A gratitude list…There’s so much for which I’m grateful!

  • I’m grateful for patience, something I really really need right now!

Learning WordPress, oy vey!

Seriously. I don’t know CSS, learning as I go. Until Friday, I didn’t even know how to inspect an element. Now I can inspect, with abandon, but I still don’t know what to do 80% of the time to fix what’s wrong!

  • I’m grateful that I’m not pulling my hair out in frustration. Just sayin’…
  • I’m grateful for this Full Moon, so big and beautiful, and for the Mother of the New Time working at my altar early this morning.
  • I’m grateful that my cherished daughter Rose reaches out to me for comfort and then—wowowowow!—tells me how much she appreciates my love and comfort. [This is huge:] She let me lead her through a meditation, and she loved it!

  • I’m grateful Rose figured out she’s probably anemic, and that’s probably why she’s been feeling so low. And for her willingness to try supplementing iron. How blessed, to watch this young woman grow into her smarts and her own version of exquisite self-care.
  • I’m grateful for surviving one (out of two) OS upgrades. Only took 2.5 hours and two tech support calls, oh, make that three. Now my MacBook Pro is current. Next week I’ll tackle the iMac. Yes, I’m slow, I like to have everyone else test out new stuff so I can prepare myself.
  • I’m grateful for being a Yes when someone asks me for help. Feels so good.
  • I’m grateful for the return of a beloved client to my practice. What a beautiful, humbling and honoring thing, to know I’ve been of service.
  • I’m grateful for the flow of beautiful women I get to have in my practice. Beautiful, inspired, passionate, loving women.
  • I’m grateful for new and oh-so-beautiful business cards. In these days of so little print and so much electronic communication, I get such a thrill out of holding, and giving, my double thick, matte beautiful cards. Top image is the front, and then there are three different designs for the backs. Yum!


  • I am just grateful for my life. Love and blessings…!  

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