Coddiwompling. (What!?!)

Where’s your inner compass taking you today?


  1. : to travel purposefully toward an unknown destination
  2. : to be completely open to limitless possibilities
  3. : to UNpredict your journey

I was introduced to this lovely idea — coddiwompling — by Kristy Halvorsen just last week.

Wow! What a great lens to look through.

Coddiwompling weaves right in with the current apparent theme of my summer so far, and that’s slowing down. And then slowing down some more. From striding purposefully to sauntering to even stopping sometimes. To smell a rose. Or to sit on a bench. And just breathe. Just be.

You know how it is, right? You’re full of purpose — purpose-driven. You’re getting it done.

That lovely combination of do it now, do it fast, do it well, and while you’re at it, please also do all these other things at the same time.

You strive. You move fast to keep pace. You work hard. And you do a lot of all of this to feel like you’ve earned your downtime, your moments of stillness, peace, and quiet. If you could only find a spare moment to enjoy them!

What if??? What if your purpose, and your desires, can all be expressed in spaciousness, in ease, in empowered grace?

What if you can get it all done even if you slow down a bit, with time to take each moment in and savor it?

What if downtime and stillness are not something you have to earn or find time for?

What if you could move forward purposefully (in multiple directions!) without having to know exactly how things will turn out, how you’ll feel when you get there, if the effort was worth it.

For me, coddiwompling simplifies everything. Plus it’s fun and probably just as effective (maybe even more effective!) than pushing, striving, and multitasking yourself into exhaustion.

Yesterday, at the end of the afternoon, I found myself near Helen Putnam Park. It’s gorgeous, steep, and hilly, and because hills take a lot out of me, I don’t go there much. I grabbed my walking stick, and hauled myself up — almost all the way to the top — and drank in the vistas (see photo below). Nature porn, in the very best way.

I headed purposefully up the hill, not knowing where I’d end up. I was open to the breeze and the beauty all around me. I had no prediction or expectation of what might happen. In other words: Coddiwompling accomplished!

Coddiwomple a bit today.

Release the limitations you think are imposed on your thoughts and dreams. Allow yourself to let go of what leashes you and constricts you — because when you do you free yourself up to live your most audacious and authentic life. You can be successful, fulfilled, and massively impactful and have fun as you go.

How do you coddiwomple?

As Kristy says:
• Point yourself in the direction of your dreams
• Follow your heart, and your inner compass
• Do what instinctively feels right
• Trust more, worry less
• Love a lot and notice the world change around you

Babies know how to coddiwomple. Think about the giddy laughter of little ones. When you’re moving in a joyful lighthearted way, you see a ton more possibility than limitation.

How does that word “coddiwomple” land when you hear it and its definition?

Want to experiment? Let’s coddiwomple together.

Schedule an Introductory Coaching call with me — $97 for 90 minutes. Let’s look together at what it’s like to come alive in a whole new way, to feel flow and ease in your life and to have more fun. Let’s have a transformative conversation that will help you feel alive and in flow more often.

I’ll get right back to you with a link to my online calendar and we’ll get you scheduled!

Top photo by Sandeep Mohan from Pexels. Bottom photo montage taken by me at Helen Putnam Park, August 29th, 2018.

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    • Hey Barb, I hope you spend a lot of time doing some actual coddiwompling. Then, when you use the word you will have so much more fun talking about it.

  1. You know what’s interesting about coddiwompling? You’re headed in a direction but you don’t know what will happen along the way and it doesn’t really matter – it’s all part of the fun of it.

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