MagnEZ-Yum Magic cramp oil

Kicks cramps to the curb. Preventive. Curative.

Ever get awakened by intense calf or foot cramps?

I used to. Not so much, any more.

Like always, my best work arises from my own self-care.

MagnEZ-Yum Magic cramp oil.

Kicks cramps to the curb. Preventive. Curative.

MagnEZ-Yum Magic cramp oil contains:

A potent mix of cannabanoids, magnesium, and arnica, formulated with vitamin E, calendula, and essential oils for their anti-inflammatory and healing properties: chamomile roman, fennel bitter, ginger, lavender, and peppermint.

I used to have calf cramps as a kid. My dad called them “growing pains.”

My father used to massage my cramped-up calves with rubbing alcohol. I’ve taken all love from those moments, and improved on dad’s formula. MagnEZ-Yum Magic works fast, and when used on the regular, cuts down on the intensity and frequency of those cramps.

Check out what Jenny G. said:

“I got your MagnEZ-Yum Magic today. I was sitting here going through mail and got the worst leg cramp. It actually started in my foot and quickly moved up my leg to my calf. My toes will get disfigured and curled up stiff as a brick.

“I kid you not, I dabbed some of your  cramp oil on my hand and started rubbing it in. In a few seconds all of my cramping was gone. And my foot and leg totally relaxed. I'm blown away.

“I had no idea how well and quickly it would work and in all honesty I was a bit skeptical. But I'm beyond surprised and grateful. You really truly have something special here.

“My cramp is gone with no hint it will be back. I also feel like I have normal circulation back in my leg. Thank you so much. I'm so glad I tried it. You have a customer for life!”

Wanna try some?

If you’re in NorCal, hit me up for samples. To order the broad-spectrum CBD version, use the button (U.S. only).

Funding and partners welcome.

The custom blends are finalized. I’m happy to offer the Moist and Juicy line to dispensaries in California.

The full line of Moist and Juicy products.

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