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A world of difference!

Catherine L.During the time I have worked with Sue, I extricated myself from my old job (where I was entrenched), taken time off to broaden my perspective and develop new interests, and launched a business doing independent consulting.

With Sue’s support, I have learned how to…

…better hear my own heart and aspirations more clearly
…identify and release negative thinking and self-defeating behaviors
…believe in myself
…change how I talk to and about myself
…set goals and priorities
…budget my money and my time
…take actions to achieve my dreams

I have been amazed when I have done a review at the end of each year and seen how much progress I have made toward achieving all of my goals. Having Sue’s advice, accountability and support has made a world of difference in helping me to focus and sustain my effort. Sue has also provided helpful coaching on personal issues and relationships.

Catherine L.

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