One small step for today, one giant leap into the rest of your life!

I’m off on a holiday retreat, a sacred month-long journey, and a writing break.

Propelled and inspired by the energy of the Cardinal Grand Cross and eclipse season, I am taking the crazy audacious step of an entire month away from work. I know I will be coming back spiritually recharged and ready for inspired action. Are you interested in getting help with your business, with defining and manifesting your passion, mission and purpose in everything you do? Are you feeling called to find out more about Astrology for Your Business? Send me an email, or fill out the form on the Share Your Magic page here on the website, and I will get back to you the last week in May.

By the magic of technology, I get to schedule these guest posts for you, one each week that I’m gone. Enjoy!

This is a guest post, by the beautiful Shân Watts. She lives in Australia, and I just love her work. She inspires and challenges me to be my very best self in her writings. She’s about to launch her eMagazine in May. Check out her website and blog here for more of her goodness! Oh, and she spells and punctuates as if she’s a product of British education (which I’ve left untouched).



We’ve all heard it said, time and time before that in order to lead your best life, you need to declutter — physically, spiritually and emotionally. If you’re anything like me, you read that stuff and nod your head in agreement.


You know deep in your gut that this is truth and that you’d feel soooo much freer and you’d create soooo much more space in your life for good stuff to come in if you actually did it, but the truth is you’re overwhelmed by it all. You have no idea where to start!

I know exactly where you’re coming from. I think I’ve only ever really decluttered once in my life and that was when my daughter and I went on our epic adventure. In order to be able to travel, I had to sell my house and get rid of the majority of our possessions. Decluttering was unavoidable. When we finally settled down again we had a camp table, an esky and a couple of sleeping bags in a two bedroom flat. It didn’t take long for our stuff to accumulate again.

Twenty-one years later I still have a few boxes that I’ve carted from one State to another and at least six residences. I don’t even know what’s in them any more. After much reflection though, I know why I haven’t been ready to let them go, until now.

They represent one of the happiest, carefree times in my life. A time when I was surrounded by friends, I was in a loving relationship and had more than enough money to meet my needs. An intensely spiritual time when I was exploring my belief system and working out what my truth. It’s not surprising that I haven’t wanted to let go of the memories those boxes represent. 

The thing is, though, that regardless of whether the boxes are there or not, I still have the memories. By holding on to physical reminders, I’ve prevented other good stuff from flowing to me easily. These boxes cluttering up my life didn’t just take up space. They drained me of energy to do even the smallest things. They drained me of the energy it took to keep the rest of my space uncluttered. They drained me of my desire to keep the rest of my house physically and mentally in order. 

They drained me of my desire to beautify my space and work in a comfortable, creative environment and were actually a reflection of the way I felt about myself. Cluttered, scattered, disorganised. Full of dreams but unable to start because I literally couldn’t see my way forward because of all my emotional and physical clutter.

I’m a massive advocate of one small step at a time. My words for 2014 are ‘prosperity, self-love and fun’. I love gardening but hadn’t done any for so long because I kept telling myself I needed to declutter first before I could do anything I enjoyed. I’ve spent the past year or so cooped up in my house because I felt I had to get my business established first before I could go out and have fun, which is an essential component of self-care.

What right did I have to go out and have fun or pursue activities that fulfil my soul if I had clutter that I needed to be rid of?

This year, however, has been different. With my commitment to self-love, I’ve sworn to be gentler and easier on myself. I’ve also sworn to ensure I feel freer and less encumbered than at any time in the past. This year is the year I’ve begun working holistically towards my ideal life. As is my way, I’m doing it one step at a time.

This is what one step at a time looks like for me on a daily basis during the week:

  • Wake up and exercise for half an hour
  • Spend 20–30 minutes in the garden
  • Have breakfast while checking email (yes, I know that’s not ideal but I can’t be an angel all the time and the geek part of me justifies it as fun)
  • Divide my day into hourly segments. For each hour I spend working, I spend 15 minutes decluttering. It gets me out of my chair, moving around and creates waves of noticeable change which is incredibly satisfying.
  • Break around 5.30/6.00 to prepare dinner and take my daughter to work
  • Self-development in the form of study and focusing on tapping to create a more abundant mindset
  • Pick my daughter up from work and eat dinner together
  • Relax until bedtime when I do chakra work before falling asleep

In this way I’m working on self-love, decluttering, prosperity and fun every day. My day is full of variety and makes me feel nurtured and happy. 

On Wednesday nights I attend a Taiko drumming class which keeps me incredibly grounded and satisfies my yearning for rituals apart from the ones I create myself. When I need a change of scenery I take myself out to a local coffee shop or down to the river to work. When I feel the need to socialise I contact girlfriends to catch up with them after work, ring my mother or other friends I know who won’t be at work.

drumI no longer need the clutter of physical reminders around me to make me feel loved. I’m doing that for myself and it feels amazing. 

I’m wondering as a result, what is it that you need to let go of in your life that’s holding you back?

What represents clutter to you?

How can you get rid of it, one small step at a time?

It doesn’t matter how long it takes, what matters is that you start. Go on — make a start today! It will be one small step for today and one giant leap into the rest of your life!

I promise you, it will be worth every second.

What’s cluttering your life? How can you add more clear space? I’d love to know, please leave a comment!


shanheadshotShân wants just one thing in this world — to expand love throughout the Universe by empowering women, creative people and small business owners to manifest the lifestyle their spirit yearns for and empower others as a result. A heart-centred, gifted coach and mentor, she’s setting an example by creating her own ideal life on the beautiful far south coast of New South Wales, Australia. You can find her hanging out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ as well as on her blog.

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  1. Shan, your article comes at a time where I am in the process of purifying and simplifying my life. I had a stroke 3 years ago and have lived with my mom since. I put all my “stuff” in storage and have spent $11,000+ on storage fees. A friend of mine gave me a wonderful idea. Quit wasting money on stuff from the past and get rid of it all to make room for my new life post-stroke (I am still recovering but I see full healing around the corner when life will be so much better than before). Thanks for reaffirming my adventure in cleansing my soul. If you are interested, visit my websites at and

    • Hi Erica,

      It sounds as though you’ve been through a lot in the last few years.  I’m so glad to read that full healing is just around the corner for you.  More power to you for having the wisdom to declutter in preparation for your incredible new life.  I accepted your invitation to visit your site and love it.  I’ve followed you on Facebook to keep track of your adventures.  Thank you for connecting, commenting and sharing!

  2. Hi Shan, Great post! Oh yes, me and clutter have a very close relationship!  Although a few years ago we moved house and I took the opportunity to do a massive decluttering – and it was great! My husband died in 2002, and I’d been keeping all his stuff as a reminder of our life together – but I finally realised, like you say, that I have the memories of him to cherish forever (and actually I feel his presence with me anyway) – So I could LET GO of boxes of papers and all manner of useless stuff – to make way for our new life in Scotland. 

    Yes, I know the power of decluttering – and I’m working on it one step at a time!

    Thankyou for your wisdom and reminders! 🙂

  3. Hi Ann,

    I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the post.  I could literally feel the way you described letting go of your clutter as you prepared for your new life in Scotland.  I’m so glad you can feel your husband with you all of the time.  The memories will never fade either.  Thanks for your description of decluttering.  I have to admitted that I’ve fallen off the wagon a little, but your post has inspired me to get right back on it!

    With thanks


  4. To me, clutter is something that weighs me down. I do attach memories to objects and sometimes will keep something out of sentimentality, but it’s only ever individual objects and never too many of them. I’m a fairly brutal de-clutterer, having moved to different countries several times in my life! The only thing I won’t throw away is books, but then books could never represent “clutter” to me 🙂

    I love your article, and the insight that the memories remain even without the objects is so so true!

    • Sibylle, I admire your ability to de-clutter brutally.  I’m the exact opposite – even though I know and value the benefits of decluttering, every piece of paper I collect, every card I receive, every ticket stub from a concert attended years ago is something to be treasured.  Every odd saucer or plate represents something that could be re-used, every piece of clothing made into something else – all of which can be stored away for “one day”. 

      I’ve slipped a little since writing this article.  I still have a fair bit to de-clutter, although I assure you it’s nothing like an episode of “Hoarders”! I have, however, been able to implement a routine of recycling what I can at the time (e.g. cutting old clothes up for rags as I go to put them away instead of putting them in a “to do” pile) or just get rid of whatever it is I’m tempted to keep.

      Writing for Sue’s blog has been a wonderful experience and a gentle reminder and inspiration that I need to get back on the path more consciously, as has your reply.  Thanks for the nudge!

    • I’m the same Sibylle, books I always keep and was happy to return to those and have just started adding to them. When i am back in my own home I’ll make one room a library 🙂 

  5. Shan, I read this without realising it was you who wrote it, thinking what a great way to incorporate all our desired feelings into one day. I love it. I’m good at decluttering since I also went travelling and gave away nearly all I owned some years ago. I arrived back with a backpack and am good about keeping things clear but what I’ve really gleaned from your post is how to ensure I do get to indulge in all my core desired feelings in one day. I just love it! Thank you. I’ve got a mountaing of paperwork to do (which is clutter of course) and now I’m going to apply the 15 minute rule for each hour working. I feel lighter already as I’ve been putting off those pesky accounts etc. Much love to you <3

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