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“Just a Moment…”

I’ve been meaning to write a post about balance and I’m feeling particularly out of balance right now so, because of my love for irony, it seems like the perfect time to write this.

One of the hardest things to maintain as a freelance copywriter (or human, for that matter) is balance. Work pours in and work dries up. Self discipline is at a peak and then hits a valley. Creativity ebbs and flows.

Our lives resemble an EKG chart more than a balance sheet. The best we can hope to do is to not get stuck in any one position for too long.

Balance is one of those elements in life, like money and time, that seem to run farther from our grasp the harder we chase it.

I think this is because we are not meant to chase these things. If we try we fail. And yet we keep trying.

One of the single most annoying phrases I’ve ever heard is “trying is lying.” It rattles around my brain like an unwanted pinball every time I say I’m “trying” to do anything. It has seeped into my consciousness, an unwelcome truth.

Words are my business. I am a writers. I am a wordsmith. So how can they turn on me so easily, become my enemies without even noticing they were there?

If balance cannot be found for me in words, perhaps it can through music.

I’ve been listening to Beethoven’s 9th symphony as I write this. I’m not a strong believer in coincidence.

I discovered the symphony as a young teen the first time I watched A Clockwork Orange (which has, by the way, made it all these years on my “Top Ten + Infinity Best Movies Evar” list).

I fell in love with the piece immediately, as everyone does. But years later my Dad and I went to see the Philadelphia Orchestra perform it live in its new Kimmel Center. Nothing can prepare you for this experience. Nothing.

I remember that night as clear as I can recall any night of my life. I don’t have good recall, for the record, to which many who know me will attest. I remember very clearly the nights my two children and one grandchild were born. I remember the night I saw that symphony with my Dad. I have a tough time remembering the details of what I did or said last night. Enough said.

Beethoven’s 9th is an attempt to make sense of and bring balance to a turbulent life that has been lived and is almost extinguished. It is the surrender, through regret transformed by joy, to the chaotic nature of human life.

It is the surrender to the moment. To this moment. Because in reality this is all we have. There is no yesterday or tomorrow. There is no was and will be. There is only now.

And in this moment now, as I listen to this beautiful symphony and try to put words together that will make at least some sense to you, in which I rediscover balance.

So join me now in this moment of infinite possibility. Reach out and hold my hand. Let us create a virtual bridge across the reality of humanity and share this magical and eternal moment together.

Sorrow and Poverty, come forth
And rejoice with the Joyful ones.
Anger and revenge be forgotten,
Our deadly enemy be forgiven,
Not one tear shall he shed anymore,
No feeling of remorse shall pain him.

—Friedrich Schiller “Ode to Joy


Jenny B is on a mission to teach people how to change their world with their words. She is proud owner and resident witch of Up Your Impact Factor. Devouring everything to do with entrepreneurship and/or chocolate, she is currently hosting the first annual S’mores Summer Camp for Solopreneurs. When was the last time you roasted marshmallows by the campfire?


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  1. I love this! Thank you Jenny for Beethoven’s 9th and the roller coaster
    of honesty of what balance is all about…and ongoing tight rope walking!

    •  @Lizbeth Thank you, Lizbeth! Both Beethoven and Schiller have been a huge inspiration in my life. So glad it resonates with you as well~!! <3

  2. “There is no try, only do.”–Yoda
    I hide behind trying way too much. There is only here, there is only now. Balance is in not trying, but in being who I am and who I was created to be.

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