Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here.

And you’re curious. Good.

Tired of trying to be and do your best all the time?

Had it with the gaps between moments of ease, of feeling safe, loving, supple, and resilient?

You’re not alone. Bring it. Bring your true self. You’ve entered a safe, judgement-free zone.

Check me out.

Meet Sue, designing with joy
Wondering what makes me a good person to talk to?

Maybe even to work with?

I know what it’s like to feel like you just can’t be enough, give enough, earn enough, love enough, even think good enough thoughts.

I know what it’s like to recover from hope-to-die drug addiction and end up enjoying life more than you ever dreamed you would (and in my case, living twice as long as I imagined).

I’m a really useful resource. I can create your website, teach you everything I ever learned about marketing and being in service with integrity and heart, help you start your next business, play with you as you unleash your inner artist, support your healing and aging like a badass.

Read on:

Skills and experience, in spades.

Looking for the just-right combination of mad design skills, decades of experience, black-belt techno-geekery, and barely tamed hippie sensibility?

Welcome to my creative cauldron.
I work at the intersection of deep inner-journey experience and crazy good knowledge of design, marketing, and branding.

I’ve been doing this work for fucking decades — my own inner transformational journey and the outer work in coaching, marketing, mentorship, design, branding, healing, and making.

About that endless transformational journey? I finally stopped striving to think better, meet life with more grace — to improve! Which has kicked my journey’s exploration to a whole ’nother level.

I’m not another me-too goddess live-your-best-life, earn-six-figures!, turn-back-the-clock coach. I’m a sage holding a lantern at the crossroads for those walking their journey of life, expression, and fulfillment.

I’ve learned how to bring the sacred, the magic, the ritual, to everything in life. When it feels easy and when it doesn’t.

Across the decades I’ve been working, I’ve put some serious skills together:

  • I’m a typographer with a trained and practiced eye for detail. I worked in type shops. I know, understand, respect, and honor typography and all its beautiful rules and structures.
  • I’ve been teaching, coaching, and mentoring for decades. The most important and revelatory moments in my life come from deep and transformative conversations. Let’s have one!
  • I’m an artist (finally!) After decades of struggle, I’ve found my sweet spot. I’m a good enough beginner now to show and sell my work. If I can have so much fun making my mark, I bet you can too. Explore.
  • I’m a brand whisperer. I’ve created branding and logo design for retail, solopreneurs, and tech startups. I know how to weave in your wisdom and your passion into every piece of your branding.
  • I make healing and beauty products for myself, my loved ones, and my friends (and you!). Pain relief. Glowing skin. Healthy organs. Happy vaginal and anal tissue. I can whip up what you need. Have a look.
  • I live and breathe WordPress. I design, develop, and deliver user-friendly, easily editable (by you if you like!) websites.

I've worked in corporate. I've worked with solos. I've seen a lot in my career. If you want the latest greatest stuff that's gonna be passé in a week then you shouldn’t hire me. If you want depth and transformation, if you want to be sure your wisdom and your passion is present in everything you undertake and create, then you and I should talk.

Some of the juicy bits about me:

  • The Magnolias West name: I’ve been taking pictures of my daughter with the magnolias in bloom as a backdrop since she was an infant — a lifetime creative project. Magnolias have healing energy (besides being a beautiful sign of spring and having such a lovely aroma!) — they’re used in Chinese medicine, with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.magnoliasbanner
  • The Magnolias West logo is handcrafted with love. The blossom comes from one of my photos, and the name is handwritten by me.
  • I am most at home when I’m leaning on a redwood tree, or walking by the ocean, or on the dance floor in lead/follow lindy hop and blues bliss.
  • I’m a crafter and a maker. I knit, paint, collage, sculpt, grow, cook, brew kombucha, make medicines (my own toothpaste, remedies) and beauty products, which you can peruse and buy right here.
  • I’ve been on a deep spiritual inner journey since I began to meditate and study tai chi in the ’70s. I have — and use and teach — a deep toolbag of juicy and implementable transformational technologies. My work in the world is grounded in a strong foundation of frequently accessed inner practices. I'm a lifelong learner, studying and exploring life's mysteries.
  • I’ve been clean and sober since 1991. Which means that for a very long time I wasn’t. Which means that I can meet you exactly where you are at. Are you a survivor of grit and trauma too? I will receive your darkness and celebrate your resilience and your light with love and compassion.