Learning to see, hear and allow the blessings

crystalballAllow the blessings — I’m still working on it, still trying to figure them out!

I really wanted to bring a clear message today. And I don’t have one. My heart and mind are in a bit of a turmoil (like that swirly foggy crystal ball over there). There’s a distinct lack of clarity in the house.

I spent a day, nearly two, in the hospital this week. I got a transfusion which I really needed, but then left against advice because I was getting not-so-good care, and the only doctor available wouldn’t look me in the eye, told me I couldn’t possibly have had the experience I had, and made jokes instead of answering my questions. Plus I was hungry. No food after midnight for a test that was promised to happen by noon. Instead of feeling calm and clear, I feel a bit guilty and more than a bit stressed.

I know there is a lesson in this for me, one that will likely benefit you as well, but I don’t have it to share yet… I will share it with you, beautiful, just as soon as I know it!


New Moon in Aquarius

Thursday 1/30/14
10º55′ Aquarius
1:58 pm Pacific
4:58 pm Eastern

Lunar New Year of the  Wood Horse

Friday 1/31/14


Sunday 2/2/14

The Dark Moon is the time to reach into your own heart, your own sacred feminine depths, and state your intentions.

What are you beginning?

When the Moon is New, the Moon and the Sun are aligned in the same sign. A New Moon is always a time when something hidden begins to poke through to our awareness, allowing new growth to be nurtured.

This month, the alignment is in Aquarius, the fixed Air sign.

An Air New Moon is an invitation to communicate and inspire.  >>>This time around, best to focus your energy on ideas like these now because our friend Mercury is going retrograde on 2/7.<<<

  • Is there anything in your messaging to your tribe of prospects and clients that needs to be revised or retold?
  • This is a great time to launch something new, start a new campaign to grow your list, or begin a new joint venture.
  • Set aside time for your strategy and implementation sessions with your team. Move forward with your creative and inspirational workings.
  • How’s your technology? This is also a good time to upgrade your hardware and software.
  • Complete your negotiations, sign contracts.

Lunar New Year

The Chinese astrologers say that the Horse symbolizes speedy success.

The Horse loves to compete. In five-element theory the Horse is also connected to Fire, which helps Wood to burn, making your flame endure.


Here in the North, the ground is beginning to soften, and the milk is beginning to flow

We’re turning to Spring now on the Wheel. Imbolc is a time of vision, when we honor the returning light, inside of us and out. We are invited, as we always are, but especially at this time, to go within to find the new light that was born within each of us at Winter Solstice — the dormant seeds of our future. To honor this season, some of us invite the goddess Brigid to bless our fires of creativity, healing and inspiration. I dedicate my thoughts, my words and my actions every day when I light Brigid’s candle on my inspiration altar.

How will you allow the blessings during this sacred week?

Take some time between Thursday 1/30, the day of the New Moon, and Sunday 2/2—Imbolc—to do this work.

You can work at your altar, or be outside, or any place you feel connected to Spirit.

Using your journal, or your favorite divination tool, or a candle flame, get quiet, and feel the changes of this week. We’re inching around the Wheel to springtime, the light is visibly staying with us longer every day. The Lunar New Year energy is in the air. And we’ve moved into Aquarius. Ask yourself what you need to do to create the space, observe the energies and envision your plans for the coming year.

Sink into your heart and find what wants to be expressed. Is there anything you need to look at, accept, forgive and heal before you can manifest your vision? By accepting and doing the healing work, you can find the blessing beneath the challenge. I know this, because this is exactly how I heal and grow and manifest all that’s meant to be brought forth! Ask yourself: What action can I take now to help me step into the future that’s calling me?

About that Mercury retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde 2/7–2/28, part of the time in Aquarius, and some of the time in watery, dreamy Pisces. Communication and creativity may flow freely, and logic may seem a little less logical. Pisces invites creativity and empathy, with a tendency to blur the lines between truth and not-so-much. This may feel like an unusual Mercury Rx. Go ahead and consider those audacious ideas that will pop up, don’t insist on everything making sense. You may be getting your inspiration from unusual sources.

Be realistic, though, and don’t get swept away by promises. Really…not a great time to buy a lot of lottery tickets, or make big investments, I think. Double- and triple-check the information you’re getting. Just because your new health insurance website says a doctor will take that insurance doesn’t mean it’s true.

Experiment, try something new! And then when Mercury goes direct again, see if your experiments hold up.

One more astrological note

Venus has been retrograde in Capricorn since December 21st and goes direct the day after this New Moon, January 31. Her retrograde journey of transformation is over now, and she is turning direct in Capricorn—conjunct Pluto, opposite Jupiter, and square to Uranus—reminding us of the primal importance of beauty and partnership.

I’d love to hear from you, please talk to me in the comments and share your blessings (yes even those you had to dig deep to find!) with me.


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  1. Your medical experience perturbs me.  I’d like to suggestion your inquire if the hospital has an ombudsman/person.  I’d also encourage you consider contacting Michael Finney at KGO-TV and Michael Krasney at KQED-FM, to suggest a program on local medical care, service, competency, edside manners, etc.

    Best wishes in your coming full recovery.

    • Thank you, Arthur, and welcome.

      I don’t know, do doctors still have ombudsfolk? I looked at Alameda Hospital’s website and don’t see one. But I’ll follow up on your suggestions…I may need to, sadly.

      In gratitude,

  2. Sue, I always get so much out of your posts.  Thank you so much for sharing, particularly about the effects of Mercury Retrograde which always sounds scary to me, and Venus turning direct.

    • Shan, It’s a relief to see Mercury retrogrades as good things, isn’t it? This one feels particularly full of opportunity and magic.

      New Moon blessings to you!

      Love and light,

  3. Sue, I hope you are feeling better – good for you to take care of YOU and listen to your instincts. This blog post was extremely timely for my life, especially about the dark moon. Many thanks for sharing your wisdom!

    • Kelly, welcome here!

      Thanks for the support about listening to instincts. Gets a bit challenging, especially, for me, when I’m getting lots of input from doctors.

      May you be bathed in blessing this week.

      Love and magic,

  4. Hi Sue, I hope you feel better soon. Thank you for sharing the astrology around Imbolc this year. I find it amazing that 2014 began with a New Moon for the first time in 19 years, and precedes Imbolc as well. To me that seems to insist out with the old and negative, in with what’s new and good!

    • Jessica, welcome. Yes this is a different kind of January, isn’t it? Two New Moons in the month. I love the download you’re getting of sweeping away the old and welcoming the new and good.

      Thanks so much for sharing that!


  5. So much happening all at once. Definitely picking up on the vibes of the Air New Moon. No wonder things feel like there’s so much to do with so little time.

    Also sounds like these are wonderful energies with which to nurture yourself during your return to good health. You are an inspiration in how you always show up.

    • Lorraine, yes, precious, Air inspires us to have that beautiful creative/development calendar full of awesome things to write and produce. Air also reminds us to breathe, fully, in this now moment and the next, and to trust the process. Don’t worry about the hourglass trickling away the time. Just breathe into this moment and get the next right thing done.

      Yes may the healing energy bathe us all, cover us in its balm. I’ll take that blessing, thank you!

      Much love to you!

  6. Sue,  thank you for bringing imbolc and the time between now and then, to my attention!  It seems that lately I keep seeing things to do with candle rituals – so now my ears are perked up. 🙂  Also, sending you love and wishes for healing at this time, and that is should come quickly.  xoxo 

    • Hi Cindie, a candle ritual sounds wonderful! May this week roll out the red carpet of blessings for you in every moment.


  7. Hi Sue! I love this post! I have been focusing on the energies of this moon for a couple of days now, and her energy is quite intense! Thanks for putting such wonderful reminders in your post.

    • Joy, glad it resonated for you. I’m feeling the intensity too, and am fastening my seatbelt, because I think the intensity is just gonna continue for a while.

      Enjoy the ride…


  8. Sue, I hope you are feeling much better! This post is so informative and confirms what I’ve been feeling the past 48 hours. I’m beginning some new projects now before Mercury retrograde. “Speedy success” ~ I’m ready!  Martine

    • Martine, I’ve begun some myself…and since they won’t be finished before 2/7, I’m just gonna keep myself as grounded and balanced as possible as I move them to completion.

      So glad I’m not alone, and thanks for the love!


  9. Hello Sue,

    I do appreciate your post this week.  We as humanbeings are not just connected to eachother, but we are also connected to the animals, to the plants and to the celestrial bodies.  Your article was very timely for me, because January is my birth month.    On the eve of my birthday, I have an annual ritual of recounting in my journal the many blessings that occurred in my life during the preceeding year.  I light a candle and I say a prayer of thanks.  This year, I did not do that .  So, at your behest – I will do this during my sacred week. -Peace and Blessings! -Phyllis


    Allowing Blessing . . .

    • Phyllis, welcome, and thanks for taking the time to comment.

      May your birthday ritual show you many many blessings to record, and may you have just as many more in the coming year.

      Love and light,

  10. That kind of bad experience is so imbalancing. I hope you have been able to find your comfort and safety now that you are back at home. I agree with the commenter who suggested contacting the hospital. All hospitals have patient support services and places to register concerns/complaints. There is a grievance procedure, and whether or not you choose to file anything, you may find a way to express yourself. Whatever you need to “see or hear” (if anything) may come for the fore if you have a chance to communicate about the experience. In the meantime, hope you are feeling much better.

    • Judy, welcome here.

      You’re right, I’m still off balance. In fact, got the first speeding ticket of my life yesterday. A very big warning sign for me. Ugh.

      I am communicating about the experience. Following up with two reporters who have been interviewing me, and writing, about my experiences with the new Affordable Care Act insurance.

      I may also be talking to the hospital…

      Thanks for the loving wishes.


  11. Hi Sue, I hope you are feeling better now. Your post seems to have just decoded the things that happen to me recently. It also gave me a cosmic idea as to how I am going to deal with them in the future. Thank you for sharing. This post is very informative. More importantly, I hope you get well soon.

    Best Regards,


    • Lorii, thank you so much. I feel blessed by your words.

      Much love to you, as you unfold your present and move into your future.

      Love and light,

  12. Hope you are feeling better Sue. I am glad you left and followed your mind and heart by not staying in such an unpleaseant setting.  As if hospitals are not bad enough as it is.  Your positive approach to the situation is commendable and I will be waiting to see when you share the good that is meant to be out of such experience.  I am with you as I also believe that every negative has a positive and purpose for good even if in the future.  Take good care.

    • Delmy, welcome and thanks for the comment love.

      Focusing only on the good and advocating for myself and my health care…there is a way to be balanced and grounded here, and I’m doing my best to find that grounded balance. I confess, some moments I do better than others. But I’m not giving up!

      In gratitude,

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