Make 2019 the year you get in the game

It’s easier than you’d think.

What’s it mean to “get in the game”?

You’re probably thinking “Wait a minute! I’m in the game. I’m working. I’m studying. I’m meditating. I’m….”

I know. I see you. I honor your effort. And there’s an important difference; a useful one to explore. Call it a mindset difference.

I know this. From right-now experience.

Get in the game

I’ve been watching myself bounce in and out of the game of doing, working on, and completing my big passions (my first-ever book and taking my new topical healing products to a wide market). From enthusiasm and fun to tortured, worried self-doubt. To inaction. To refreshed curiosity. And then back to sparked action again. This difference, it’s a biggie. Read on…

I listened to three of my teachers talking about this very topic today.

I stumbled upon a recording of a planning session for an upcoming Get in the Game workshop. The people talking were Michael Neill, Jamie Smart, and Garret Kramer, amazing coaches all.

I was intrigued by some gems they tossed around.

Let’s start here:

How are you doing with that thing you really really really want to do?

Whatever the thing is for you — your book, your business, your finances, your relationships, your health….

Are you all in (commitment)? Is it effortless (fun)? 

What are you really up to?

Here’s what I see: The more you’re all in, following your curiosity, letting your passion fuel you, the less likely you are to be feeling weighed down and stressed out. Making room for more fun, more effectiveness, more inspiration.

“Our superpowers don’t work from the sidelines.” — Michael Neill

Think about it. You can’t problem-solve or worry or berate yourself into getting it done (whatever your big and beautiful it is). You can’t. You know this, you’ve tried, right? Over and over and over.

No worries. Magic is available.

  • The magic of letting your passion ignite you into sustained and committed action despite the crap you hear in your worried thoughts.
  • The magic of the energy that appears (your superpowers) — energy that’s simply not present when you’re busy telling life how to operate life.
  • The magic of the cool things that happen when you open yourself to life (or should that be Life?) in this way. Massively cool things that you just can’t make happen any other way. (Uncomfortable and maybe even scary things as well; the cool things are worth the discomfort, right?)

More good news: you are hardwired for superpower. All that’s needed to tap into it is to tap into it. To remember. To trust. To nurture your ability to see the light even when the sky is dark and stormy. To notice the moments when you catch yourself worrying and realize that it feels better to let that go (like a puff of smoke). A tiny second of let-go can have a huge impact.

What’s up for you in 2019?

Wondering how to get off the sidelines and get in the game?

Try partnering with someone whose agenda is 100% commitment to your transformation with no attachment to the what, the why, or the how. I’ve come to see that the what, why, and how of it is not the coach’s job. Which is great, because life’s got you covered in that department — spark, inspiration, curiosity are also hardwired into your operating system. I’m here to help you see what’s true, what’s real, and what’s next. I’m here to watch you manifest your superpowers.

Grab a coaching call with me. This call is free — my gift to you. We’ll go deep. 90 minutes (or more; it happens!) looking for the openings that let the light back in. Use coupon code “winterlight” when you check out.

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