Is your business separate from you? (and notes on Friday’s Full Moon)

Has your business become “that thing, over there…”?

heartkeyboardRemember how you started? Remember how you felt called, even driven, to be of service?

That passion, your heart’s mission and soul’s purpose, got you going. That motivating conviction—that deep knowing—that you have a gift to share, a healing to offer, wisdom and experience to teach. And you decided to do it, to create and launch your business.

Taking that big audacious leap into the unknown, that’s huge! Regal. Powerful. Big-girl panties time, for sure.

And then what happened?

There you are with “A Business.” Gulp. And now your path is not only about your mission and purpose, now your path is full of things you must do.

  • You must name your business
  • You must create its brand and logo
  • If an online business, you must create its website, marketing copy, offers, programs, social media marketing strategy and channels, and all the backend technology to make it possible for you to function and serve your tribe
  • If you are actually selling things (your art, your craft, or some other retail goods) you have to decide: online or brick and mortar? where? how? inventory? fulfillment?
  • You must get licenses and permits
  • You must get your support systems in place: bookkeeping, accounting, mentorship
  • You must manage your support team, or manage your manager
  • And I’ve just scratched the never-ending surface here, haven’t I?

And somehow, along the way, your business can begin to morph into “that thing over there,” that thing that keeps you so busy with tasks, and worries. It can become harder and harder to stay connected to your business as a powerful manifestation of your passion, purpose and gifts—that very thing that you knew you were meant to do when you started. You may even begin to find that you’re forgetting that mission that drove you to start this in the first place.

What support systems do you have in place that help you both manage your business and remember that its sacred purpose is to be the vehicle that allows you to express your passion and purpose and be of service?

Luckily for us passionate women in business, there are so many ways we can support ourselves. My top three these days:

  • My mastermind group, my posse of four other women businessowners and coaches who hold each other lovingly accountable to our highest good
  • My business coach, who loves me while she’s holding my feet to the fire
  • Prayer, meditation, divination—I know that my business is bigger than me, and I have a vast toolbag that I use to help keep me grounded and on my path. My inspiration altar, my tarot and oracle decks, and my work with astrology.

All of these, in daily and regular rotation, keep me pointed in the direction I am meant to be headed.

What support systems do you have in place? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Do you know your business has its own astrology, just as you do?

astroicon-450It’s just a wee bit early (maybe a week) to be telling you this now, but yes, your business has its own astrology and I’m too excited to wait any longer to talk about this! Based on the date, time and place you choose (was it your launch date? the day you had the first glimmer of your audacious idea? the day you registered your url?…), I will create a business chart and a natal chart for you, and together we can look at what the planets have to say about you and your beautiful business. What’s auspicious? What’s challenging? What surprising aha’s will you see?

If you look at the Business Astrology page now, you will see that it’s still under construction. It should be up by the end of next week, with lovely discounted pricing until the Winter Solstice. I will update here as soon as it launches, and of course, send lots of invitations.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries

Friday, 10/18/13
in California
25º45′ Pisces
4:38 pm Pacific
7:38 pm Eastern
11:38 pm GMT

Some traditional names for October’s Full Moon are:

  • Harvest Moon
  • Kindly Moon
  • Blood Moon
  • Hunter’s Moon
  • Nut Moon
  • Blackberry Moon
  • Moon when the beading and quilting is done

We’re coming up on a season full of powerful spiritual invitation

Let’s see:

  • It’s Eclipse season. We have Friday’s Lunar Eclipse—Aries Moon opposite the Libra Sun, to be followed by a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on November 3rd. We get this “hold on, things are moving faster now” Eclipse energy twice a year, and much of what you’ve been working on for the past six months may come to fruition or turn a significant corner. This first Eclipse might bring out your more self-centered traits, and compel you take action, perhaps upsetting knocking Libra’s fairness and balance to the side in the last few days the Sun will be in that sign.
  • Samhain is coming. Day of the Dead. The time when the veil between the worlds is thinnest. The time when your connection to your beloved dead may feel very strong. I know for me, I heard my mother yesterday. I heard her voice. Yup, Samhain is coming. How do you honor your ancestors?
  • Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio on Monday, the day before the Sun enters Scorpio. Breathe, and breathe again. This is good. My take on this retrograde is that it’s going to be illuminating, and amazing. The Shadow period was already really challenging for me, and I’m expecting improvement in all things Mercury during the retrograde period (ends November 10th). Still, precious, get your agreements done and your contracts signed before Monday if you can. Couldn’t hurt!

Fasten your seat belts, love. If you’re challenged by change, this next few weeks is going to present plenty of learning opportunities. Even if you love change, you will be presented with plenty of AFGOs (Another Fucking Growth Opportunity). It’s a powerful and potent season that’s upon us now.

How are you breathing through the powerful time? Talk to me! Leave a comment. We’re in this together.


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  1. Wow, this really speaks to me right now.  My buisness started out so inspired and I’m 4 months down the road so burnt out.  It’s not time to quit . . . just time to step back, breathe, and reconnect.  I have been doing this for the past couple of days and your words just bring it home.  Thank you!!

    • Ahh, Cynthia, keep breathing. In this now moment and the next. I can feel the tenderness in your words. What are you doing today to reconnect?

      Love to you!

  2. Hi Sue,

    I’d forgotten you were creating an Astrology for Your Business offering!  I’m so excited for you – congratulations on your iminent launch.  I’m really looking forward to hearing/seeing more.

    Thank you for your info about Mercury Retrograde.  I heaved a sigh of relief with your talk about signing contracts.  I signed a really important one for my business today because I wanted to get it back to them as soon as possible.  Extra glad I didn’t leave it till Monday now. 

    I LOVE your AFGO acronym!  Need to file it away for future reference 😉  In terms of how I’m breathing through this powerful time?  That’s exactly what I’m doing – breathing deep; so deep I think my lungs will explode and re-affirming that I want this, I’m ready for this and asking for signs to show me what the very next step is.  It’s working – so far 😉

    With love


    • Shân, Thanks! The offer is coming together, just one more form to create! I hope to get that done and go live by Monday. Yes Mercury will be retrograde, but as I’ve said, it will be awesome and auspicious! So mote it be!

      May you keep breathing love and peace and gentleness into your beautiful heart.

      Love you!

  3. It’s been a turbulent time for me too, and having this information puts so much of it into a context.  I’m always inspired by the stars. Thanks for sharing this Sue. Looks like a great service.



    • Deb, thanks for the loving input. It’s always a little bit scary to launch something new, and your words are just what I need to help me keep putting one foot in front of another.


    • Julie, thanks so much! Yes, those AFGO’s just keep coming, don’t they? Magnified by the Mercury retrograde, I think!

      Keep shining, and keep breathing!


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