Are you stuck on the sidelines, wondering how the hell to get into your own life?

You know how you wanna feel: alive, curious, playful and excited about getting into what inspires you, without having too much “on it.”

Step off the sidelines. Follow your spark. Occupy your precious and beautiful life as it is.

What will your first step off the sidelines be?

In even just one transformative coaching conversation, you can move from squeezed to eased and feel connected, competent, and clear — no matter what’s going on, or what circumstances and challenges you’re facing. Sometimes effortless productivity and problem-solving feel inaccessible, and sometimes they're right where you need them to be. What's the difference?

What if you don’t have to change your thinking? Or reprogram yourself?

What if compassion and forgiveness can create the space for you to feel creative, inspired, joyful, and productive? 

It’s possible. Your spark, your beautiful, creative spirit is built into the wiring. Let’s look at it together.

When you see your life from the inside out, what happens outside of you has no power over your stability, equanimity, and ease. Your reactions to the difficult and the unexpected begins to change.

Free yourself from the suit of armor that protected you when you were small and that is completely useless to you today. (Unless you count feeling weighed down and stuck useful!)

Imagine feeling lighthearted instead of afraid, open-minded instead of hesitant — this is what it’s like to come alive in a whole new way.

Let’s have a conversation that will help you feel alive and in flow more often.

Treat yourself. Schedule a fee-free call.  We’ll dive deep and go long (90 minutes or more), with plenty of time for reflection.

A client says....

coaching - live a transformed life

“Working with Sue, I’ve learned that the biggest challenge in my life today is my own negative thinking.

As Einstein said, ‘We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.’

My work with Sue regularly leaves me with a sense of healing, inspiration, and direction.”

— Catherine L.

Wondering if this is for you? If you see yourself in one of these, click through and book your no-strings call.

Wondering if this is for you? If you see yourself in one of these, click through and book your no-strings call.

  • Aging and saging — the third third of life. Changes are happening — big changes and they just keep coming. Death and divorce. Kids moving out. Moving. Downsizing. What you think about the face and body you see in the mirror. Sometimes aging can feel overwhelming.
  • Your creative expression. You know, that urge to start something new. A creative project. A business. Travel. But you feel stuck. You don’t know how to start, and you’re wondering if you should even bother, because what if you don’t finish?
  • Chronic pain and sudden, scary health journeys. Dealing with physical challenges, especially the mysterious symptoms that aren’t easily figured out and resolved, or high levels of pain, tough diagnoses, and the medical system.

A transformational conversation like this one can rock your world in a deep and powerful way. I’m honored to go deep with you as you shift your mindset and transform your relationship to your deepest desires (even/especially if they feel out of reach).

A little about me

I’m Sue Kearney

I’m Sue Kearney, seasoned and sage, holding my lantern at the crossroads. I’ve been there, wondering which way to go. I get it. Let’s have a look at what’s stopping you, so you can settle back into your innate resilient wonder-full self.  (Want to know more about me? Here you go.)