiang, and walking Baker Beach in unusual warm sunshine. Part two: made dinner for my sister and brother-in-law, and then played May I (my grandma’s progressive rummy game) for hours.

But wait, there’s more!

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Action of non-action — the Pisces New Moon

Action of non-action, also known as “Don’t just do something, sit there”

This is one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my long journey as a seeker. I learned this from my t’ai chi teacher, and the concept is a lifesaver. I have written about the many lessons stillness and patience give you before, here and more recently here.

streamYou can think of action of non-action as “going with the flow.”

Picture yourself being in the stream grounded and ease, moving a bit without being overwhelmed and knocked over. Neither are you being rigid, trying to change the stream’s flow (we all know how effective that is!).

You know what I mean? I bet you do.

How is this a lifesaver, exactly?

Water yields, it goes over, around and through things. Yet, although water is soft and weak, it has the capacity to erode solid stone and move mountains.

It is said that this teaching — the action of non-action — came from Lao Tzu. In t’ai chi I was taught this as the central idea in effortless combat. There’s never a reason to go looking for a fight. Never. Let go of every piece of that ego that seeks to punish, or even to win. When someone comes at you with weight, or anger, each response of yours, each and every move, can come from you effortlessly, without conscious planning. This allows you to react and respond to everything that comes your way easily, expending just the right amount of effort, and without any harmful results (to yourself or anyone else!).

Like playing with clouds, yo.

This Pisces New Moon contains within it an action of non-action moment

But wait, there’s more!

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