Celebrating the fruits of the first harvest

There is so much joy, and peace, and abundance to be had, every day, just by walking outside my apartment into the gardens, or the chicken coop (behind which the blackberries are in daily juicy perfection), and partaking in the bounty of the season.

This is the time of lushness everywhere you look, especially here in the Bay Area in northern California. And especially for me—growing up in Brooklyn as I did, with a Brooklynite’s relationship to food, a relationship that started and stopped in the supermarket. My grandmothers shopped at their local butcher, but not my mom—precut and shrink-wrapped meat was good for her. When my grandma would take me to the kosher butcher and buy a whole bird (which she would take home and pluck, and salt, and kosher), it was exotic and strange and a little bit scary.

I’ve developed a much more visceral and connected relationship to food in the years I’ve lived in California, especially the last ten years during which I’ve become first a local and seasonal eater, farmers market shopper, and then a farmer.

Yes, it’s a city garden, and yes, it’s located in the ‘hood, but oh my, when inside the gates, tending the birds, the veggies, the fruit, the herbs, the eggs, it’s an amazing way to live.

How have you connected yourself to the cycle of growth, of the abundance of the season?

Coming up on Lammas, the first harvest

In my tradition, we say there are three harvests. Lammas, the first harvest, around August 1st; Mabon, the autumn equinox; and Samhain, on October 31st (the time when the veils between the worlds are thinnest, and when we can most easily commune with our ancestors—more about this when the time is right).

The Lammas harvest is tied to the harvest of the wheat, and is often celebrated with feasting and lots of loaves of bread. Or if you’ve given up wheat long ago, lots and lots of fruit and veggie bounty.


In all this abundance, in the warm rays of the late summer sun, the seeds of darkness have already been planted. The Sun is five-eighths of the way around the wheel (since the previous Yule, when the light started to return). Growth has reached its peak, and the urge to grow, to blossom, to bear, has begun to manifest its bounty in the grain and into the fruits on the trees and vines.

Springtime was when new life emerged. But the same opening that admits life into the world also passes life out. Now is the time when you can feel the force of the Sun begin to be withdrawn from the world, when its energy withdraws to becomes crystallized in the seed. Life and light are getting stored away again, in the earth, to be released next spring when the world awakens again.

What are you harvesting in your business?

Think back to the springtime, to the seeds you sowed, to all the hard work you did to nurture your business.

Take some time for review, dear one. Take some sacred time for yourself, and take ownership of your own harvest. Write down the big, audacious actions you’ve taken this year, and write down how they’ve manifested. What are you harvesting now?

Acknowledge yourself. Celebrate yourself. (And…don’t forget to make provision for setting aside some of the bounty for the dark time, because, love, the wheel just keeps on turning…)

I know, for us sheros of solopreneurship, it’s hard to take ownership of what we’ve accomplished. We work alone, we spend so much time planning, and executing, and showing up, and serving our clients. It’s hard to see the growth.

Please share what your rock star self has manifested, and harvested, in the comments below. Crow about it! Sing it out! When we can share it—the good, the bad, the easy, the challenging—with others we are manifesting gorgeous generosity.

Love and blessings!

[Photo credit: The images are mine, taken yesterday in the garden.]


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  1. I love this post Sue! It’s so nourishing for me to connect with the seasons in my business (even in the opposite hemisphere, your reference to “what were you sowing back in Spring?” really struck me and allowed me to drop into that earth connection in a deeper way!)

    •  @Yollana Thanks for tolerating the hemisphere thing. I have a beautiful group of readers in Australia and New Zealand, and I always hope my seasonal upside-down-to-you articles are useful down under.
      Glad you found it useful, gorgeous!
      And look, you got a Livefyre account! Such a manifestor!
      Love and light,


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