healing journey

The healing journey, accepting what is, asking for help

June 18, 2014

Learning to heal, a deep dive into a healing journey I have watched myself on this healing journey. I watched myself resist what was happening. […]

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Sacred journeys

June 4, 2014

And unexpected turns You know I meant to get back to work — back to you — after my road trip with so much to […]

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Gratitude, especially when I feel like crap!

July 28, 2013

I’m so grateful for you tonight! I’m grateful for each of you. When I’m spending most of my time indoors, when my health has me […]

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Gratitude at the end of a beautiful weekend

April 1, 2013

Getting used to happiness Peeling away the layers of stuckness and allowing happiness and joy in. And out. Last Wednesday, my friend and member of […]

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Gratitude as the Equinox approaches

March 18, 2013

Seatbelts fastened? The Sun moves into Aries on Wednesday Wednesday is the Equinox, 4am hereabouts (SF Bay Area). The beginning of the astrological year. This […]

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I am grateful today…

January 5, 2013

…so I thought I’d write down why. I am grateful for the ongoing decluttering project. Today I worked in my bedroom again (circling around to […]

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How to stay connected to love and service, even when s**t gets real

November 10, 2012

It is so much easier, I am here to tell you, to be loving, to be of service to your tribe and your clients and […]

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Gratitude challenge week 44

November 4, 2012

“When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” —Lao Tzu Short and sweet today, but oh so sweet! I got […]

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Gratitude challenge week 42

October 19, 2012

“On the first day of spring, I was raking the gravel off the grass. It was hard, and I was starting to complain to myself,” […]

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