Make your mark.

Do the thing that makes you come alive. Start now.

Expression. Desire. Magic. Moments of flow. Of knowing what the next right word is. Or which colors to put together. Or how certain sounds will weave into harmony.
If you’re having more frustration than fun... You’re not alone. And still, the pulse of your creative heart thrums away, calling to you.
You’d love to find a way to do the thing that lights you up, do more of it, have fun doing it, and maybe even get good at it. You commit time and money to your art. And then you stop — where’d the fun go?
You can get it back when you start to see the creative dance with new eyes.
Find delight in your efforts regardless of how they turn out. When you’re in flow, when you see the creative process as something more like a dance than a steep hill to climb, magic happens. Even when you scrap a chapter or toss a canvas.
What would you like to create? Fair warning: there are unexpected wonderful benefits ahead. Once you start feeling the flow through your fingers or voice or... you’ll likely notice an increased sense of flow all through your life and work and relationships.
I see you and I’m here to cheer you on.
  • What lights you up?
  • What whispers to you in your dreams?
  • What do you want to touch, play with, transform?
Unleash your inner artist. Let’s get started. I offer individual sessions or a six-session series. You’ll open the way to truly unleash your creative magic. Come play with me.

Wondering what’s on my studio table, wall, shelves?

Canvases. Acrylic skins. Pendants. Garments. Tchotchkes. Have a look.

Curious? Thinking about buying something lovely and unique?

Choose from my stash, or tell me what you’re envisioining. Describe your vision and I’ll make a piece for you that brings what you shared with me to life, made with you in my mind and heart as I go. Yum. Let’s talk.

Wondering what tools you need to start playing with fluid art?

A little about me

I’m Sue Kearney

I’m a barely tamed hippie, sage, seasoned, sarcastic (not all the time any more, but still). I’m a mom, a daughter, sister, a neighbor, and a friend. I’ve been on this meandering journey — like you, probably — seeking a better connection to and experience of peace, harmony, and fun in every bit of life. I’m single, quite good at it, and mostly love it.
I’m here for the conversations I get to have with you, which these days center on exploring the mystery and beauty of life, work, health, aging, and creative expression. Want to know a little more about me and my journey?

I send out a love letter, once or twice a month.

It’ll land right in your inbox.

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Reach out. Any time.
San Francisco Bay Area

I’ve compiled a list of resources, the stuff I use for my work, for making, and for art.


Check out my art stores.

You can get prints, and then there are the imprints!

My abstracts look so g-o-o-o-o-d imprinted on totebags, notebooks, backpacks, garments, you name it. Browse the stores, find the best deal (they run specials, so check), and enjoy!


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