A world where rubbish powers DeLoreans — Going after big dreams

This is a guest post, by the beautiful Donna Higton. Donna is a coach and brilliant blogger. I’ve invited her back again and she’s brought a powerful article. Enjoy!


First of all, I want to say thank you to Sue for inviting me to do another guest blog for her this year, I am honoured. When thinking of what I could write, I thought about a comment Sue left on a blog post of mine: “This bit: ‘Anyway, I believe everyone has the potential to make their Big Dreams come true if they’re prepared to put in the elbow grease and get over the shit that’s holding them back. I don’t care if some cynical, negative people think that’s naive. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being naive, frankly, naive folks are a lot more blimmin cheerful! I want to live in a world where people have Big Dreams and go after them, in the process making this world a pretty awesome effing place. It really speaks to me.’ Could you please remind me of it regularly?”

futureBig Dreams

So this feels like an awesome opportunity to remind us all that going after Big Dreams is possible, doable and will create a wonderful world to live in. A utopia if you will. Friends I mention this ideal to often ask “who will take out the bins?” Well, firstly, we’re quite a way away from my Utopia so it’s not something to worry about just yet. Secondly, I firmly believe that if we are all doing what we want to do, we are more generous, more prosperous, more creative and more collaborative, so we’ll find a solution.

Thirdly, I am really sure that there is someone out there whose Big Dream is to make the final scene from Back to the Future a reality — you know the bit where Doc uses rubbish to fuel the time-travelling DeLorean? I have never given up on that perception of the “future” as a place where rubbish is fuel. Indeed I hope it is so, because the “rubbish mountain” near my house is growing by a few feet a year. I don’t want to live near the rubbish equivalent of Everest in 50 years time.

I find it curious that anyone would have any objection to living in a world where everyone has a chance to go after their Big Dreams, but many of us do. Either because “we” can’t or because “there’s not enough” Big Dreaming to go round. Odd. Because “we” can and there is a Big Dream hiding in every heart. All it needs is a little coaxing to bring it out into the sunshine. It needs some belief, some nurturing, and yes, not a little elbow grease.

Big Dreams ask us to be everything we are capable of being.

Big dreams ask us to move so far out of our comfort zones that we no longer recognize ourselves at the end. They ask us to use every resource we have — all our courage, all our faith, all our creativity, all our imagination, all our intelligence, all our intuition, all our tenacity and determination. They ask a lot of us — not because we have to “pay” in blood, sweat and tears to have what we want, but because to have your Big Dream you need to be that courageous, tenacious, creative, intuitive, determined soul.

Wishy-washy, half-assed measures aren’t enough for Big Dreams — they want the best from you. Not to punish you, not to make life hard for you, but because your Big Dream believes in you. Your Big Dream knows there is more to you (as do you — you know you have unmet potential, right?), that’s why your Big Dream chose you. If you couldn’t do it, if you didn’t have the courage and the tenacity and the potential, your Big Dream would have picked someone else.

And because Big Dreams need so much, as well as the elbow grease, you need to get rid of anything that is holding you back.

rocksI see it as if you are dragging rocks around behind you (you know like wedding cars have cans dragging behind them?). These rocks slow you down, they get caught up on things, they trip you up, sometimes they stop you. But if you’re aware they are there, you can start dealing with the rocks one by one. The more you cut loose, they easier you will move, the smoother your forward momentum will be.

And these things that hold you back are not here to stop you. They don’t exist to chase you back into your cave, and stop you from ever venturing out in search of Big Dream again. They come up so that you can deal with them — they come up so that you can cut those rocks loose, so that you can be free of them, so that you can soar, and make your Dreams a reality. It’s easy to get despondent, I get that, I feel it too sometimes, but then I remember what one of my mentors taught me:

Obstacles come up to be dealt with. That’s it. So deal with them and move on.

Indulge me for a moment if you would and imagine the people you most love in the world getting to experience life as the very best of themselves, reaching their full potential, and getting rid of everything that holds them back. Imagine it. Imagine them making their dreams a reality. Imagine how joyful and confident and generous it would make them. Imagine you have what you want, you have your dream, you get rid of everything that’s holding you back — imagine how joyful and confident and generous it would make you.

Imagine for a moment a world full of joyful, confident, generous, loving, encouraging, supportive people. A utopia where making your dreams a reality is normal, it’s life. And rubbish powers time-travelling DeLoreans. 😀


headshot Donna is a life coach, writer, teacher and is currently immersed in a hundred ideas for products to help people fall head over heels in love with their lives! Donna works with women who have lost their mojo to help them rediscover their zest for life and bring the big dreams hiding in their heart out to play! You can find out more about Donna on her website, or join her on Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. Donna this post is brilliant – so true, so empowering, so inspiring!  Thank you.  I have a few rocks to get rid of and woke up this morning with ideas of exactly how to do that.  Today I’m going to implement those ideas instead of just thinking about them.

    With love and gratitude


  2. LOVE this post Donna (and my inner geek squeed at the DeLorean reference!)

    Here’s hoping that in the future utopia, we produce a whole heap less rubbish in the first place too!





    • Lmao Tanja!!!  Yes, my inner geek was SO happy about putting that reference in an article!  HI-larious.  That’s an excellent point, less rubbish in the first place!  x

  3. “Obstacles come up to be dealt with…”  THANK YOU for reminding me of this fact!! I’ve had a few this week and your post helped so much.  I loved it!! And imagining the people I love most reaching their full potential is such a wonderful prompt, I let myself use that as a meditation this morning.  Very powerful.  xo 

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