Anatomy of a Rebrand, part 6. Almost over now!

Anatomy of a Rebrand, part 6. Part the last.

Time (soon!) to move on to transformations of a different sort.

The rebrand is almost over. Once I can lift my head up from the pixels, and the colors, and the words, and the illustrations, I’ll be turning my attention to and unrolling some really deep, resonant, substantial, and juicy new content, programs, and offers. Yes, the Magnolias West rebrand is pretty (pretty gorgeous, IMHO!), but the visual brand components are the container — but it’s what’s inside that counts. I’ll be introducing three new ways to work with me: Priestess Your Brand, Priestess Your Website, and Priestess Your Life. (Links coming soon, I promise.)

sneak-peekThe items on the checklist and to-do lists are getting handled, one at a time, but even so I can guarantee that MagnoliasWest 3.0 is going to launch with flaws. Hopefully not too many. Hopefully not too terrible. The blog pages are still looking rough at this point, but I have ten more days to try to whip them into shape.

It’s WordPress. Everything can be fixed. Or made better. Or both.

I’ve taken a radically different approach to page construction for the new site, with modular content areas. This new structure will make edits and additions much easier going forward than ever before. It’s very exciting to have made these changes. While these things make no difference to the reader, they make a ton of difference to me when I am working with my content, and for my clients too, when I implement tools and structures like this for them.

May this beautiful new website I’m midwifing into existence be useful, inviting, and of massive service to you!

Hey! I’m excited to share this: I got interviewed by Reba Linker!

We talked about the Divine Feminine in business, and there’s some good stuff in this conversation.

Please share with your tribe if you think it’s useful! xoxox

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  1. Enjoyed listening to you, Sue K. Seldom do we have this opportunity to see a designer share behind the scenes knowing we will be looking at your ability to walk the talk. Kudos for setting the date for launch. Women redress and you can too. Thank you for sharing your process with us. Yes you can change your jewelry.

    So glad Reba zeroed in on “lowering the bar.” Terrible concept. Reframing, redressing, redesigning, transforming is allowed & it is at a high level, not lowering the bar.

    • Thanks, Roslyn,

      And thanks for the gentle reframe on “lowering the bar.” I have always felt it to be a liberating idea, and not giving up anything at all. But you’ve added a whole lot of ease and self-love to the idea.


  2. I’m loving that your rebranding process is a 7-step process, Sue! Or is it? 😉 Sounds like you are ready to launch on step 7, which in my learnings, is really the birthing to the world step. It also sounds like you work in a very fluid and flowing way, both for yourself and then with your clients. You see the nitty gritty details and then also the bigger picture too. Sometimes it can be hard to do both. I think the idea of “lowering the bar”, can actually be a good thing. It doesn’t mean you settled, it just means you ‘shipped’, as Seth Godin says. Tweaking and fine tuning can be a healthy ongoing process too. Looking forward to seeing the baby birthed! xo

    • Beverley, the 7th step is the birthing to the world step? Cool! I love this.

      Thanks for cheering me on.

      In gratitude,

  3. I can hardly wait for the launch, Sue. Having participated as a viewer in the re-creation and birthing process of the rebrand, it’s the thrill of knowing that a Moment is coming.

    • A “moment” for sure. And then many more moments to come after. I feel like I’ve just poured a new foundation, and once it’s dry, and leveled, and as beautiful as possible, I can build and build and build some more.


      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  4. Congratulations for moving through each step of the rebranding process and sharing it with us. You’ve given a lot of thought to this and we will all be anxious to see how it turns out. I’m sure you are going to inspire us to improve our own sites as well.

    • Joyce, it really hit me this week, that improving my website has so many purposes. 1: to be more search-friendly, now that it is going to be responsive. 2: to create the foundation I mentioned in my reply to Vatsala. 3: for me to relax into as I grow my offers and do my very best work.

      Love and magic,

    • Marquita, that’s a blessing I will carry with me this week as I put the finishing (for now) touches on the website. Thank you.


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