Your relationship to things … A spiritual approach to decluttering

My relationship to stuff — a year-long decluttering process

Deepening awareness

I have been on a decluttering journey since my birthday last year, and only have a few more closets and cupboards to go through. Of course I’m saving my clothes for last because I have the most resistance to trying everything on and asking these powerful questions:

  • Does this item serve me now?
  • Will I use / wear it again in the next few months?
  • Do I love it, does it have powerful meaning for me?

It’ll be worth it, I guess I’m saving the best for last!!

inspirationaltar2What I’m learning from the slow version of decluttering

Every single bit of space that gets opened up when I release something adds so much energy and flow, inside and out! In the last couple of months I added so much life to a corner of my front room / home office / studio by giving away a couple of pieces of furniture, which created the mental and physical space to make an inspiration altar that I use every day and look at as I work.

Check out this article from the archives for more about this sacred release work

I’d love for you to read more about decluttering as a spiritual practice and share what you have to think in the comments. I’m especially to eager to hear what it’s like if you’ve been in the decluttering energy for a while now—how is your experience deepening? Jump into the conversation on the original article.

I’m very grateful, so grateful!

  • I’m grateful that at long last there is a change in my symptoms, for the better
  • I’m grateful that I have patience with myself as I notice this resistance. Yes I’ve been dealing with letting go of the mindset that I’m going to be sick forever, and embracing the mystery that comes with change and healing. As an expert in “Give me a rut and I’ll decorate it,” this is pretty huge.
  • I’m grateful for the ritual and release retreat I gifted myself with yesterday. I have written the first of 13 sacred retreats and I took time to experience the first one. It is hella awesome, and I can’t wait to share them with you! Would you like to beta test this sacred work? If you can set aside three to four hours as a gift to yourself before September 15th, let me know and I’ll send you the instructions. All you need is a journal, a pen, and the gift of time. In return, I will ask you for feedback, and permission to use your feedback in a testimonial if it’s favorable. Thanks for helping me develop this!
  • I’m grateful for the two new clients in my practice.
  • I’m grateful for my daughter and how she inspires me!
  • I’m grateful for my daughter’s S.O. He actually called me for advice! A first, and a powerful experience. Nice to feel our connection deepening.

What are you grateful for today, precious? Please let me know in the comments.


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  1. Hi Sue You were right about us having a common thread in our blog. I like your posts and totally agree that decluttering helps you create space for the new to enter. My experience is that whenever i release something, both physically or mentally, this leaves a hole in my life which will be filled again. I then see it as my responsibility to make the new thing something positive and beautiful because otherwise old fears and doubts will just take the space again.  

    Wishing you a nice day and will be following your posts.

    Life balance coach and down-to-earth energy healer

    • Steffie, I love that responsibility to make sure that the new that you call in is uplifting…way to keep the energy up and flowing in your life!

      Wishing you a beautiful day and a positive and beautiful week!


  2. I love this! After moving across the country (again), I am in the process of decluttering. We’re having a yard sale (again) this week, and I love letting go of the things I no longer need or want.

    It can be difficult, though, as my husband asked about a book this morning that I recently sold at last week’s sale. We haven’t read it in at least 5 or 7 years, and he was upset that I got rid of it. So sometimes you have to deal with others’ inability to let go when you are trying to let go.

    • Amethyst, I get it. And what a lovely opportunity to make decluttering a collaborative act. And maybe buy that book again as a gift for your husband.

      Hooray for imperfect actions!

      Love and blessings,

  3. Hey Sue,

    I just love the idea of decluttering! It really does bring a sense of peace and I believe it creates an invitation for new and exciting things.

    • Schuyler, you remind me of that saying about how the universe abhors a vacuum. Just so…an invitation!

      Love and magic,

  4. What an inspirational blog.  As someone who has just newly (today!) re-asserted the gift of time to myself in an extremely busy practice and family life, I would consider it a divine and synchronistic gift to test your sacred work.

    Wishing you much releasing and healing…

    Love and light


    Sarah-Jane x

    • Great, Sarah Jane! I’ll email you the release retreat ritual outline this week.

      Thanks so much! Can’t wait to hear how it goes for you.


  5. Just coming off of Hubby’s career in the Army, I was in the habit of purging things every time we moved. We’ve been here for a year now and I STILL admittedly have some boxes packed. I know I need to go through them and would be all the better for it energetically, but I’ve not been able to bring myself around to doing it. Might just have to set aside a little bit of time each day and just DO IT!  Thank you for the nudge through your sharing! 😀

    • Dawna, or try setting aside 60–90 minutes one day each week. Let me know how it goes.

      Thanks so much for your comment.

      Love and blessings,

  6. Great stuff.  I am in the middle of clearing out our office.  We had it decorated last week and the carpet will be replaced in the next few weeks.  We have introduced a clear desk policy ( a member of staff idea) and it is awesome.  Stress is reduced as I now only have to do the work that is on my desk and not clogg up my brain with all the other things.  Still a bit to go.  I am determined that nothing is coming back into the office that we haven’t used in 2 years.  I feel so energetic right now that I am about to do another 60 minutes in sorting things out.  Thanks for all the comments – they have really motivated me to continue.  Energy higher with each batch dealt with.

    • Hi Bridget, thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

      I love the clear desk policy, I have the same kind of policy for my inbox! Why yes, there is electronic clutter too, isn’t there?

      Glad you’re enjoying the energy that can come with this releasing.

      Love and magic,

  7. I love this! As a chronic clutter-er, I *know* that open space eases my mind, so why then is it such a challenge? I believe it is a weak muscle, and setting aside weekly time to sustain clear space is an excellent work out plan. And I will be setting aside time for my release work this weekend! So needed, as are your posts. Thank you!

  8. Lovely blog.  Decluttering is such a spiritual practice when done with love and intent.  I always think of it like I think of doing deep emotional work, the more you hang onto emotions without processing them, the more they weigh you down, just like belongings do.

    love Cindy 

    • Cindy, exactly! Someone once told me he wanted to wear life like a loose cloak. And I felt like I was wearing my life like a full-body lead apron.

      Decluttering, releasing, certainly helps us lighten up. On so many levels.

      Thanks for chiming in!

      Love and blessings,

  9. Thanks for this beautiful post Sue! I had overlooked decluttering until last year. I resonate with you that it’s a ritual. And thanks for sharing your gratitude list too! The world loves a lover- I’m sure you’ll attract more and more magical experiences.

    with love,


  10. Hi Sue, 

    Decluttering is one of my favourite topics! I love the sense of space and flow once I declutter 🙂 

    I usually use the question “Is it truly useful? Is it truly beautiful?” as my guide to what to keep or let go of. Not always easy to make those calls, though!

    I’m glad I popped over to your blog today!

    • Erin, hi!

      I love your questions, and I will add them to my repertoire. Love adding beauty to utility. Feels like adding heart to practicality.



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