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I am so happy and grateful about the wonderful article just published about me, my daughter, my passion for magnolias and my business. This article is a first for me, and I’m so glad that I was alert to possibility, that I asked the right question at the right time and that I took the right actions.

Here’s how it went (there’s a bit a background story, please be patient):

As I’ve often written before, I’ve been taking pictures of my daughter, Rose, with the magnolias in bloom as a backdrop, since she was a year old. Every year. As a native New Yorker, I became very skilled at looking for and identifying signs of spring. The crocuses, the tiniest buds on trees. One of my favorite signs was the swelling of fuzzy buds on the bare branches of magnolia trees even in the dark cold of east coast February days.

And then when they’d bloom! In New York this is often around mid-April, when the days would be warm enough to release their magnificent sultry perfume. It was natural that I took Rose with me on my annual pilgrimage to the magnolias. And combined my passion for the mags in bloom and joy in my daughter in these photo sessions.

We continued the tradition after we moved to Sacramento, even though here in California the magnolias bloom really really early (even before the daffodils, and it’s often so darned cold when they bloom that you can hardly get a whiff of their lovely fragrance). Lots of years of photos in the cold gray rain.

Fast forward to this year. Rose now lives in Folsom, I’m in Oakland. We wanted to do our shoot in Sacramento’s Capitol Park, where there are a couple of absolutely gorgeous big beautiful trees.

I raced up there the first weekend after I saw a couple of mags in bloom here in Oakland; too early! Not a bud on the trees in Capitol Park.

I was trying to figure out how to pinpoint the right date for our shoot. Brilliant! I called the Sacramento Bee and asked for a local beat reporter. Got connected with Debbie Arrington, who was so kind and generous. She sent me weekly updates about the state of the mags.

Here’s where self-marketing inspiration struck. In one of my emails to Debbie, I told her the story of the photo project and how I had used some of the photos to decorate my new website last year. Her reply? That the photo project was touching and the website inspirational and that she’d love to do a column about all of it!

The result was just perfect! My key messaging was heard and incorporated into the piece. And now, if it will get picked up from the Scripps wire and run in other publications, my wishes will have all been answered. Well, almost. There’s still the new business this will bring me!….

Oh, and I checked! The “Add me to your mailing list” icon on is working!


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