Asking for help is a spiritual journey

First you have to be willing to ask

(If you’re in a hurry you can skip directly to my “Housing Wanted” listing further down the page by clicking here. Warning fair (as the emcee sings in “Cabaret”: If you do, you’ll miss out on some really good stuff!)

Let me tell you about what happened on the Solstice.

My daughter Rose (the photographer of the images here) spent the night Saturday so we could get up early and do some tidepooling at Fitzgerald Preserve (there are always very low tides around the Solstices). I woke up even earlier than I planned, inspired to put together some supplies for a ritual in the Cypresses just up the hill from the beach.

I raided my stashes of magical supplies. I painted rocks and feathers red and gold. I cut some red and gold cords, and pulled red and gold strands of Mardi Gras beads. Six of everything.

(I even dressed in red and gold as you can see in the photo.)

Rose and I split the stash and each walked alone “Solstice bombing” the grove, stating our prayers, wishes, requests, and intentions with each item we left behind. We placed rocks on the ground and feathers in the tree bark. We tied cords to tree trunks and wove the beads around fence posts and bench slats.

With everything I placed, I asked for help. I asked to be led to my next beautiful home. I asked for clarity. I asked for ease. I asked to be released from fear and struggle.

Be willing to be led.

And now I get to ask you!

When asking for help, it’s a good practice to always ask the Divine first.

Right? Think about it. Everything you do when you have a conscious contact with Source goes better than when you don’t.

As it says in the Kabbala: “Beside every blade of grass is an angel saying “Grow, grow, grow.”

What’s your experience like with asking for help? I’d love to know; please leave a comment below.

Asking for help is a powerful gift

Here’s the text of the listing that I am will be linking to as I post my “Housing Wanted” everywhere. At least it’s the listing as I know it to be so far. Ideas keep coming to me, and I certainly don’t want to leave anything out! I will be updating here as things change. Here we go:

Help me find my next home

Housing wanted:

I am a positive, healthy, responsible, loving, and heart-centered business coach and branding/web designer looking for my next amazing live/work situation and I think you might be able to help me find it! Please take 5 minutes to read through my post and share with me any ideas, leads, suggestions and referrals that come up for you. And of course pass this on if you know of someone who might have an opening or know of one!

What I’m looking for

  • A place where I can feel at home, where I can feel safe, and where I can thrive
  • A sweet home in the East or North Bay where I can live and work, and which I can cherish and care for, in a long-term rental relationship. A house, a cottage, an in-law, an awesome apartment….?
  • An open and friendly environment. Respectful. Drama-free. Quiet(ish) neighbors.
  • Ideal locations: Oakland (where I live now), Berkeley, Emeryville, Alameda in the East Bay; Sebastopol, Cotati, Petaluma in the North Bay. That’s my list of desired locations, but I can go pretty much anywhere for an ideal situation — especially to a good walking neighborhood.

The things that really call to me in a home:

Some of these are must-haves, some are nice-to-haves; a good combination will light me up and have me signing a rental agreement as fast as possible!

  • wood floors
  • a gas stove
  • dishwasher
  • W/D or hookups
  • 1+ bedrooms (an alcove or additional room for my office)
  • some outside space (for grilling and a bit of gardening)
  • lots of light
  • offstreet parking and a porch would be nice
  • a garage or other ample storage

I don’t know what combination of features will combine to create the home I choose. What I do know is that I can have what I want even if I don’t know what it all looks like.

More about me

  • The spiritual energy where I live will be high. I meditate and do yoga and I am primed to fervently love my home.
  • I run an online business from home (as you can see from the other pages on this website — you can read even more about me here). I serve women changemakers and healers by supporting them with branding, web design, and sharing their magic in the world. I rarely (maybe twice a year, if that) see clients in my home.
  • I’m a loving, caring, amazing woman with a lot to give.
  • I am mature (mid-60s), healthy, positive, responsible, and I take exquisite care of myself and my home and office. I don’t smoke, drink, or take drugs.
  • I work from home, so I’ll be around a lot, and wonderful nourishing and nurturing cooking and fermenting (kombucha, sauerkraut) will be taking place every day.
  • I only use earth-friendly ingredients to clean; you can count on your home being lovingly tended with no chemicals in sight. And I never leave dishes in the sink.
  • I’m open to living alone and I’m open to living with another heart-centered, amazing woman.
  • I’m looking for a great situation — I trust that there is an infinite number of situations inside of which I could be happy.

Some ways this might manifest

  • Finding a place on my own
  • Finding a housemate and looking together (or living together in an established share situation — maybe your housemate just moved out?)
  • Moving in with someone who has “too much house” — ideally an in-law or granny space
  • Or…maybe something I haven’t even thought of? Your ideas are welcome!

Why am I moving?

This place I rent — where I’ve lived and worked for over eight years — is being sold by my landlady to her family. I am negotiating a timeline and buyout with her right now; it looks like I have the rest of this year to move but the terms of the buyout make it better for me to leave as quickly as I can. I’m looking now and will be ready to move by August 31, 2015.

So here’s my ask:

Now that you know what I’m looking for, do any leads, suggestions, or referrals come up for you? Please get in touch and I will follow up! (510) 698-6245. Or even better: email. And send pictures if you can!

Thank you!

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    • Anna, thanks. I appreciate your comment. I need constant reminders to ask for guidance. My default is that it’s all on me.

      Love and light,

  1. I really enjoyed this post Sue. It was an excellent reminder to take some time out tonight to ask the divine for some serious help! I’m feeling overwhelmed and overloaded — I need that reminder sometimes, so thank you.

    • Eleanor, welcome here! Thanks for the loving comment. I seem to need as much reminding as possible! Ah well, that’s how I learn.

      Love and magic,

  2. Hi sue,U are a wonderful woman, I live in Ghana, west Africa . Being following your post attentively, U have been very helpful in many ways, may the divine link U to a beautiful peaceful home. Love and light,Bernie

    • Hi Bernie, and welcome.

      Thanks for your kind words. What I know is that I am being led, that my beautiful peaceful home is already ready for me, if I can just stay out of my own way!

      Blessed be,

  3. Asking for help spiritual or not has not always been my strong point but I am getting closer! I make a point to go walking and have an open conversation. It’s been quite beautiful connecting to source this way.

    • Petra, welcome here. I love your method and I will happily borrow it to add to what I am already doing.

      Love and light,

  4. Just back from a beautiful Winter Solstice evening . I think today is special. Great releasing.
    Wow same situation where we had lived for 10 years the owners sold and we had only a couple of weeks to manifest a new place.
    I don’t have wooden floors – always on my list too or a dishwasher ( I do have Des 🙂 It is comfortable and close to the beach, a big one for me as it keeps me grounded.
    I am sending you rays of energy attraction for the right person and or place to emerge. hugs xx

    • Suzie, Solstice blessings to you!

      Thanks for the added energy rays, I’m so grateful!

      Love and light,

  5. Sue–I will look at this again tomorrow, with more thought and attention to your immediate need. But for tonight, I offer gratitude for such a beautiful post with such beautiful imaginings of your Solstice morning and your sharing it with your daughter. And your courage in asking for the help you are needing. Blessings to you…

    • Thanks, Dana, your words mean so much to me! And concrete tips if you have any will be gratefully received.

      Blessed be,

    • Hey Shulamit, welcome, lovely to see you here!

      Powerful magic indeed. So glad I was able to wriggle free from my resistance enough to ask!

      Love and light,

  6. I can’t help but believe this experience is all going to work out for the better for you Sue! You are so right about the difficulty most of us have asking for the things we want in life, let alone being vulnerable enough to ask for help. The nice thing is when they are able most people are happy to lend a helping hand and I won’t be surprised at all if it works out that way for you after sharing your story here! 🙂

    • Marquita, thanks for the beautifully positive comment; I sure need it as I move through stages with this change. Last night I didn’t sleep until past three a.m.; today I couldn’t stop crying. I think I’m starting to grieve.

      I’ll keep asking andkeep moving forward.


  7. Okay Sue…took a small step this morning..

    Sent the message below to 2 step-cousins who are amazing women and likely have many amazing connections where they live in Oakland/Berkeley. I haven’t been in contact with them for many years…but I trust they’re good people to ask in helping with your search….a shot in the dark, I suppose, but you never know where something will lead:

    Hey Sarah & Joanna!

    A somewhat out-of-the-blue request for you:)

    Not even sure whether you both still live in Oakland/Berkeley, but a woman I know from a business development community is in Oakland and seeking a new home. Here is her post — at the end she talks about who she is and what’s she’s looking for so far as housing.

    Thought I’d put it out there to you…just in case you have any leads or might pass it along to someone who might…

    Thank you…hope you both are happy and well. With love, Dana

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