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You know those moments when you feel grounded, purposeful in your actions, connected to your work, happy in your heart, and of service in the most meaningful way?

Yes, love, that experience of powerful love and grace in every moment! You can have it. In fact, it’s already inside you! You want your business to be a sacred and regal manifestation of your most beautiful and powerful mission and purpose. You want what you love to do, what you’re meant to do, to be alive, visible, palpable, in every aspect of your business. Take a look around the services and programs I offer. See if you can find the one that calls to you, the one that will best support you as you shape your business into the impactful, successful, joyful experience you know in your heart and soul it can and should be!

Share Your MagicWhich Magnolias West program is right for you?

Share Your Magic

Ready to start a business? Want your existing business to flourish? Want your marketing to connect more deeply with your ideal clients? Want to be your best in your work, all the time?

In Share Your Magic coaching, I usher you to that place where your deepest magic resides, where work and life are effortlessly and seamlessly balanced, where you feel fully and freely expressed in everything you feel called to do. This is the place where you simply know, with no struggle, how to bring your best to every area of your business. This place, this knowing, is already inside you. Your business is a shining example of the highest manifestation of your heart’s mission and your soul’s purpose. Our work together reclaims, restores and reconnects you with what already exists, in your heart, in your soul, in your cells. We use a potent combination of techniques — tailored just for you — drawn from my own unique cauldron of suggestions, spiritual practices and down-to-earth ideas.

  • Do you want your passion for your work and the countless hours you put into the care and feeding of your business to emanate from your most powerful calling, so that you know you are being of maximum service in your work, that you are doing what you are meant to do?
  • Can you imagine your business and your life effortlessly and seamlessly integrated and balanced?
  • Would you like some loving support in getting there, and once you’re there, developing the practices and skills that allow you to sustainably and abundantly operate from that open, loving place all the time?

Ready to know more about Share Your Magic? I’m delighted to offer you a no-strings Discernment Session (because fit matters), in which we can lean into whatever you’re being called to uncover and express. You can find the application for your free session, and more information about Share Your Magic here.

Unmask Your BrandUnmask Your Brand

Are you committed to making the brand, name, website, and programs of your business beautiful reflections of your heart’s mission and soul’s purpose?

Starting a business? Or do you have an existing business already and find yourself wanting to revise your brand and marketing so that your heart and soul shine from every word? Jump into the Unmask Your Brand program. You’ll be fully supported as you take the steps that align every aspect of your business with your most sacred mission and purpose. Take a look at some of the brands and websites I’ve developed in collaboration with passionate business owners on my Portfolio page. In Unmask Your Brand, I lovingly support you as you identify and clarify your heart’s mission and soul’s purpose. Coming from that powerful and sacred deep knowing, we work together to align and integrate your mission and purpose in every aspect of your brand. You’ll get…

  • …the support you need to discern your heart’s mission and soul’s purpose in the deepest, most sacred way.
  • …tools to align and integrate your mission and purpose in every aspect of your business: its name, logo, brand, website, social media marketing, products and programs, so that the whole package resonates with your right and perfect clients/customers, making them feel recognized, welcomed, seen, and heard when they get your newsletter, read your blog, and receive your offers.
  • The result: A tribe, a community of the ideal clients, readers, and sharers of your message who tell the people they love about you, and who fill your practice in a juicy and sustainable way.

Want to know more about Unmask Your Brand? I’d love to spend some time with you in a no-strings Discernment Session (because fit matters), and answer any questions you may have. You can find the application for your free session, plus lots more details about Unmask Your Brand here.

A client, Catherine L, says:

I started working with Sue in 2009 because I had outgrown my government job and wanted to approach my career calling in a new way. I have benefited enormously from Sue’s coaching.

We started by assessing where things stood in all areas of my life. I then formulated some goals for the long, medium and short term and started taking steps toward each goal, one at a time.

During the time I have worked with Sue, I extricated myself from my old job (where I was entrenched), taken time off to broaden my perspective and develop new interests, and launched a business doing independent consulting.

With Sue’s support, I have learned how to…

  • …better hear my own heart and aspirations more clearly
  • …identify and release negative thinking and self-defeating behaviors
  • …believe in myself
  • …change how I talk to and about myself
  • …set goals and priorities
  • …budget my money and my time
  • …take actions to achieve my dreams

I have been amazed when I have done a review at the end of each year and seen how much progress I have made toward achieving all of my goals. Having Sue’s advice, accountability and support has made a world of difference in helping me to focus and sustain my effort. Sue has also provided helpful coaching on personal issues and relationships.

Separately from the coaching, I asked Sue to design and develop my business “brand,” website and business card because I trust that she knows who I am, what I want to project and what I am really trying to accomplish in the longer term.  I am very happy with the results so far. The website will continue to evolve, but I have already received a lot of positive feedback.

As a result of working with Sue, I feel like I am on my authentic pathway and moving in the direction of my dreams.