Find your way to feeling good, even when things aren’t.
Reconnect to your trust and guidance.
Feel sparked, creative, and insightful.
Be your priceless authentic self.
Turn your life inside out, in the best way.

Coaching — live a transformed life.

In even just one transformative coaching conversation, you can feel happy and well, curious and motivated, competent and clear — no matter what’s going on, or what circumstances and challenges you’re facing. That good feeling will re-connect you to your clarity and confidence, where good feeling is natural, and productivity and problem-solving come easily.

When a conversation points you back to knowing you’re okay, then you’re connected to — and operating from — your innate sense of well-being. In our calls, I’ll listen, reflect, and point you back to that place where you feel alive, creative, and curious. These qualities naturally live inside of you, yet can too often feel inaccessible when life feels more like white water than a calm stream.

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Life As It Is

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Sliding scale $36–$18.
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You can learn to ride those waves with ease. Even with grace.

coaching — Being you is priceless

When you’re being your authentic self, living from the inside out, the way you react to the difficult, the unexpected, and the “no thank you, I’d really rather not” of life begins to change. Lighthearted, inspired, open-minded — this is what it’s like to come alive in a whole new way.

Feel flow in your life. Feel ease. Have fun. Let’s have a transformative conversation that will help you feel alive and in flow more often.

Here’s the link to book your introductory call. The cost is $97 and the call lasts as long as 90 minutes. Plenty of time to go deep, plenty of time for reflection.

Feeling stuck or blocked? Going through big transitions? If you see yourself in one of these, please click through and book your call.

Feeling stuck or blocked? Going through big transitions? If you see yourself in one of these, please click through and book your call.

  • The third third of life. Changes are happening — big changes and they just keep coming. Death and divorce. Kids moving out. Moving. Downsizing. What you think about the face and body you see in the mirror. Sometimes aging can feel overwhelming.
  • Creativity. The urge to start something new. A creative project. A business. Travel. But you don’t know how to start, and you wonder if you should even bother, because what if you don’t finish?
  • Chronic pain and sudden, scary health journeys. Dealing with physical challenges, especially the mysterious symptoms that aren’t easily figured out and resolved, or high levels of pain, tough diagnoses, and the medical system.

Reminder: These introductory sessions are $97 and last for as long as 90 minutes. I know how a conversation like this one can rock your world in such a lovely way. If you’re feeling the same as we talk, and you want more, we’ll create a package of calls that works for you.

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A little about me

I’m Sue Kearney

I’m Sue Kearney, seasoned and sage, holding a lantern at the crossroads for people in the third third of life. In my work as a coach, facilitator, and mentor, I look with you at what’s stopping you, and I point you back to your innate resilient wonder-full self. I also collaborate with healers, visionaries, and changemakers to create integrated resonant brands and websites. I'm an artist and a maker of healing and beauty remedies. (Want to know more about me? Here you go.)

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