What you can learn about the New Moon

I’m off on a holiday retreat, a sacred month-long journey, and a writing break.

Propelled and inspired by the energy of the Cardinal Grand Cross and eclipse season, I am taking the crazy audacious step of an entire month away from work. I know I will be coming back spiritually recharged and ready for inspired action. Are you interested in getting help with your business, with defining and manifesting your passion, mission and purpose in everything you do? Are you feeling called to find out more about Astrology for Your Business? Send me an email, or fill out the form on the Share Your Magic page here on the website, and I will get back to you the last week in May.

By the magic of technology, I get to schedule these guest posts for you, one each week that I’m gone. Enjoy!

This is a guest post, by the amazing Sibylle Leon. She lives in Ireland, and I am always inspired by her heart and passion. (I’ve left her spelling and punctuation untouched.)


The pull of the New Moon

Water and clouds at the New MoonIn recent years, more and more people are becoming aware of the influence the moon has on us. Women, in particular, are waking up to its gentle pull. It’s no wonder: The moon is so powerful, it creates the tides of the earth’s oceans, and considering we mostly consist of water, its influence is undeniable. It is said that women who sleep exposed to the moonlight, will experience an adjustment of the menstruation cycle, with the bleeding happening on or around the New Moon and ovulation around the Full Moon.

As a long-time practising pagan, being aware of the moon phases and aligning myself with their energy has become second nature to me. My personal pagan path has its rituals and celebrations, but most of all it is an attitude towards all life, an awareness of us humans’ unity with everything there is, and of the energy connecting us all. It’s something I live every day, and its influence can be felt in all areas of my life, including my work as a Coach.

What does it mean to live with the cycles of the moon?

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Monday 4/28/14
8º52′ Taurus
11:14 pm Pacific
2:14 am Eastern on 4/29

It means to align what we are doing, to the energy of each of the moon’s phases. Many pagans, including Wiccans, celebrate three moon esbats: the Waxing, Full, and Waning Moon. Few, however, give any special attention to the New Moon, and I think that’s a shame. There is so much we can learn from the New Moon, especially in our typically hectic and busy everyday lives.

Apparently, people find it easier to relate to the gain and growth of the Waxing Moon, the joy and abundance of the Full Moon, and the cleansing and letting go of the Waning Moon. But once every month, there are a few days where the busy ebbing and flowing of energy comes to a seeming standstill, a pause to catch one’s breath. It’s not something many of us learn when we grow up: Being still, BEing instead of DOing for once. Many people today have trouble becoming still; they feel as if something is wrong if they’re not constantly in motion.

When we look at nature, we realise that there are regular periods of standstill as part of nature’s cycles: there is stagnation in winter before new growth begins, and the stillness of death before new life. It’s good and right that way, part of the whole. Just like the rest of nature, we aren’t meant to be constantly active either. We need breaks so we don’t lose ourselves. We become stronger for standing still and recharge our batteries. The New Moon is a perfect time for practising self-care and remembering what’s really important to us. Leave the planning, and the planting of new seeds, ideas, and projects to the Waning Moon; for now, it’s time to BE.

Self-care can take on so many forms. Some of us like to treat ourselves with massages or facials and that’s wonderful, but honestly, self-care needn’t cost you money. A scented bath in candlelight can be just as nourishing, or an hour away from your loved ones, in your own private corner with a good book and a glass of red wine. A walk in nature can completely replenish your soul, listening to the wind and the trees and breathing in the fresh air. At times, you may simply sit and meditate. Just ask your Self what it needs most at this moment, and then do whatever you come up with. This is your time.

The moon’s face is veiled — note that it’s not gone, just hidden from sight. The night is darkest during the New Moon phase, but it’s also the time when even the faintest of stars become visible in the sky. In the same way, insights of the soul become apparent and accessible to us, if we only pay attention. New Moon meditations have led to some of the deepest and most profound insights of my life. It’s worth being still enough to hear your soul’s prompts.

No, you aren’t “wasting” time here. You are doing valuable maintenance work. It’s what enables you to be fully present when the sickle moon returns and all energy is set to moving outward, into creation, gain, and growth once again.

How do you feel the pull of the New Moon? I invite you to leave a comment and let me know. Blessed be!



Sibylle is a trained and experienced Life and Business Coach. Based in Ireland, Sibylle helps clients all over the world to create joy and abundance in all areas of their lives. You can find Sibylle at her Coaching website or on her personal website.

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  1. Sybille, I love your article. Interesting that the new moon is a solar eclipse, masking the masculine energy of the sun. I am on a very profound journey caused by a stroke I had in June 2011. I am moving from a very masculine ego-based mindset to a more heart-centered feminine ethos, and then to unity of both. It has been the biggest challenge moving through this transition, but I am making it. 🙂 And with my birthday being a few weeks ago and the resurrection being a week ago, the shift has been explosive lately. This new moon will be the time of meditation and silence for me as I contemplate all that has happened recently and to prepare me for the forthcoming movement into my new life post-stroke. 🙂 Thank you again for your article

    • Hi Erica, I love the transition you are making – it sounds like an amazing journey! I hope you get much quiet time in during the New Moon (and yes, the eclipse this cycle does strengthen the effect), and that your new life turns out as wonderful as it sounds. Oh, and a belated happy birthday!

  2. Hi Sibylle, Practising self care is a big one for me – and learning how to stop and be still long enough to recharge and reconnect with my ‘beingness’ (even though I’m an introvert and crave quiet time, I still find myself with my engine still running, even though I’m supposed to be ‘resting’). 

    I recently found an important piece of self care, and one that I wouldn’t have thought was a priority – putting moisturiser on my body after a bath. Such a simple thing, yet often I’m ‘too busy’ to do that (leaving my skin parched and dry) … and yet by doing that little thing I’m whispering those unspoken words … you are valuable. 🙂

    • Ann, that’s a beautiful observation about the body lotion. I’ve often found that it’s the little things we do that matter most – they do when it comes to other people (as in, small loving gestures instead of one huge present once a year), and it goes for ourselves too.

      When I have trouble switching off into BEing, I often meditate *on* something, for example I gaze at a candle flame and view all occuring thoughts as mildly interesting outside things instead of distractions. Maybe that could help you too?

      Thanks for reading, and many blessings!

  3. Hi Sibylle, 

    I see you’re a fellow Cailin 🙂 

    Loved your post, I’m only recently becoming more interested in the moon cycles and hence love Sue’s blog.. love that you tie in self care with the new moon.. I’ll  be sure to up the ante on self loving during this time and  just be..and to listen to my soul’s messages with new moon meditations.. many thanks, many blessings, Caroline <3

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