Do you see obstacles to your happiness? Who put them there?

May 3, 2016

What obstacles do you put between yourself and your happiness? Some wise lessons take a lot of repeating to sink in, and a lot of […]

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Sometimes Mercury retrograde can be merciless

January 12, 2016

Mercury retrograde (Merc Rx) is a big pain in my ass today Don’t get me wrong; I rarely complain about a Mercury retrograde. In fact […]

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Farewell 2015, an obituary

January 5, 2016

I’m writing an obituary to 2015 today. Farewell 2015. I’m inspired by Melanie Bates’s article, and especially by this line describing the crap year she […]

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The gifts in the silence

December 15, 2015

I’m in the silence today. I have laryngitis. It’s only been two days, but when you aren’t speaking, it seems like time slows down. Feels […]

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What needs a little love and attention? Start with your chakras.

December 8, 2015

It’s the holidays, yo. Things get stressful. I went to see one of my healers today and was prescribed some self-love and empowerment. She advised […]

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Sharing birthday and Day of the Dead happiness — a gift for you!

November 3, 2015

My birthday, and Day of the Dead, were Monday November 2nd. And I got to have an altar at the Berkeley Day of the Dead […]

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Instant karma is a thing and I got smacked down once again

September 2, 2015

I have moved. I am still surrounded by boxes. I am learning how to live with another person. It’s hard. I’m not making excuses for […]

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Expectations cause pain and disappointment…

August 5, 2015

I have a mind full of expectations and it hurts. My mind tells me I should do better, know better, be better — I can’t […]

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There's no "why-ing" in Facebook!

Facebook tips that will help you #ShareYourMagic

April 8, 2015

The first in a series of resource-filled posts guaranteed to make your social networking easier and more productive…. First things first. Facebook changes the rules, […]

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