The astrology of the audacious — are you open to the surprising and unexpected?

surprising and unexpected

This month’s astrology is going to bring the unexpected in many forms — all you need to do is be open

I think the shakeup has been happening for weeks already, don’t you?

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Tuesday 4/15/14
25º15′ Libra
12:42 am Pacific
3:42 am Eastern

Cardinal Grand Cross

Pluto opposite Jupiter
Mars opposite Uranus
all square to each other at 13º on April 23–24

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Monday 4/28/14
8º52′ Taurus
11:14 pm Pacific
2:14 am Eastern on 4/29

I know it has for me. Sometime in early March it suddenly seemed possible, do-able (talk about surprising!), and right to take a month off in sacred retreat. I leave on April 25th, the day after the peak of the Grand Cross, and I will return at the end of May.

If I’m any example, the energies of shakeup and surprise have been present for a while now. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been open to the idea of a healing road trip and a full month away from my business. I’ll be packing my car full of what heals and nourishes and restores me and traveling to Big Sur, Santa Barbara, Joshua Tree (the desert), Kernville (Sequoia National Forest), Mammoth Mountain (Death Valley, Kings Canyon), South Lake Tahoe, and Sonora (Yosemite). Big trees. Canyons. Ancient lodgepole pines. Desert. Five days at a women’s Buddhist retreat.

This is the second time in my life since I was in school that I am taking a full month off.

I traveled to Ireland, England and France in 2010, my first and so far only trip across the Atlantic. Amazing. Sacred. Healing. I visited many sacred and ancient places. I pulled some pictures of my favorites: the Black Abbey, Avebury, Newgrange, Stonehenge, and the ocher hills in the Luberon in Provence (in the order they’re in in the photo strip).


It was excruciating in 2010, to open the door to leaving my business and my clients for that long. I don’t know about you, but since I’ve been in business for myself my vacations have been occasional three- and four-day outings, with an occasional full week. Each break was difficult for me at first, I am so much more comfortable with routine duty and obligation than I am with treating myself like a queen who of course needs, deserves and must have balance, restoration and just plain fabulousity in her life! So I’m setting aside what’s comfortable and inviting the surprising.

I’ve learned so much about this. Not only it is really important for me to take a healing break for me, it’s also so important for my clients to see me do this… this allows them — and you! — to drink in the idea that self-love and self-care can include audacious and surprising moves just like this one. My clients inspire me! I have a client who walked the Camino in Spain last year… she planted a big juicy seed in me when she took nearly two months off to nurture herself in such an amazing way.

This time, for my 2014 month away — perhaps because I’ve done it once before, and perhaps because of this amazing astrological energy of change that’s brewing — I’m finding that it’s a bit easier. I decided to stay close to home and keep expenses down (this month off should cost less than half of my Europe journey), and this Eclipse — Grand Cross — Eclipse energy seems to be shining ease and a thrum of excitement to my planning.

One more astro note — take this with you as you do your Full Moon ritual

This next couple of weeks may cause a lot to shift. What felt stable and predictable may change, may even dissolve, and something surprising may appear on the horizon. Spend some time under the light of the Full Moon pondering the rest of 2014. What’s coming? What will unfold for you? Roll with it, beautiful one. Allow. Don’t try to rush the changes, and don’t resist them either.

Logistics: I will have one more blogpost for you in my normal schedule next weekend. I will have some guest posts go up when I’m gone. I may pop in and blog photos if I have any that I love, but I’m taking a writing break until the end of May.

What is brewing in you? Don’t brush away the surprising and unexpected — and audacious! — ideas that come to you during this time. Hear them, express them, live them! I’d love to hear from you in the comments… talk to me, beloved!


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    • Sheila, thanks for your comment! I’ll miss you too, and will be connecting a bit as I go, especially around my images. This is shaping up to be a sacred trip, with nature mandalas, iPhoneography, meditation, quiet, and deep rest.

      So grateful for you!


  1. Hey gorgeous Sue!

    I’m so excited for you about your trip!  I can’t wait to hear about it.  The thought of you travelling around the countryside, visiting the places that call to your spirit inspires me no end. 

    In terms of change and shift for myself?  Aaah, it has been going on for a while.  I feel I’ve finally been able to define what shape my gifts can take and be offered to the world in and it’s filling me with nearly uncontainable excitement and joy!  It really is a momentous time and I’m both watching it happen in reverence and awe and have moments when if I could do it, I’d “squee” like a little girl.

    I wish you a safe and soul-fulfilling journey and look forward to catching my breath at the beauty that you behold via the photos you share when you’re able. 



  2. Sue,

    I took the whole month of October off. Spent it in Paris, writing, deepening my relationship with the city and delving into the inner well.  Travel takes me out of anything usual and opens the doors for new birth.  Spending a whole month is such a delicious gift!  I applaud your creative journey and look forward to what emerges for and from you!


    PS: I think the shake-up has indeed been happening for awhile now.  I’m so grateful!

    • Laurie, thanks so much!

      I am so looking forward to stepping out of the usual, out of my comfort zone. 

      So grateful for your comment!

      Love and light,

  3. I know that you are really and truly going to enjoy your time away. Reconnecting and replenishing ourselves is so vital. When we are well taken care of, we can be of greater service to the Universe. I am looking foward to hearing about your journey.

    Sending love and light your way <3

    P.S. – dedicate a nap to me 🙂

    • Stacey, the first nap has your name on it… maybe under a redwood, or on a Big Sur beach… 

      Thanks for your comments, so inspiring.

      Love and blessings,

  4. Thanks Sue, you are visiting some of the most magnificent places on the planet lucky you! Of course, it sounds like you’ve earnt every bit of the goodness and grace your trip will bring you. Have a wonderful time, love from Down Under, Lisa 

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for your comment, and welcome here!

      I feel quite lucky tonight. Thanks for helping me remember just how lucky…

      Love and gratitude,

  5. Well, after years of being blocked in my writing, I challenged myself to create 88 blogs and vlogs in the coming months! I’m reigniting my creative self-expression. It makes me feel productive and content although it brings up fear of visibility. It’s all good but these are intense times indeed!

    • Aline, wow, way to jump in with both feet! With this much energy, you are bound to create so much of the awesome!

      Rock it, sister! 

      Welcome and thanks so much…


  6. Sue, what an empowering gift to give yourself and show your clients what is possible for them.  I take 3 weeks off every December and long weekends all summer long, and occasionally an extra 3 weeks in Feb… To visit my sacred place… Costa Rica.  Creating space for sacred soul time has increased by biz… Because when we are nourished we can create magic!  

    Enjoy your trip

    • Linda, thank you so much! Sacred places are just that, hella sacred. I’m lucky that two of my top sacred places are so accessible here: the ocean and the redwoods — the first growth, big big trees. I have a feeling I will feel the same about the sequoias, those I’m going to meet for the first time on this journey. 

      You’re so right, and this is one of the most fun ways to model self-nourishment, by taking this time off.

      So grateful for you!


  7. I love this! I know that whenever I decided to take some time off, amazing things have happenned in life and in business. It’s something that has to do with working superhard on something and then leaving it to happen on its own.

    Have an amazing trip, Sue!

    • Delia, your words are so helpful, thank you. I need so much support for that “let it simmer for a while” idea, and you delivered it so generously!

      I appreciate you,

  8. Whoop!! Whoop!! What fabulous news, Sue! If you hear a distant roaring sound in the back of your mind while you’re away, that will be the sound of all of us cheering you on from around the globe. Safe travels.


    • Sarah, 🙂 I will be listening for that roaring sound — and more whoops! — as I go.

      Love and blessings,

  9. Thank you for this Sue! I love the reminder that our actions give our clients permission and examples to live by.  And your description of your California roadtrip put a big smile on my face, I’m a California native and most of your milestones are familiar to me, so reading your list was like a trip down memory lane for me – such wonderful places!! Have a fabulous time 🙂 xo

    • Cindie, most of these places (after I head inland from the coast) are new to me. I’m excited!

      Thanks for your comment, precious!

      Love and light,

  10. Hi Sue.

    Your healing getaway sounds amazing. I have been feeling the shake up too! So nice to have it affirmed reading this. Beautiful things on the horizon for you.

    Thanks for sharing, really enjoy reading your posts. 

    • Lucy, welcome!

      I’m starting to get excited about my trip. I’ll be on the road in a week! Woot!

      Glad to connect with you.


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