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Business Priestess Circle Facebook Group
Welcome to the Business Priestess Circle Facebook group.

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Welcome Business Priestess! Welcome to the Business Priestess Circle.

We are a diverse group of women changemakers, healers, and business owners who are gathering to intentionally help each other to…

  • stand out in a crowded marketplace,
  • meaningfully connect with your ideal clients,
  • thrive in your business.

I’m so glad you’re joining us!

You may post directly to the wall at any time. Ask questions, share wisdom, make us laugh, request support.

Turn your notifications on in the group, and stop by whenever there’s a discussion that lights you up. Ask questions, teach us something.

On weekends, share your stuff! If you ask us, and make it easy by providing pre-written shares or share buttons on your posts, we will help you spread your word and get your transformational healing offers in front of more eyes.

Please make sure to download your free eBook — Share Your Magic on Social Media.

Want to deepen the connection? Add your Twitter handle in the comments below so I can follow you. And for Pinterest, please follow me there (Sue Kearney). I will follow you back and add you to our group board.

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I’m a barely tamed hippie, sage, seasoned, sarcastic (not all the time any more, but still). I’m a mom, a daughter, sister, a neighbor, and a friend. I’ve been on this meandering journey — like you, probably — seeking a better connection to and experience of peace, harmony, and fun in every bit of life. I’m single, quite good at it, and mostly love it. I’m here for the conversations I get to have with you, which these days center on exploring the mystery and beauty of life, work, health, aging, and creative expression. Want to know a little more about me and my journey? Explore the site. Read the blog. Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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