Awe. And Gratitude.

Days of awe

In the tradition of my birth, the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are called Days of Awe.

Days of reflection and atonement. At-One-Ment. To me, it’s an especially good time to get in right relationship. With the beauty that’s all around you, in this now moment. With the love, safety, and mercy of the Divine that is already always present.

For today’s blog, instead of a story, I’m going to share some of the photos I’ve taken in the last few years, photos of moments of awe. And I invite you to share your moments of awe with me in the comments. If you want to share a photo, you’ll need to include the link to the picture in your comment. I will then upload the image itself. Yay for us and sharing what awes us!!

[update, edited for clarity] Here’s how to contribute a photo

Here’s what you do. Put the link to your photo (one you yourself have taken), or the page where I can see the photo, in your comment. I will then grab the photo and replace your link with the image itself. You can’t do it yourself, only the admin/site owner can (that’s me!!)

If your photo is on a page with more than one image, make sure I know which one to grab!!


A cathedral of cypresses



Ravens at Stonehenge



Magnolias in bloom



Fall foliage in upstate New York (I miss this so much!)



A first-growth redwood



Sunset from a sand dune



The ocean

Jump in to the comments, gorgeous, and share what inspires awe in you. I can’t wait to see what you have in your heart!

Gratitude tonight

  • I am grateful for getting started on my audacious travel plans for 2014. Exciting!
  • I am grateful for coconut ice cream pops. Delicious! Satisfies my sweet tooth with no dairy.
  • I am grateful for a walk with my sister yesterday. Hot, sweaty, arduous, and full of laughter and love.
  • I am grateful for a Rosh Hashanah gathering at my sister’s. L’shana tovah!
  • I am grateful for getting a video done yesterday. Only takes me 2+ hours to do a 3-minute video. I’m confident I’ll get better at this. Someday! 🙂

What are you grateful for today, precious? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Hi Sue, I love the concept of Days of Awe, although for me, any time I can get outside into this beautiful countryside and spend time walking leaves me in awe.  I’ve included a couple of photos that show the beauty that I adore spending time just be-ing in.    

  2. Wow, what amazing photos and words, they really do inspire awe and gratitude.. Love the Cathedral of Cypresses and the Sunset from Sand Dunes.. Love the Ocean one also as the ocean always inspires me, I need to live very close to it. I am grateful for being near the ocean and swimming in these warm waters of Thailand, I am grateful for my 14 year old four-legged soul buddy’ good health after a small scare.. I am grateful for finally posting my first blog post despite the blog not ready because I’m tired of playing it small. Hope you improve on those videos, all a learning curve for me right now too, hence its 6am, the birds are singing and I’ve yet to hit the hay.. thank you for sharing this post, a beautiful reminder of the beauty around and within us 🙂

    • Caroline, so glad you like the pix!

      Congrats on your blog and all the big brave actions you’re taking.

      And please, make sure to take exquisite care of you (including sleep!).

      Love and magic,

  3. What a beautiful post, inspirational and uplifting. Thank you. I have photos I have made into inspirational postcards, here is one I just posted called the “heart in the web”.

  4. LOVE the pics, Sue! So easy to forget when we get in the midst of the hustle and bustle the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis, isn’t it?

    Here are a couple of mine…

    • Dawna, I sent an email, did you get it? It explains that if you provide links to your images, I can then upload them. Look forward to seeing them.

      Love and magic,

  5. Your images are so welcoming and gratitude so important for love, propersity and more.

     I am grateful that each day as i walk on the beach I can count my blessing and be surrounded by so much abundance

    Thanks for asking


    • Suzie, of course! I love sharing gratitude, giving it and receiving it from others.

      A nice circle of energy, isn’t it?

      Blessed be!

    • Hey Nicky, I’m glad you like it. It’s an amazing place! I’m headed back there soon, to walk through the cypresses, and see the seals on the beach. Magical…

      Love and blessings,

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