Gratitude 9/5/10

I release this unease.

I am so grateful that I know this feeling for what it is, that I don’t have to spend the day ruled by it.

I am grateful for the tools that allow me to transcend feelings and circumstances. There is one of each, I think, causing my unease. Yes you may laugh. I’m trying to as well. The feeling is loneliness. The feeling that today would be better with a lover, a companion at my side. The circumstance is that a celeb (I think, who knows who’s behind those user names anyway) declined to play another WWF game with me (that’s iPhone scrabble). Rejection. Ouch. You’ll likely feel compassion for the first and either laugh or wonder at my immaturity in the second. Sigh. There I go being human again!

So, I reject and release the power of these thoughts to ruin my day. Just sayin’… In humble gratitude.

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