I've almost given up on creating my legal cannabis healing products biz three times now!
It’s not easy to navigate the regulations and licensing, is it?
Sometimes I just wanna walk away; it’s too hard!

And then I remembered the magic of collaboration.

Which made me so happy! We can help each other.
Join me for an upcoming CannaHealers California call.

sue kearney cannahealerHi, I’m Sue Kearney, a longtime maker, writer, artist, and coach. I’ve been helping people with the healing and beauty products I’ve crafted for decades. Handmade. Small batch. Mindfully sourced. Yummy. Magical. My cannabis topicals are powerful, transformative, and effective. I’m sure yours are too.

I’m answering the call and bringing my products to the legal cannabis market. You probably are doing the same, or considering it.

Lots to learn and process. Changes to make. Regulations to decipher. Daunting investment. Some of the eye-opening things that come up include:

  • Morphing from a kitchen witch to a scientist. That’s a big change to make. If you’re like me, you’ve made healing and beauty magic with whatever you had on hand, and trusted your gut to guide you. Now? Now it’s time to bring out your inner scientist and create reliable standardized formulations that are scalable, replicable, and testable.
  • Figuring out California’s licensing regulations. I think that’s the biggest reason I’m reaching out. I’m seriously better at some things than others, and I’ve had a headache for months deciding which options are the best for me.
  • Finding the right collaborators and creating the right team. And that, lovelies, is what we can explore together!

CannaHealers call

What if this could be easier? I know the magic of group energy — jump into this conversation with me and let’s see what magic we might stir up together.

I promise you; I don’t have all the answers. I’m learning as I go. Let’s learn together and inspire each other.

Join me for one or both of the upcoming CannaHealers calls. Bring your questions. You’ll get a chance to share what excites you and what frustrates you in a supportive community. There’s magic in shining a light on your burdens.

Sign up for one of the upcoming calls. When you click through, choose the date and time that’s best for you. Friday, December 7th at 11 a.m. Pacific or Thursday December 20th at 1 p.m. Pacific.

We’ll meet for 90 minutes and shine a light on what may feel daunting and confusing. Let’s bask in the beautiful energy that’s building as we approach Solstice, and call in the light and clarity you need to bring your products to the people who need them.

I’m asking $18 to attend each call. (Eighteen means “life” in Hebrew. Thanks for honoring my labor. If $18 is a stretch, please let me know. I have a few 50% discount codes.) When you click through and choose your date, you’ll see an option to attend both calls for an additional $7.

I look forward to a lighthearted and enlightening conversation, and to meeting others on this path. Sign up here.

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A little about me

I’m Sue Kearney

I’m Sue Kearney, seasoned and sage, holding a lantern at the crossroads for people in the third third of life. In my work as a coach, facilitator, and mentor, I look with you at what’s going on, what looks like it’s stopping you, and walk with you as you explore what’s possible, what’s open to shifting. I also collaborate with healers, visionaries, and changemakers to create integrated resonant brands, logos, marketing copy, and websites. I'm an artist and a maker of healing and beauty remedies. (Want to know more about me? Here you go.)