A Blue Moon Tuesday, pretty funny!

Last night was our Full Blue Moon ritual and we dedicated it to laughter

More on the Blue Moon below, but first…

We always call in the ancestors, those who have gone before us, and last night we called in Lucille Ball. Before you jump into the powerful message of Tuesday’s Full Moon, please, enjoy…!


Full Blue Moon in Aquarius

Tuesday, August 20
28º11′ Aquarius
6:45 pm Pacific
9:45 pm Eastern
1:45 am GMT on Weds. 8/21

Some traditional names for August’s Full Moon are:

  • Women’s Moon
  • Dog Days Moon
  • Dispute Moon
  • Harvest Moon
  • Corn Moon
  • Fruit Moon
  • Moon When All Things Ripen
  • Sturgeon Moon
  • Grain Moon
  • Lightning Moon

Tuesday’s Full Moon is a Blue Moon, one that brings some really juicy openings and energy

This is a true Blue Moon, where there are two Full Moons in the same astrological sign.

If you remember, July’s Full Moon was also in Aquarius, just after the Sun entered Leo. Now we have another Full Moon in Aquarius, just a day or two before the Sun enters Virgo.

Let’s look at this together, it’s a big deal!

This is no less than an opening to have a significant transformation in consciousness, and to offer the results of that transformation to your people, your clients, your tribe. This second Full Moon in Aquarius is a reminder about no less than the core of your mission and purpose.

Do you have a mission? Do you know your mission? This Full Moon in Aquarius calls you to complete your offer or your project and get it out to your tribe, so you can fully serve and fulfill your mission. Aquarius connects you with the masses and reminds you that you are first and foremost a citizen of the world.

sungoddessRemember, too, that heart-centered and heartfelt Leo is lightening and brightening you from the inside out. You may find your idealism, your creativity, new ideas, bubbling up and breaking through. Leo’s gift to you is the deep knowing of what lies at the core of life—your creativity, your generosity, your impulse to share your gifts with those you are meant to serve.

The precious message you are meant to deliver, the teaching, the program, the launch—your offer comes from Leo’s bright light, and that push you feel to complete it and get it out there, to share your creative baby with the world, that’s Aquarius.

Okay, gorgeous, let me help you promote whatever you are ready to complete and launch!

What is it? Share your links, your offers, in the comments below, and let me help you spread the word!

Gratitude, from my heart to yours

  • I am grateful for a lovely visit with my daughter, who came to ritual with me last night.
  • I am so grateful for the improvement in my health. After 21 months, believe me when I tell you that I had begun to feel like my illness was permanent and uncurable.
  • I am grateful that it’s now a month that I’ve been doing the 7-minute workout. Which is a misleading name. Now that I do 35 seconds for each exercise, with 18 seconds in between, it takes about 14 minutes. I feel a bit stronger every day, although I wish it wasn’t so hard on my knee, the one with the old old injury.
  • I am grateful for my Pilates teacher intriguing (and frustrating) me with a new challenge. Now I get to learn how to do a standing roll down with my heels off the floor. Yes, that’s right, on the balls of my feet. I love balance work, and this one is just crazy difficult!
  • I am grateful for my art date with Jennybach in just a few minutes. Yay!

What are you grateful for, precious? Please let me know in the comments.


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  1. What a beautiful and wonderful message! I am in the process of creating a big online event, and this was just the message/reassurance I needed to continue bravely moving toward it even though it is scaring me a bit!

    ps. the 7 minute workout takes me more than 7 minutes too 🙂

    • Shana, thanks for taking the time to comment. 

      Keep on rocking your launch, and make sure to let me know when it’s ready for public consumption!

      Love and magic,

  2. Hello and thank you Sue, this description of the felt energy was so spot on. There is a women’s circle that’s been floating at the back of my mind that wants to start being made.

    But moreso, what I’ve felt recently is a deep knowing that the 1:1 work I do is really juicy for me and my clients. My Deep Dive Mentoring is right now my favorite thing. As we’ve moved into fall my heart has felt like it’s spreading wide to welcome a few more souls into that process of awakening and coming back to self.

    And thank you for the Lucy giggles. She’s one of my favorites.



    • Oh, thanks so much, CJ!

      Is your circle face-to-face or virtual in your vision? I ask because I’m thinking about something like that myself!

      Sending love and light,

      • I have a feeling I want to do both. However, my beautiful new healing/biz space in the 3D world does not have its third room finished as I would envision it for this purpose. So, first time around possibly virtual.

        Interested in collaboration?

        Light and love winging its way back at ya, CJ

  3. Awesome, Sue! I’ve just started planning some of my ventures around the Lunation Cycle, and although I knew the Full Moon was coming up I had forgotten it was a Blue Moon. My newest program I’m starting full-on promotion for is the 30-Day Clear the Clutter Challenge for the month of September. Super excited about this! Anyone who’d like to learn more and register can do so by visiting:


    Thanks, Sue!

    • Tracy, great to hear from you, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Happy to help spread the word, I’m such a clear-the-clutter fan!

      Love and magic,

  4. Thank you so much for this invitation to share under the blue moon!

    I am a passionate sister birthing a spiritual and ecological regeneration project. I will be grateful for sisters who are blessed with abundance and want to help me get this baby off the ground!!! I need $3K to see the project through a Kickstarter campaign set to launch the first week of September. Our first regeneration project is to whole women and big trees in the interest of restoring both to Earth.

    Please see Game On: https://vimeo.com/71931598

    Your invitation is so sweet and so very much appreciated. We are gathering! Yay!

    Thanks, Love and Blessings,


  5. Dear Sue,

    Thank your for this opportunity .

    I teach women how to fire their inner critics, set up their inner support team and reclaim their own authority.

    For women who are just getting or growing their business or practice online, I run interference, provide hand-holding and tutoring to help them make informed choices that fit with who they are. “I speak GEEK so you don’t have to”

    I’ve created a “permission slip” that I would like to share with you here:


    I am a jeweler/goldsmith specializing in custom wedding rings and inspiring and uplifting jewelry made to order.


    I appreciate your perspective and your “voice” and especially like your piece on the relationship between clutter and energy.  Thanks, Miché

  6. i never watch those old lucies but they are so hilarious!  That humour before everything went gross or reality!  Love it!  

    I am in the process of relaunching my website — been working on it all summer and was just trying to figure out when to send it out — I guess now?  thanks sue!  

    • Anita, I hadn’t watched them in a long long time myself. Pretty amazing, right?

      Glad you got to laugh this morning.

      And yes, precious, launch your beautiful website! I can’t wait to see it.

      Love and blessings,

  7. Hello Sue, thanks so much for this wonderful invitation to share.  It is lovely hearing about all the creative energy out there! I’m grateful for having this month of August off of my regular (although it is by no means regular) work so that I may spend time with family and catch up on my online business.  I am grateful to be finding so many interesting and helpful books that the universe keeps sending my way.  I am grateful to have found this lovely space to share in. 

    I have an e-course (beginning September 30th) which is now open for registration called Painting With Your Muse.  This course is designed to help you connect with your inner muse through the expressive arts and painting.  So many of us doubt our creative abilities and as a result fail to tap into the creative source and wisdom within.  To find out more about Painting With Your Muse follow this link http://www.arttherapist.ca/ecourses/painting-with-your-muse-online-course/

    How wonderful to be sharing here with the bluemoon almost upon us.

    • Petrea, What a lovely course! So glad to help you promote it.

      Enjoy the rest of your August.

      Love and creativity,

  8. Hello Sue,

    I’m grateful to have you as a friend in my virtual family.  You always bring such beautiful insight to stuff and am so glad to hear your health is improving.  Thank you for the Lucy clips – the conveyor belt one is the one I think of whenever anyone mentions Lucille Ball.  Such a talented woman, she was 🙂

    with love

    Shân xxx

  9. I love how the message of this blue moon coincides with the card I pulled for this month (which also happens to be my birthday month). It’s all about reawakening, new creative ideas, and putting those ideas forth, letting them blossom. I’ve had a seedling of an idea for an online community and some e-courses, but still watering those seeds. Anxious to find out what emerges.

  10. Hello 🙂

    Great message! I just started my new blog and am on my way to sharing my creations with the world now 🙂 I’m an aquarian, does the moon being in my sign mean anything else or is it the same for all signs? I’m open but new to all of this, think I might spend some time under the moon tonight 🙂 

    Love & Light, Nikki x

    • Nikki, great night to bask in the light of the Moon. Everyone’s chart is different. Of course, as planets cross the positions of planets in your chart, their impact and influence can be felt more strongly. And then there’s the angles they make to the planets in your chart, as well as to each other. Ahh, the infinite complexities of astrology! You can have so much fun learning about it.

      Love and magic,

  11. Thank you (!!) for posting this. I had been planning to look up a little more info on the moon for my own work and this was perfect!  As for me, I do have some special plans & I am very excited as they were inspired and drawn up through the energy I was feeling — little did I know how very perfect they would be for this moon!  I’ll be finishing my dreamcatcher, powering up my crystals & keeping it light.  

    • Cynthia, may your special plans buzz and glow with the light of the Aquarius Moon and Leo’s bright Sun!

      Love and blessings,

  12. This is great! Thank you for sharing and also allowing the opportunity for us to share.

    It seems to be perfect timing, as I have just finished my website re-design(thanks to some great advice from another lovely goddess) and look forward to sharing it with everyone!!

    If you’d like to take a look, it’s http://http://www.mindtripproductions.com

    Wishing you much prosperity & abundance,


  13. I wish I would have read this blog before I posted mine, also on the blue moon and my experience with it this week. I think I will go back and edit and include a link for yours.

    My take on the blue moon was a bit different, but also the same. I have had issues with my mission come into question, with the temptation to throw in the towel!

    • Joy, thanks for linking back to my blog, I appreciate it!

      I’ve read and commented on your article.

      Love and light,

  14. We are embarking on a year of homeschooling.  Today my son would have been with his friends receving the sunflower ceremony that they use to welcome all the little class one beings into their first year at the Steiner School.  He was sad to miss it and was acting up all day.  

    I trust this journey of keeping our children home with us, of going to live on the west coast of scotland is going to unfold perfectly…it came as a still small voice within me…I have to have courage to follow it   http://www.joyfulparents.co.uk/homeschooling-begins/ ‎

    thanks for the wisdom of the moon.. new ideas, new beginnings and a new journey unfolding for our family, 




  15. Sue, I managed to miss this post last week, but it’s interesting to see how the full moon energy was moving through me even though I wasn’t consciously in tune with it.

    I actually hit crisis point last week, and ended up at an “enough’s enough” moment where I knew I had to do SOMETHING to fix my broken work practices and boundaries… and I created a whole new system for myself out of it.

    I just blogged this week about the system I set up and how it’s going at this initial stage. It’s early days yet, but even now, I can see that it’s already becoming transformative 🙂



    • Tanja, I just read your post, awesome! Great stuff. And inspiring.

      I was missing your presence this week in our usual haunts. Now I know what you were about…good for you!


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