What are you called to create, complete, and launch?

It’s an awesome invitation! You are invited to create, complete, and launch.

The New Moon. Mercury direct in Aquarius. The Sun entering Pisces and the Lunar New Year. What a lovely invitation!

New Moon in Aquarius, Mercury direct, Lunar New Year

Mercury has gone direct in Aquarius, and the Moon is New in Aquarius (again!)

New Moon in Aquarius

Wednesday, Feb. 18th
29º59′ Aquarius
3:47 pm Pacific
6:47 pm Eastern

Lunar New Year

Wednesday, Feb. 18th
Year of the wood sheep

Sun enters Pisces

Wednesday, Feb. 18th
3:50 pm Pacific
6:50 pm Eastern

Mercury direct in Aquarius


Create, complete, and launch. This is a rare second Aquarian New Moon in the same month. While the first one was at 0º (and therefore integrated with the energy of the preceding sign, Capricorn), this one is only in Aquarius for a couple of heartbeats. The New Moon comes at 29°59′ Aquarius, and then enters Pisces ten seconds later (with the Sun right behind).

Aquarius and Pisces combine their energies to inspire you to create, complete, and launch the things that have taken priority as you mulled them over during the Mercury retrograde (Rx) that has just ended. You are now invited to nurture your vision, to innovate, to dare to move forward!

When the New Moon appears in an Air sign, as it does here, the two-week period that follows is a wonderful time to communicate and inspire; combined with the end of the Mercury Rx, now’s the time to release the brakes (on whatever you were prudently postponing) and go for it!

Turn your attention to what you are called to create, complete, and launch for your business.

  • Do you have a new program? Have you created it? Does it need some work? Plan your strategy sessions, seek out and form your joint venture alliances.
  • Do you have something that’s almost ready to launch? Work out your message to your tribe, put the last pieces into place, and go!
  • Take some time with the structures and mental health of your business. What administrative improvements can you put in place? What planning, team building, and heartstorming can you do now?

Lunar New Year — the Year of the Wood Sheep

The apparent docility of Sheep can hide toughness. Sheep can survive severe conditions and are stronger than they appear. The Sheep can be very focused and determined. A Sheep won’t be told what to do, stay at a job they dislike, or be forced to compromise.

The Sheep year celebrates creativity. Another invitation! Let your artist out. Get some paint and some paper. Play with color. I’ve been wildly happy since I began my art journal in the beginning of this year, since I moved my art supplies out of the closet (see what I did there?) and started using them. I’ve begun to post some of what I’m creating here.

What are you called to create, complete, and launch? I’d love to know — talk to me in the comments! Blessed be.

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    • Shulamit, I feel you! Wasn’t quite derailment over here, but things sure slowed down.

      Let me know how you go, beautiful one!


  1. I must confess I rarely follow astrology but your article is amazing Sue because it’s like everything you’re staying is where I’m at right now – including the pending launches! And, I’d already decided earlier this week to set aside this weekend for planning so guess I’m on track with the stars and that feels pretty darn good. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

    • Marquita, that’s lovely to read. I’ve set aside most of tomorrow for the same thing… nice to know we’re opening to our beautiful businesses in sync with each other!


    • Suzie, thanks!

      Me too, feels like a delicious week, and it hasn’t even started yet — it’s Sunday here.

      My heart to yours…

  2. Thank you for this article, Sue! I had consciously poised my work on a new creative project during the Mercury retrograde period. I feel energized and inspired by your words and moved into action. Such a big YES!

    • Laurie, Where I am in Oakland, California, the springtime energy is going full-tilt. And I feel that for my work — our work in the world — as well. Go you! Keep me posted.


  3. WOW, great post Sue. Maybe this is why I feel so creative this month. I just completed my second book – will launch in March and I have another book planned to write while visiting my mom for 3 weeks.

    • Diane, thanks. I’m feeling all that energy too, but I seem to be moving glacially. I hope your pace — and that of so many others I’m talking with — is contagious; I have a lot I’d like to complete!


  4. Thank you I was just talking today about a new launch for the empath group I am working on and I received the answer. So interesting that you are talking about inspired action and creativity. that is what is happening

    • Tricia, thanks for taking the time to comment. And I’m thrilled to hear you’re feeling the energy too.

      Love and light,

  5. My thing to complete is my book on teaching public speaking to young people. I wish I understood what’s holding me back on it, but your post is a reminder for me to just get on with it. I will set small tasks each day and get the jolly thing DONE!

  6. Thanks for the inspiration! This Mercury Rx was the toughest ever for me. The preparations for publishing my second book all got slowed way down. People doing various parts were sick or in crisis, or not responding at all. My publisher had me add new scenes at this late date! Then I checked – transiting Saturn is sitting right on top of my natal Mercury! Of course! But already this new Aquarian energy is helping this get moving. Yay!

    • Joanna, that’s easy. Just close your eyes, ground into this moment, and put your hand on your heart. Which of your projects is right there, in your heart? Do that one first.


  7. This is a great message that resonates with the thinking space I’ve been in lately. I love how you’ve tied astrology and work together. Glad to have stumbled upon your website.

    • Jodi Sky, welcome!

      I’m glad you stopped by and that we’re now connected. I like the words that come from your big heart; your website is warm and comforting.

      Blessed be!

  8. Sue, your post came at the most perfect time! So excited to get to completion and launch 🙂 Thank you for sharing your wisdom 🙂

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