How does the Scorpio Full Moon call to you?

I’m getting ready for my week away…

…guided by the intensified inspiration of the Scorpio Full Moon

How does the Scorpio Full Moon call to you?

It’s time for a break. And I am so grateful that it looks like I get to take one.

With the unexpected recurrence of appendicitis, and a couple of days in the hospital, and iffy health since, it’s been an act of faith to be buying sundresses and sunscreen, and getting my hair cut short, and otherwise prepping for my flight this coming Sunday morning. Setting some powerful intentions around here!

Full Moon in Scorpio

Sunday, May 3rd
13º23′ Scorpio
8:42 pm Pacific
11:42 pm Eastern

Scorpio Full Moons invite us into the mysteries in often unexpected ways.

Accept the invitation: embrace your own mysteries and dive deeply into what may have been simmering in your heart, in your dark interior. Here in my part of the world (northern California), we’ve planted our seeds, and the light is lengthening and warming. But we don’t know yet exactly what will come up from the seeds we’ve sown. We don’t know yet what we will reap.

  • What will success look like in your business?
  • What does your heart crave and how can you give it to yourself?
  • What can you do to nurture your own wild, dark, intense, majestic self?

I’ll be away next week — no blog, no newsletter.

I can guarantee photos, although I may be drawing more than taking pix — my colored pencils are my new passion (just have to figure out how many I can bring!). If I have any good photos, I’ll share, and put them on Pinterest, or Facebook, or Instagram.

Wishing you a joyous Full Moon. Let me know what lands for you. Let’s talk in the comments.

Blessed be!

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Oil pulling — a resource for your holistic business strategy

Heal your mouth and brighten your smile by swishing oil around your mouth every morning.

Put your best smile forward in your business.

As I said in the post where I shared my tooth powder recipe, good health and exquisite self-care is such an important part of every smart woman’s holistic business strategy.

Oil PullingHere’s another in my occasional series of health and wellness tips that I use and that I am so happy to share with you!

The claim that oil pulling would whiten my teeth grabbed me.

Because of course. Vanity has propelled me to begin many of my wellness practices. I don’t mind. Left to my own devices, I am so lazy. If vanity can get me to create new healthier habits, I’ll take it!

I chose to use unrefined virgin coconut oil, even though sesame oil is the most traditional (the idea of sesame oil makes me gag, but that’s just me). A tablespoon in the morning first thing (before brushing or drinking or eating), and then ten minutes or more of swishing it around in my mouth. Here’s the article that got me started, in case you want to read more.

Here’s what I noticed first: After a few months of almost daily oil pulling I noticed that the color of my teeth was brighter, with less staining (and I drink gunpowder green tea every day, so this is definitely a thing!).

And then! A few months later, I realized that the deep and scary constant pain deep under a molar was gone. Gone! This has made me a convert for life. I have no clue about any of the other health claims connected to oil pulling, but if they are true, I guess I will happily find out!

Then I added the charcoal and now it’s working even better!

This article crossed my feed one day about four months ago. Adding activated charcoal makes perfect sense — I already use it in my homemade tooth powder (recipe here).

black oilHere’s my recipe

  • Soften a jar full of virgin unrefined coconut oil. You can do this in a double boiler. Me, I’m lazy and I’m okay with using my microwave. It takes a couple of minutes on low power to soften. For a container, I use a pint canning jar.
  • Add a tablespoon or two of activated charcoal to the oil while it’s still soft. Warning! Warning! I can’t emphasize the messiness of activated charcoal enough. When I used to open capsules, I learned to do so over the sink and even then the cleanup was challenging — it gets everywhere! Now I buy my charcoal in bulk, and when I open the container a cloud of granulated black powder gets released. Before I wised up, I was cleaning black powder out of the cracks in my blond bamboo floor for weeks. Now I add the charcoal to my oil pulling mixture and my toothpowder outside of my house!
  • I am going to add some organic lemon and chamomile oils to my mixture (I was just reminded about this in Elizabeth’s article).
  • Keep at room temperature. It will harden, but I seem to be able to stick a spoon in it, even on cold mornings.

And here’s my method

  • On awakening, get a tablespoon of the oil into your mouth. You want to do this before brushing, or eating, or drinking anything. Clean-up tip. I wipe the spoon down with a paper towel because the gunk clings to the spoon.
  • Spend about ten or so minutes swishing the oil around in your mouth. Gently.
  • Spit it out. Anywhere but down a drain. Remember it will harden again — could clog your pipes! I spit into a plastic bag in the trash and make sure the bag stays upright.
  • Brush your teeth. Enjoy your day. Smile big!

Tell me what you think.

Did I leave anything out? Have you tried oil pulling?

Let me know what you’re thinking in the comments. Blessed be!

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New Moon in Aries — set off on your journey, expect a miracle

First things first, I’m out of the hospital

No I didn’t know I was going in either!

Seems like ruptured, walled-off appendicitis can recur. Mine just did. I’m out of danger, taking the same really horrible drugs as 11 months ago, working lovingly and compassionately on my attitude, and doing everything I can to support my body, my tender heart, my emotions, and my balance, as I go through this. Thanks for all the love and patience.
Uzume — dancing lightly on the path of your highest good.

New Moon in Aries

Saturday, April 18th
28º25′ Aries
11:57 am Pacific
2:57 pm Eastern

Here’s my New Moon love note for you!

Many call the Spring Equinox, when the Sun rises above the Equator, as the beginning of the astrological year.

The Aries New Moon that follows the Equinox is when you may feel that you have fully landed in all this season’s newness, coinciding with the ground being softened enough and warmed enough for you to be planting the first seeds of the year. Seeds in your garden, seeds in your body, seeds in your relationships, and seeds in your business.

I always consider this Aries New Moon as the last reset point of our goals and intentions for the year, the last “New Year” point. You’ve now spent a full six months looking at and experiencing different phases of “New Year” energy. (Seasonal aspects of the list that follows describe the shifts and changes in the Northern hemisphere; I always love hearing from my Australian and New Zealand readers with your take on these.)

  • At the Fall Equinox in September (when Jewish people mark their New Year) you looked at what you reaped and harvested. You gave thanks for the harvest, and planned what to put aside for the following year’s seeding and growing seasons.
  • At the end of October you are at Samhain and Day of the Dead, when the veils between the worlds thin, when you can have access to the threads that bind you to those who have gone before, your ancestors and foremothers. This is the last harvest of the year, the end of the growing season and the start of the darkness that holds the seeds for what is to grow next, keeping the seeds safe, and warm, and fertile through the dark, internal, quiet and building time.
  • Newgrange — where the Winter Solstice Sun lights up an underground passageThe Solstice in December marks the return of the light. As the days begin to lengthen, you can mark the year new again. Even though the returning light can’t yet be seen, our ancestors built observatories and temples where the Solstice Sun lines up just so and illuminates hidden recesses — the signs that reminded us, year after year, that the light will return, the ground will warm, lambs would be born, and food would grow. Have you been to Newgrange? It’s such a powerful place! And of course, our western culture has planted its New Year flag on January 1st.
  • Then there’s the Lunar New Year just between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. There are Asian Lunar New Year festivals, The Irish celebrate the Goddess Brigit at the beginning of February — She represents the light half of the year. It’s also Groundhog Day, a trickled-down interpretation of this ancient New Year celebration, which symbolized the softening of the earth, the lambing and eweing, and the coming time to plant.
  • Which brings you to this first New Moon after the Spring Equinox. Are you ready to act on the energies that have been building up in you in the cold and dark months? Are you ready to plant your first seeds? Are you ready to leap, like The Fool, into your next adventure? To dance lightly on the path of your highest good? Eyes up, heart out, hands lightly grasping your bag of tools and tricks, your vision, your dedication, your commitment, and your passion?

Expect a miracle sister, a miracle and a half!

Let me know how you feel this week’s go-go New Moon. Where are you in your journey? Are you turning a corner? Are your steps lightening?

Feel free to send a little extra love and a virtual hug. I’m on Flagyl again, yo, can already taste that lovely metallic taste. Glad I’m not alone. Drop in to the comments, let’s connect.

Conscious CollaborationBefore I go….

Are you a woman with heart and soul — a healer, a change maker, a business owner?

Join the brand-new Conscious Collaboration Facebook group! You’ll get support to grow your reach, connect with your ideal clients, and thrive in your business. It’s right here, and it’s free.

The Uzume card comes from the Mythical Goddess Tarot deck, which I own and use, by Katherine Skaggs.
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Facebook tips that will help you #ShareYourMagic

The first in a series of resource-filled posts guaranteed to make your social networking easier and more productive….

There's no "why-ing" in Facebook!First things first. Facebook changes the rules, the algorithms, and the way things work. All.The.Time.

You’re asking why, right? Well…There’s no why-ing in Facebook! (See what I did there? 😀 )

There’s still plenty of ways to empower yourself to grow your reach, connect with your ideal clients, and thrive in your business using Facebook.

And I promise you, when things change on Facebook — and they will! — I will come back and edit this post to keep it current for you. 

Today let’s talk about just two things: Identities and pinning posts

1) Choosing your identity: How and why to change from posting as yourself to posting as your business page

When you are on your business page, and you are about to post something, look for the little thumbnail and down arrow at the top right of the post box. There you can switch identities as you like.

Why switch identities?

  • When you Like another business page as your business, posts from that page will show up on your business page home feed (where you land up when you click on Home from your business page), allowing you to interact with business you resonate with. However! If you Like a biz page from your biz identity, it’s a very nice thing to then switch identities to your personal one and Like it again. Because Likes from your business page do not count in the number of Likes. So Like it twice!

Choosing your posting identity from your business page

  • When you are on your personal page, look for the little arrow in the blue bar. Click on that and you will find all your biz identities (if you have more than one business) and your personal ID. Switch there.Choosing your identity from your personal page

Why switch at all?

Here’s what I’m hearing and I’m distilling it for you to keep it simple, and keep in mind, this could change at any time.

  • If you’re on a personal page you may only comment as yourself, not as your business.
  • If you’re on a business page, and you comment as your business, it will also show your personal name. This is new, and very cool, and who knows how long it will last?
  • Vary it up. Comment and share as your business; comment and share as yourself.
  • Like business pages as yourself so the business gets the Like added to their total. If it’s a business you want to engage with more, Like the page also as your biz.

2) How to pin a post to the top of your page

Go to your business page and create a post

You want to post as your business so the post shows up on your wall, not in the Posts to page section on the left, where they will end up if you post as yourself.
Pinning posts step 1

  • Submit the post. Then click on the red down arrow at the top right of the post. If your system is like mine, you won’t see Pin to Top. There is a solution: Refresh the page!

Pinning posts step 2

  • Click on that little arrow again and Pin to Top should appear. Do this so your post is the first thing visitors see. Very good if you’re participating in a Facebook share event of some kind.

Pinning posts step 3

That’s it! If I’ve done my job correctly, you will have new mastery — switching identities in Facebook and pinning posts. Try these out…. #ShareYourMagic!

Have I left anything out? Please tell me. I did this today running a fever, but I wanted to get this to you!

A little bit of business:

  • Have you downloaded your copy of Sharing Your Magic in Social Media yet? It’s free, it’s filled with juicy, and useful, and powerful tools and practices to help you grow, connect, and thrive. Help yourself!
  • Are you a woman with heart and soul who wants support in your social media marketing? Join our free Facebook group.
  • Huge thanks to Michelle Amethyst Mahoney, whose Facebook Badass program has been invaluable! Many of the tools I’m sharing come directly from her.

Please talk to me in the comments. Do you have questions? Is anything unclear? I am here; bring it!

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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse: Connection in balance

Each Full Moon is a culmination moment

A pivot point — connection in balance

A time to look behind at the last few weeks, or months, and acknowledge what has come to pass, and then pivot and look ahead and declare what you are called to create, nurture, grow, and manifest now.
Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse: Connection in balance

Before we talk a little more about this beautiful Blood Moon, I have some exciting news to softly share with you!

Conscious CollaborationThe Conscious Collaboration Facebook group is now open!

Softly open, that is. We will be fully operational by Monday. But you may join any time you like! It’s free, and it’s going to be inspiring and nurturing. Click here or on the image to find us. And then just click the Join Group button.

The Conscious Collaboration Facebook group is a place where women with heart and soul intentionally help each other to expand our reach, connect with our ideal clients, and thrive in our businesses. We are a diverse group of women changemakers, healers, and business owners who are gathering to intentionally help each other…

  • …grow our reach
  • …connect with our ideal clients
  • …thrive in our businesses

Now, what about this Blood Moon? Start here….

“You are one thing only. You are a Divine Being. An all-powerful Creator. You are a Deity in jeans and a t-shirt, and within you dwells the infinite wisdom of the ages and the sacred creative force of All that is, will be and ever was.” ― Anthon St. Maarten

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Saturday, April 4th
14º24′ Libra
5:05 am Pacific
8:05 am Eastern

“The awakening moon”

When you take some time in ritual contemplation during this Full Moon window, welcome the energy of the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra. Inner. Outer. Balance. Connection.

Set some intentions about your connections in and for your business. The Libra Moon reminds you that your partnerships and relationships are always up for evaluation and re-evaluation. Are you getting fed? Are you able to stay in balance? What needs to be changed? What might need to be released? [Edited to fix the date typo; the Full Moon is Saturday, not Friday. This kind of thing happens to me when Mercury is direct! Guess I’m human.]

Plant your flag. Claim your sovereignty. Stand tall as a deity in jeans. Or in my case today, in yoga pants. Jeans just don’t cut it when I’m lifting at the gym.

Blessed be!

Let me know how this Moon is whispering to you. I’d love to hear what you are thinking and feeling in the comments.

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Conscious Collaboration Facebook group guidelines

Conscious CollaborationWelcome to the Conscious Collaboration Facebook group.

Click here or on the image to find us on Facebook.

Welcome Conscious Collaborator! We are a diverse group of women changemakers, healers, and business owners who are gathering to intentionally help each other to…

  • grow our reach
  • connect with our ideal clients
  • thrive in our businesses

I’m so glad you’re joining us!

You may post directly to the wall at any time. Ask questions, share wisdom, make us laugh, request support.

Three times a week we will have dedicated threads for specific sharing and exploration, as follows:

Share Your Magic on Social MediaMonday’s topic is Gratitude: Start your week off right by sharing what you are grateful for, and how are you intending to #shareyourmagic

On Wednesdays we will support each other using one of the engaging and fun-to-use tools from the #shareyourmagic toolbag. The growing list of tools include:

  • sharing questions, images, and Likes on our Facebook pages
  • sharing each others’ pins on Pinterest
  • promoting each other on Twitter with the #shareyourmagic hashtag
  • and more…

Friday’s thread will be an invitation to let us help you #shareyourmagic with your blog or freebie.

Please make sure to download your free eBook — Share Your Magic on Social Media.

Please share your Twitter handle in the comments below so I can add you to our Twitter list. And for Pinterest, please follow me there (Sue Kearney). I will follow you back and add you to our group board.

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Freedom from perfectionism — shift to ready-go-reset

Here’s one powerful way to free yourself from perfectionist paralysis

And actually get your stuff out there so the people who need it can receive it, see it, and use it!

Ready-go-reset. Then go and reset again!
If you find yourself getting trapped in writing, re-writing, planning, replanning, delaying launch dates, and then delaying them again — your inner perfectionist may be holding you back. So far back that you wonder if you’ll ever get what you know you are meant to offer out of your head and into the hands, head, and heart of the people you are here to help.

Shift from ready-set-go to ready-go-reset.

And then reset and go again, as many times as you need to.

I’m getting ready to launch a new part of the #ShareYourMagic movement called Conscious Collaboration. (The “Let’s-do this!” announcement with live links is coming, as soon as everything is ready, hopefully in a week — I have let go of perfectionism, just need to get the many pieces in place!). 

I’ve written an eBook, and I’m offering a Facebook group as well where we can learn from each other and support each other in our social networking. This is very exciting! And yet, I find myself a full month behind my original launch date. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

  • Perfectionism paralysis: Until last week I didn’t even realize that my fiddling and fiddling and fiddling some more with the words and the design was keeping me from moving down the launch list.
  • What do I do first? I let my confusion about what to do first stop me from doing anything much at all! Yes it’s true that if I change my opt-in I must also change settings on my email provider, and language on my Thank You pages, and more. But not knowing what to do first is a really bad reason to delay moving ahead!
  • What if it’s not perfect? It won’t be. No matter how many times I proofread, and my editors proofread…. No matter how many times I tweak the design and the examples…. something will certainly be wrong, and more than one thing will certainly benefit from being revised.

That’s where the shift comes in.

The ready-set-go model can keep you stuck in perfectionism paralysis. You prepare (ready), and tweak and tweak and edit and proofread and tweak some more (set, set, set, set, set….), until you finally Go! And then you think it should be done and done, and nevermore revisited, or reset. Takes forever, and leaves you stuck.

Instead, try this: Shift to ready-go-reset!

  • Ready: prepare and execute. Do your outlines. Do your research. Gather your thoughts. Plan a timeline. Write it. Check it. Do your best with your launch list.
  • Go: send it out into the world. Celebrate. Gather the feedback. When the time feels right, take another look. And…
  • Reset. Make the changes that need to be made. Revise with the understanding and wisdom you’ve gleaned from the way the material was received and understood. And go again.

Lather-rinse-repeat. This keeps your work living, breathing, dynamic, and responsive. Over time your resets will get spaced farther apart. And you will get better, quicker, and more nimble at creation and launching.

What about you? What have you learned? Please share your wisdom and questions in the comments. Blessed be!

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