Priestess? Business Priestess? Really?

I’m having lots of conversations about being a Business Priestess.

It’s a month now since I launched the new Magnolias West brand and website, and I’ve been getting some really interesting responses, questions,and looks when I talk about being a Business Priestess and about what I do for my clients when they hire me to work with them in the Priestess Your Brand, Priestess Your Website, and Priestess Your Life programs.
Business Priestess

I’m just back from synagogue and deeply immersed in and impressed by the depth of my spiritual journey. We call this time — Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur — the Days of Awe, and I am awed. So I’m keeping this message short (I hope) and sweet (for sure) today, and wishing you a blessed, juicy, surprising, sustaining, and wonderful year.

Back to the Business Priestess thought for a minute.

Here are just a few of the things I have learned in my Business Priestess journey, and what I am called to teach in my work with others.

  • I know how hard it is to be in business for yourself, especially when you’ve worked as an employee before, ever. It’s hard to be your own boss, to manage your commitments, your energy, and your business. It’s hard to maintain balance. I have coached a lot of women during the transition from working for a bureaucracy of some sort into solopreneurship, and this has come up in a ton of conversations — it’s hard to even know what to do, when, and for how long, and it takes a shit-ton of practice to rock your Business Priestess work life.
  • When you are walking your talk in your business, living your highest values, and manifesting integrity, you are a Business Priestess. When you’re in business for yourself, sister, you have so much on the line. Not only must you work hard to be your best self in every interaction (emails, phone calls, social networking), you probably catch yourself when you’re out running errands and remind yourself that you’d better not express irritation to that woman who cut you off in the checkout line because she might be your next client!
  • I have a deep inner journey, and my clients do too, and a Business Priestess keeps connected to that inner journey even after she’s left her altar and jumped into Facebook (or email, or…). When you start your work day carrying the tone, substance, and sweetness of your meditation practice, your prayers, and your affirmations in your mind and heart, you are standing regal and sovereign in your business. Connected to your passion and wisdom, taking all the actions you need to take, and taking exquisite care of yourself.

These are some of the ways I’ve been explaining the big, profound, and maybe risky decision I made to frame my business and my work as the doings of a Business Priestess. And you know what? Any risk I’m taking is an important one, because the women who need to work with me are all women who will hear Business Priestess in a resonant way. I honor and celebrate those who don’t or can’t stick around, and for you who do, it’s fun to ride these changes with you and an honor to be of service to you.

Do not seek perfection in a changing world. Instead perfect your love. — Jack Kornfeld

I’d love to know how the Business Priestess concept lands for you. Let’s talk in the comments.

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  1. Sometimes I get hung up on words. Some of my hangups: priestess, goddess, juicy. These words simply don’t resonate with me. They may for your tribe or for women who identify with these words to describe who they are. I’m more like the blunt edge of a broad sword.

    What I love is that these words you’ve chosen are YOU. They are your brand and they call out to the women you are meant to help shine. And that is priceless!!


    • Peggy, thanks so much. You nailed it. And I’m humbled and honored that you’re still here even though the words that describe my brand don’t resonate with you. I’m honored.

  2. Sue I love what you are doing and you have now explained it so clearly I get it No 2 and 3 stands out for me. 1 I left behind so long ago i can’t imagine being an employee, although there are times when I think it would be easier. Yesterday my Heart whispers gave me a BIG reminder that I had strayed from my path yet again and I wasn’t in the flow. That made me relook and really connect to my passion and my wisdom . Yesterday in tears, today full of love. passion and vigor as i let go of who I thought i should be.. Some rebranding to revise and then powering forward. Wow look what you past brought forth- thank you xx Big Hugs

    • In #1, Suzie, I was trying to describe the transition from employee to solopreneur. My clients have struggled with being self-directed and self-motivated. It’s a hard change for some. Not me, though. Nor you, I think. We were ready to be in charge of our own businesses from the jump. (Shit, I was a lousy employee, TBH. I hated being told when to eat and for how long!)

      Thanks for sharing your journey. I feel like it’s challenging to let go of the tweaking and move on to the being of service and making a living part. I am done with tweaking my big-picture brand for now (although there’s a part of me that could go on, and on, and on…) and now my lens is focused on tweaking my offers and getting them in front of the eyes of those I can help Priestess their Businesses and their Lives. xoxox

      • Yes for sure Sue on being an employee, was lucky in my teaching college role fairly felxible and the past few years I was the boss 🙂 There will be no more tweaking after this I have just written about it . xxx

        • Or no more tweaking for now, anyway. Seems to me it’s an endless job, which makes me appreciate so much the moments of calm. I went to my WordPress support group yesterday, and found — for the first time in six months or more — no burning things to fix for my website! I am basking in the moment.

  3. I love your definition of Business Priestess: “Connected to your passion and wisdom, taking all the actions you need to take, and taking exquisite care of yourself.” There it is! Shana Tova veMetukah!

    • Reba, thank you and Shana Tovah to you. There it is is right. Simple really, and I see Business Priestesses in action everywhere. Standing sovereign in your decisions, commitment of being of massive service (as my friend Felina Danalis puts it), and walking in conscious connection to the Divine — that’s Priestess business right there!

  4. It’s interesting how different words shape reality. When I read “priestess” I have visions of a woman with her hands in the air muttering some kind of incantation under the moonlight. It conjures (play intended) thoughts of magic, myth, and otherness, but also power. It a complex image that connects to the feminine archetypes of maiden, mother, and crone. And of course, it also brings up religion and faith – which many people struggle with. Because it has all that wrapped up in a word, it makes sense to me that people would either LOVE or HATE it. I can see that. I don’t really resonate with it myself (though I don’t hate it! LOL).

    Ironically, I tend to resonate more with the word “witch,” which tends to have more negative connotations, though I would also take “wise woman,” though it’s out of fashion. 🙂

    • Alexis, welcome here, and I am glad you stopped by. Also I’m grateful for your comment, and your ease with saying how “Business Priestess” lands for you.

      I made a conscious decision, as a Jew-witch, as an ordained Priestess in a women’s earth-based tradition, as a barely tamed hippie, and as every other part of my complicated, wise, curious self, to come out of the (broom closet) and use the Priestess as the central image. Wise woman: check. Witch: check. Priestess: check.

      Looking forward to deepening this connection. Blessed be.

  5. I wasn’t too sure by what you meant by the term at first, but I love how you define it here: “When you are walking your talk in your business, living your highest values, and manifesting integrity, you are a Business Priestess.” That is something to aspire to for sure.

    • Julia, Good, it landed. What I’m doing with my own work and the work I do for my clients is to take the same high intention I bring to my altar and my spiritual practice into my business, all of it, from the mundane to the most magical. Blessed be.

  6. When I first made the move from employee to business person, I still had the discipline of going to work everyday and worked out office hours etc. The real challenge came when I experienced the ups and downs of running a business. That’s when 2 and 3 become important and the ability to take each day as it comes while focusing on the goal of the business and the Big Why of having set out on the journey, Magnolia. I’ve got it back together now and the mindset is very different from what it was when I left the corporate world.

    • Vatsala, nice. I’m glad you’ve gotten to this place; I’ve seen over and over just how challenging a transition this can be.

      I love that you called me Magnolia (my name is Sue). Makes me think about changing my name; I like it!

      • Ah yes, this is the peril of writing a compelling post that blends your identity with your brand. I realized it after I hit the reply button. Actually Magnolia is a nice name. Maybe you should add it as a tag line to your name?

        • It is a nice name. That idea actually lingered with me after I read your first comment. Magnolias in Chinese medicine help decrease anxiety and increase peace of mind. So there’s that, as well.

  7. This is the first time I’ve seen your new website and branding…. Kudos to you!
    You have nailed your message and done a great job of letting your audience know the real you.
    The journey you have and the journey you offer can make you a priestess, a gurvi, or anything that resonates with your true self and those you work with.
    Great messaging.

    • Thanks so much, Betty. And thanks for teaching me a new word — gurvi. I love it. A venerable mother. Makes me stand taller when I think about it. I’m so grateful.

  8. What Peggy said. 🙂 Seriously, I must confess I struggle a bit to relate to the spiritual approach, what a friend of mine refers to as the “woo-woo stuff.” Well, he uses a different word than stuff, but I’m sure you get my point. But I do sincerely appreciate and respect the validity of this approach to communicating and living. Regardless of the words you use, I am always inspired by your heart, courage, and humor.

    • Marquita, I love this conversation. For me it’s all a spectrum. Much of what I get from your writing fits right in with my spiritual journey and is thereby resonant for me. As your reader, I am taking in your teachings through the same spiritual lens and heart that are guiding me on my own Priestess path. And! I know that some words push the edges of our comfort zones. I read a very wise piece yesterday that was written in terms of being a “good Christian.” I got an immediate feeling that the wisdom therein was not for me. Makes me respect every reader I have who’s uncomfortable with the changes here at Magnolias West.

      I know I’m narrowing my audience with this Priestess framing. I know that the women who need me will stick around, and I know that others won’t. Risky business, this planting a flag in my niche. Risky and right.

  9. Words — language triggers images, thoughts, already conceived ideas. But you Sue Magnolia seem to override it all. As I am not yet on a spiritual path as most of the commenters are, I read your blog & others as introductions to a world I’ve not entered. And I’m fascinated by the paths you have taken. I think your clients — the right ones will have an extraordinary experience working with you. You are the real deal — you walk the talk and will fill a coaching role that many don’t yet know will be right for them.

    • Thanks so much, Roslyn. From my vantage point, this chapter of your life — being in business with family, learning how to market from the heart — much of what you do and how you share it in the world is an act not just of commerce, not just something strategic and well thought out, but something that clearly comes from your heart and a sense of calling (how it comes across to me) — in short, a spiritual act. I’m just saying.

      Blessed be.

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