Branding Simplified

Your brand is about more than your website.

Let’s look at your brand in a 1:1 video call. Ask me anything.

Branding is simple. Really...

Despite what some high-end branding coaches and designers may say.

A brand that works is always beckoning your curious visitor to go deeper.

Learn simple ways that make it easy and compelling for your visitor to become a subscriber, a fan, and a paying client.

45 minutes. $97

design branding simplified

Weave a web of connection and engagement.

  • branding simplified

    Social media

    Relax! You absolutely don’t have to be everywhere. Where do the clients who need what you’ve got hang out? Find out, and go talk to them there. Give more than you take. Consistently. Lovingly. Generously.

  • branding simplified

    Offers and pricing

    From your free opt-ins (that grow your tribe and your referral base) to your highest-end offers for existing clients — a spiral of offers with a variety of entry points and logical and integrated ways to go deeper.

  • branding simplified

    Compelling content

    Public-facing pages serve you best if they're short, potent, and compelling. You don't get very long to make your visitor want to go deeper with you. Prioritize the actions that make it more likely they'll stick long enough to click.

  • branding simplified

    Create engagement

    Recipe: Combine your authentic voice and your best stuff, sprinkle with love and share. Respond to your responders. Model the engagement you'd like to get. Invite responders to go deeper.

  • branding simplified

    Your website

    You get an average of 2.4 seconds when a new visitor lands on your home page. Craft pages that convert that two-second looker to a subscriber, a fan, and a paying customer.

Allison Pettingill, a client who’s building an actual castle, says:
Sue's helped me define my voice and take a deeper look at how I communicate with my audience. I value her willingness to let me do my work and answer my questions.
Sue treats your vision, your work with care and respect. I truly appreciate her patiently showing me how to do something so that I can tackle bigger and bigger issues on my own.

Join me in a Branding Simplified call.

Branding Simplified is just that — a simple way to make your beautiful marketing words, offers, and visuals do what you created them for: calling in the people you’re here to serve.

45 minutes. $97

design branding simplified

What’s on your mind?

Working on messaging for your website?

Want your brand and offers to stand out in a crowded marketplace?

Your brilliant copy not converting your visitors into clients?

I can help.


Nina Lockwood, artist and coach, says:

I've benefited directly from Sue’s extensive experience in the worlds of branding, web design and graphic design.  She’s committed to ensuring that your uniqueness, authenticity and passion come through in how you share your work in the world. That’s what she's been doing for me.

I’m not a Luddite but I can be a slow learner when it comes to technology and knowing how to highlight what’s important. Sue’s helped me enormously, with patience and skill, in mastering the process of getting yourself known, liked and trusted in the land of the worldwide web.

I love Sue’s generous, down-to-earth, insightful, humorous and irreverent approach! She’s a one-of-a-kind, dedicated, heartfelt, multi-talented artist committed to making You (in my case, me) look great!

Come. Grab your tea, get comfy. Let’s talk about your brand.

Branding’s simpler than you’d think. I’ll show you.

branding simplifiedI’m a forever graphic designer. Seriously. I’m old. I’ve learned so much and have wisdom to spare (and share!)

In the way-before times, I worked with corporations and organizations.

Now? Now I work with world-changing, transformation-inducing, and bravehearted leaders and healers, people like you.

Let me help you show the world what you’re up to. Learn simple easy-to-implement concepts that’ll help you call in paying clients who’d love what you’ve got. And then tell their friends.

The labor required to grow your business becomes more like fun when you know who you’re talking to and where to find them.

Come sit with me a while. Ask me anything; I’ll share what I know. I’m intuitive and experienced. As my mom used to say, “What could be bad?”.

It’s so simple. Come. Sit. I’ll brew a cup and open the bag.

Book a Branding Simplified call today.

We’ll meet on Zoom, we’ll talk.

45 minutes. $97

design branding simplified

Sharon Rosen, a spiritual guide for awakening into clarity and confidence, says:
Sue helped me edit the copy for a sales page recently and the difference between where I started and where we ended is incredible.

She’s got a keen eye for what’s essential and how powerfully key points can be made with less words. Our copy editing session was fun, fast, and highly effective — my copy now feels clear and crisp yet warm and inviting. It’s my voice, but so much better than what I came to on my own.

I can’t recommend Sue highly enough for helping you get your marketing copy into its best flow and format.

A Branding Simplified call’s for you if:

  • You’d like to know you can trust your brand to do its job, and trust yourself as you go.
  • You’re ready for some easy-to-implement ideas (simplified, remember?) that’ll make it more likely your new visitors take you up on your invitation to engage and go deeper.
  • You’d love to learn how to create content you can use and repurpose  — in different forms and to different lengths. When you see how you can do this you can really simplify your life and the effort you expend.
  • You know it’s time to learn how to master your tech — saving time and resources. I’m a black-belt in finding solutions and I love to share what I know.

A Branding Simplified call’s not for you if:

I can’t think of a single reason why anyone wouldn’t want to spend an hour with a wisewoman with no agenda but you on your brand journey.

A Branding Simplified call can show you how your business communications can be more effective. How cool is that?

For $97. Say it with me: “What could be bad?” 🙃


What happens in a Branding Simplified call?

Every call is the same and also completely unique. Because you are. You and your beautiful business.

What’s on your mind? Are you:

  • Dreaming up a new venture?
  • Wanting to improve customer experience and conversions (accepting your gifts, signing up for your newsletter, buying what you’re offering)?
  • Feeling overwhelmed managing your content and eager to simplify and learn the keys to effective repurposing?
  • Explore options (and there are so many!): a new website, new content creation, new offers and pricing?

I might offer to work with you further. At some point in the call, if it’s a fit, if I feel I can help you by going further with you, I’ll offer to do so, we’ll discuss, and we’ll start a deeper collaboration. Or not.

Can you help me with my website?

Sure can. How’d you like to do this?

  • You want it off your desk and out of your head? Hire me to build it.
  • You want to build it yourself and learn as you go? Hire me to teach you.
  • You want it built for you but you want to manage it afterwards? Hire me to build it and coach you for a while afterwards.

Every collaboration is a version of one of these scenarios — let’s make it up to suit you to a tee. You’re unique. One size most definitely doesn’t fit all. Not well anyway.

One way we can go deeper is with a season of support with Design & Branding. Or we can fold that in to a web and brand build project of one sort or another.

Investing resources in brand clarity before you commit those resources to website platforms, designers, and developers will pay off in the long run. 

design branding simplified