Balance point and the fiery energy — how to use them

This year’s balance point — the Equinox — was very lively.

So much wild energy happening (including buckets of much-needed rain here in California).

The Equinox — that beautiful balance point — was sandwiched between the two eclipses of the season, just ahead of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this week.

In my world — in my life and in my business — the balance point this year felt like a moment of stillness wrapped around a fiery ball of energy ready to explode! How did the Equinox, and its moment of balance, feel for you? Did you notice anything unusual?

Now we are in that beautiful creation-inspiring, fiery, let’s-get-going, time-for-new-starts Aries energy.

yin yang balance point
Here are three actions you can take that will make good use of all this energy.

Because it’s a new season, because it’s Aries, because you were gonna take action anyway (weren’t you?), so why not feel even better about the changes you have in your mind and heart?

  • Step back from the details and the day-to-day tasks and take a fresh look at your brand. Solopreneur, wisdom teacher, healer, or humanpreneur — your brand is all about how you show up in the world matches your values and actions. What’s aligned, what isn’t? In business: Does your marketing reflect where you are now? Are you supporting your work in the world with a clear, steady, loving presence? Is it time for a facelift, or an upleveling of some or all of the elements of your brand?

    Outside of business: Are you walking your talk? Are you showing up as you intend to? When shit happens (and it does), do you let others know that things have changed? Power tip: Schedule a no-strings call with me and I’ll look at all of it with you.

  • Clean house. Release what no longer serves you. In your office: Step back and take a look at your desk. Declutter those piles of paper and business cards. Take a quick look at each one and either file it, or schedule an action, or toss it. Have a lovely reunion with your cleared desktop and in-baskets.

    You can do the same thing with your clothing. For each item you can ask: Is this in good repair? Do I wear it? Does it fit? Do I like the way I look in it? Depending on the answer, keep it, give it away, or toss it.

  • Start something new, something daring, something you’ve been meaning to do. In your biz: Ask previous clients for referrals. Call someone you’ve met online whose work interests you — bonus points for calling a niche-mate! Schedule some fun time right in the middle of your work week.

    Up your wellness game. More/longer walks. Regular meditation. Take a class. Start cooking. Knitting. Dancing. You know, that big scary stuff!

I’d love to hear what you’re cooking up in this fiery new season. Talk to me in the comments, or send an email.

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  1. Hi Sue,

    I’m loving this time of shifting into Spring!

    I like your suggestions for getting through this ‘tipping point’ period. Your suggestion to step back and take a fresh look at our brand really resonated for me.

    It’s been such a period of pushing ahead for me, and now might be a good time to pause for a moment and make sure everything’s on track with my brand.

  2. Wow Sue, the Equinox hit me full throttle yesterday in very challenging ways! After writing a new blog post (my first in a month & a half), it didn’t allow comments & something messed up my entire website design, color scheme, fonts, etc. Hmm, maybe it’s trying to tell me something!

    • Tae, did you get it all sorted? I know we talked on Facebook earlier, and I hope you have your home on the internet back and working for you and your people.

      Blessed be.

  3. I am in the middle of re-branding my company and it is interesting what is showing after a major “throttle” where the dark met the light with me. Thanks 🙂

    • Natasha, that intersection — where the dark meets the light — can be such a powerful place.

      I can’t wait to see what shows up for you.

      Love and light,

  4. This prior period was full of minor but impactful illnesses for me and my family, so I was in enforced rest and slow down. Now I’m cautiously springing back to life (pun intended) and taking greater care to rest and renew as needed. More focused, more on point, so it’s been a good result, though a bit of a bumpy ride. xo, Reba

    • Reba, dear one, I’m hoping you continue to feel rested and renewed as you spring into whatever’s next.

      Love and magic,

  5. Just before the Equinox, I was completely exhausted for some strange reason. I’m back to normal now, and I’ve just made a major change to my business. So things are definitely happening here 🙂

  6. Well this equinox has been a wild ride for me, and what has transpired for me this week has made it so important. Interesting before i was also ill — needed time out I can see now. I did have to step back for the true mission to flow. Really looking forward to seeing you new brand love Suziexxoo

    • Nanette, welcome! Hooray for energized. I’m loving this energy of spring — so much juicy creative inspiration. Isn’t that lovely?


  7. Thanks for inspiring focused movement in this fiery season, Sue!

    I especially like your invitation to step back from details…and assess the bigger picture. That’s feeling very needed this week, which has been an especially full one. Ahhh…for the weekend.

    • Dana, thanks for the reminder, because already I’m so in the details that I forgot that a bigger picture even exists. I needed that.


  8. Ah. I stepped back & added more play to my work schedule. Hubby & I spent a quiet Sat, no tv, no work and each read a book. (A rare action for him). Got unexpected calls from dear friends allowing for long phone visits.
    The balance is good.
    Thanks mamelah.

    • Roslyn, How nice. I did some reading this weekend too, and soaked in long baths. Yum.

      Bright blessings,

  9. Oh I am all about the cleaning house – literally and figuratively – right now. Some things need to be re-ordered in my professional life and on today’s agenda: cleaning out the bedside tables! Yep, I am feeling the Aries vibe!

    • Kimba. Bedside tables, go you! I turned my mattress and cleaned the duvet this week. I love this energy.

      Love and light,

    • Teresa, that’s beautiful — fresh flowers and fresh eyes! Thanks for sharing that image with me.


  10. We got a load of rain as well with plenty of flooding and even a few landslides. Personally, I’m focused on finishing things that have taken months to get to this point and it feels absolutely amazing! April is the month I’ll finally be able to start moving forward into new areas and I can hardly wait. 🙂

    • Mary, hi, and welcome.

      Well, that’s exciting. I can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up.

      Blessed be.

  11. Thank you for this! What you wrote makes so much sense. I have started a new project in my business and I feel that fiery passion in my veins. Thank you!


    • Zaria, welcome here, I’m glad to connect with you. I’m excited to see what you’re midwifing.

      Blessings and love,

  12. Thank you for the reminders in these three tips! I have already been and will continue taking action on these! I have bought a beautiful adult coloring book, Color Me Calm. Took it to a beautiful park with a lake to start my first page.

    • Kim, welcome! Isn’t it wonderful how sinking into creative expression can bring so much joy and ease?


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