Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse: Connection in balance

Each Full Moon is a culmination moment

A pivot point — connection in balance

A time to look behind at the last few weeks, or months, and acknowledge what has come to pass, and then pivot and look ahead and declare what you are called to create, nurture, grow, and manifest now.
Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse: Connection in balance

Before we talk a little more about this beautiful Blood Moon, I have some exciting news to softly share with you!

Conscious CollaborationThe Conscious Collaboration Facebook group is now open!

Softly open, that is. We will be fully operational by Monday. But you may join any time you like! It’s free, and it’s going to be inspiring and nurturing. Click here or on the image to find us. And then just click the Join Group button.

The Conscious Collaboration Facebook group is a place where women with heart and soul intentionally help each other to expand our reach, connect with our ideal clients, and thrive in our businesses. We are a diverse group of women changemakers, healers, and business owners who are gathering to intentionally help each other…

  • …grow our reach
  • …connect with our ideal clients
  • …thrive in our businesses

Now, what about this Blood Moon? Start here….

“You are one thing only. You are a Divine Being. An all-powerful Creator. You are a Deity in jeans and a t-shirt, and within you dwells the infinite wisdom of the ages and the sacred creative force of All that is, will be and ever was.” ― Anthon St. Maarten

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Saturday, April 4th
14º24′ Libra
5:05 am Pacific
8:05 am Eastern

“The awakening moon”

When you take some time in ritual contemplation during this Full Moon window, welcome the energy of the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra. Inner. Outer. Balance. Connection.

Set some intentions about your connections in and for your business. The Libra Moon reminds you that your partnerships and relationships are always up for evaluation and re-evaluation. Are you getting fed? Are you able to stay in balance? What needs to be changed? What might need to be released? [Edited to fix the date typo; the Full Moon is Saturday, not Friday. This kind of thing happens to me when Mercury is direct! Guess I’m human.]

Plant your flag. Claim your sovereignty. Stand tall as a deity in jeans. Or in my case today, in yoga pants. Jeans just don’t cut it when I’m lifting at the gym.

Blessed be!

Let me know how this Moon is whispering to you. I’d love to hear what you are thinking and feeling in the comments.

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  1. Love this, Sue! What a beautiful sentiment to consider the pivotal time of the blood moon lunar eclipse. I love the idea of examining what needs to be changed and what needs to be released.

    • Deb, Thanks for your lovely comment. Wishing you lovely balance and crystal clarity.

      Oh, and it’s Saturday, not Friday; I just fixed this in the text. Typo, sorry.


    • Jacqueline, I love the lunar cycles. Every month we get to go inside and get in touch with our intentions (Dark Moon) and then look back at what came to pass and pivot and look forward again when she’s Full. Our own tides.

      Oh, and it’s Saturday, not Friday; I just fixed this in the text. Typo, sorry.


  2. I love “coincidence.” I was not aware of this special window but have just started in to some of my “take a good look” rituals. Thanks.

    • Andrea,

      I’m looking forward to seeing what unfolds for you.

      Oh, and it’s Saturday, not Friday; I just fixed this in the text. Typo, sorry.

      Blessed be,

    • Debra, yes. The Easter/Passover Full Moon is a juicy one. Enjoy.

      Oh, and it’s Saturday, not Friday; I just fixed this in the text. Typo, sorry.


  3. So today I’m sitting here, bone tired. I don’t feel energized but wait…whoa…I completely overhauled my website last night. I stayed up until 1:30AM and still couldn’t fall asleep. I was on cloud 99 for the uber productive and proud. For some reason, the energy of these kinds of moons hit me a few days early. Wonder if that has something to do with my own Sagittarian energy that is typically full steam ahead!

    • Peggy, I think it’s in the air. I dove into working on my Facebook group late the other night and was up and energized for hours.

      Full steam ahead!


  4. Congratulations on your new group Sue! I have 3 major launches coming up this month so I’d have to agree changes are in the works and considering how long I’ve worked on a couple of these I am MORE than ready to move forward. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Marquita, thanks. Three? Wow. That’s big. I will be delighted to see what you’re bringing to the world.


    • Linda, I totally relate and also embrace that. Thanks for the reminder! It’s been a whirlwind with this double launch. You helped me land right back in my body.

      Love and magic,

  5. I love your graphic with the blood moon in it. I woke in the night & was called outside, and there it was, the eclipse just reaching its fullness. I lay on my back outside and watched for an hour. I was staying in the wilderness, in the first days of the Rewilding Challenge and the blood moon called me into powerful connection with the deep mysteries of life. It wasn’t just whispering, it was a full-throated call. Thank you for your beautiful blog Sue, & the invitation to share.

    • Juliet, what a lovely story, and I’m so grateful that you’ve now told me about the Rewilding Challenge; that’s an amazing thing; makes me want to get outside now!

      I just wrote a post about this weekend’s Aries New Moon. Have a look:

      Blessed be,

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