New Moon

What moves you to creative action? The New Moon in Leo

August 4, 2013

Feel that creative sunshine stirring inside you? The Sun and Moon line up at 14º35′ Leo on Tuesday August 6th, 2:51pm PDT / 5:51pm EDT / […]

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Creativity, leadership, spontaneity — celebrate Monday’s New Moon in Cancer

July 6, 2013

New Moon 16º18′ Cancer Monday July 8th 12:14am PDT / 3:15am EDT /  7:15amGMT Since the Moon rules Cancer, this New Moon is especially potent. […]

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New Moon in Gemini, a watery grand trine…do you swim or sink?

June 6, 2013

Are you starting to feel the New Moon in Gemini energy? The Sun and Moon line up on Saturday, June 8, 8:56 a.m. Pacific at […]

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Surrender to win

May 8, 2013

My t’ai chi teacher drilled Surrender To Win into me for years And I’m still learning what surrender means, more being revealed, as it always […]

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What will be your legacy?

April 7, 2013

How will you be remembered, precious? My legacy came up and smacked me in the face last week. I don’t spend a lot of time […]

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Responsibility » How do you respond to this now moment? And the next?

March 7, 2013

The deeper meaning of responsibility All these years, I’ve thought that responsible means accountable, trustworthy, reliable. It does, I know, mean all of those things. […]

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How to align your resolutions with your heart, so you get the results you crave…

January 9, 2013

Happy new year, gorgeous. If you’ve been a reader or subscriber for a while, you may remember my annual rant about resolutions. They start off […]

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Don’t just do something, sit there.

October 12, 2012

Yes, you probably read the headline of this blog the way you’re used to reading and hearing that phrase. So, gorgeous, I’ll say it again: […]

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