What do you choose to remember?

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

What is remembered, lives. What do you choose to remember?

New Moon Eclipse. What is remembered, lives.

New Moon Solar Eclipse

Thursday, October 23
0º25′ Scorpio
2:57 pm Pacific
5:57 pm Eastern

We’re entering a sacred time of the year…

…when we honor our ancestors, when the veils between the worlds are thinnest, when we get to make powerful choices

This is a very meaningful time of the year for me, always has been. What kid doesn’t have a special love for her birthday time? My love for this season has seasoned over time. It’s no longer about birthday celebrations, although I love my birth date — my birthday falls on Day of the Dead (November 2nd), a day I just love. In my spiritual tradition, we say that the end of October, Samhain and Scorpio season, is one of the two times in the year when the veils between the worlds thin, making it possible to connect with and honor our ancestors in a deep way.

ancestor altarI keep an ancestors altar, with photos and figurines that represent my beloved dead. I choose to honor those who have gone before me, and everything they taught me, the behaviors they modeled, good and bad. I choose to honor every bit of my Scorpio nature all the time, and with an extra dollop of awareness during this season. Scorpio — transform or don’t. Transform or die.

This week is full of invitation and a reminder to everyone (natal Scorpio or not) to look at the choices you’re making and where there’s still stuckness, to choose to make changes for the better.

The Sun enters Scorpio on Thursday morning here on the west coast of the U.S. The New Moon Solar Eclipse follows later that day. And the current Mercury retrograde ends on the 25th. Energy opens up, an invitation to review the choices you’re making, and to make even better ones.

Just as I choose, all the time and especially during this season, to remember my beloved dead, I also choose every single day to choose and choose again those actions that reflect and strengthen the woman I am meant to be. No matter how deep and difficult the journey of my life may have been, if I allow myself, I can choose to remember joy, and love, and generosity, and gratitude. Choosing to focus on those positive memories instead of on memories of trauma, resentment and disappointment — this is the path of liberation that allows me to choose positive and loving actions instead of those that stem from bitterness, resentment and disappointment.

When I first started attempting to make positive choices, qualities like joy, love, gratitude, and generosity did not come naturally to me; it felt uncomfortable — excruciating! — to change my behaviors. Even those behaviors that don’t serve me… I was attached to them. As I heard in a 12-step meeting, “Give me a rut and I’ll decorate it.”

But because I was just sick of being so miserable, I found enough willingness to begin to take positive actions anyway, to act as if I believed that I could actually change for the better. And I have.

The spiritual neuroscientists say that repeating positive behaviors eventually builds new neural pathways, and old habitual pathways can disappear from lack of use. I have found this to be 100% true! Phew!

It’s simple. What do you choose to remember?

Will you remember the positive or the negative? Will you be driven by your disappointments or your faith? Will you be ruled by bitterness or will you find the way to breathe into each now moment with your whole loving heart and soul?

No joke, sister: If I can do this, so can you. If I can stop seeking oblivion day in and day out, living on the edge, heedless of my own safety and that of anyone else’s, so can you. If I can choose to be joyful, loving, productive, of service, generous, and grateful — instead of bitter, grumpy, resentful, and annoyed — so can you.

Everything is a choice.

Misery or joy. Connected or so detached you don’t feel a part of your community, your culture, your world. Grateful for resentful. Generous or entitled.

When you can remember that you — your beautiful essential self — are a beautiful child of the Divine, you can choose, one moment at a time, to manifest love, joy, gratitude and generosity.

I am not making light of trauma, or causes. I am taking a stand for your sovereignty. You can choose, one breath at a time, to remember the good, in this now moment and the next. I can only say this because I am, as usual, my own lab rat. I have made huge transformations in my own life, and so I am holding this vision for you. Gently, lovingly, one positive choice, and then the next.

This is the first of four New Moons in a row at zero degress in their sign.

At the zero point in any sign, the qualities of the sign are intensified.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse may feel like Scorpio to the max. Take advantage of it! Every choice you make, every new beginning, will have lasting impact. This invitation to make better choices, to remember those things that make you the woman you want to be, will be especially strong if you have planets in the first five to seven degrees in fixed signs in your chart.

“In my own worst seasons, I’ve come back from the colorless world of despair by forcing myself to look hard, for a long time, at a single glorious thing: a flame of red geranium outside my bedroom window. And then another: my daughter in a yellow dress. And another: the perfect outline of a full, dark sphere behind the crescent Moon. Until I learned to be in love with my life again. Like a stroke victim retraining new parts of the brain to grasp lost skills, I have taught myself joy, over and over again.” — Barbara Kingsolver

A suggestion for your New Moon ritual.

During this New Moon spend some time reviewing your choices. The choices that are not serving you — put those aside for now (you can always pick them up again later, if you like — as they say in the 12-step rooms, “Try this for 90 days. If you’re not satisfied, we will cheerfully refund your misery.”). Make new choices, ones that reflect the positive qualities you choose to remember.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments; let me know how you go. Blessed be.

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  1. What a timely post, Sue! I’ve just come back from a trip to visit family and found people making transformations throughout the whole time I was away – and upon returning to my home. This has had me reflecting about the changes I want to make in my own life/style and your message has confirmed that it’s the right time. Thank you for your wonderful encouragement and positivity yet again. xxx

    • Shân, So glad you’re feeling the invitation to make changes to improve your life and style. Keep me posted as you go!

      Love and blessings,

  2. Wow Sue!

    That was awesome, so much!
    I’m fascinated by your altar, and just love the concept of honor those who have gone before you and be grateful for the things they taught us, good and bad!

    I am lucky, and have only lost a few people close to me, but still feel the power when thinking like this.

    Interesting about the new moon in scorpio… even now while writing this comment my inner self is choosing whether to take a new opportunity and you say this is a good time to review choices!

    Wonderful post Sue, and I love those small quotes from the 12-step rooms 🙂


    • Jacs, I’m so glad to hear from you, welcome!

      Remember, Mercury retrograde ends Saturday. Keep reviewing, but if you can, hold off on any new commitments/contracts until then.


  3. Wowsers! Perfect … simply brilliant Sue. So glad that I was lead to your writings and get to follow along with you through emails. Each and everyone has been a blessing and at times a seed – so Thank You! Love little synchronicities and todays timely writing would be one of them. Not one thing hasn’t resonated in one way or another and I am grateful. With all I find myself in the midst of at this moment, This New Moon and it being in Scorpio (my AC) I am feeling it. The best part for me this time around, I seem to be “in the flow” for a change and not feeling like I need to catch up or missed an opportunity. Transformation, change, review have been the order for the past few months, coming to a head the past few days … yet I am at peace with it all even though it signals major, life altering changes in my very near future. Somehow, everything feels different and ok even in the external drama and chaos happening around me. Thank you for you! Blessings, Peace & Love ~ Danne

    • Danne, welcome here!

      So grateful for your loving comment. How lovely to feel that you’re in the flow. May it continue….

      Love and light,

  4. Oh, how perfect Sue – I have just blogged about the energy of Autumn and I knew I was missing something – honouring the dearly departed. 2 of my dearest departed went around this time of year too, so I need to honour my grief and the positive legacy of their lives. <3 x

    • Donna, I’m so glad this helped ground you and connect you to your ancestors. Honor your grief, how lovely.

      What is remembered, lives….


  5. This is definitely a time of reflection! I’ve never made an altar before, but maybe a memory altar for this season would be a nice addition to my usual inner reflection. Maybe it will give that process roots in the real world. Great post!

    • McKella, welcome!

      Oh, precious, go for it! I 100% guarantee a good result. Start with photos and mementos of your beloved dead and go from there.

      We’re in high season right now, with Samhain on Friday and Day of the Dead on Sunday. Let me know how you go.


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