Design and Branding

It’s simpler than you think.

Marketing and branding support for your emerging vision, business, brand.

Ready for a new website or to update the one you have?

Are there changes you want to make but not sure where to start?

Have you avoided making changes because you don’t really know how?

Design and Branding — a simpler approach

Now is a perfect time to get the support you need. Imagine what it would be like to clarify, beautify, and magnify your brand and your offers.

  • Together we’ll create a container in which you feel safe and fully heard. I’ll be on your team for three months (or longer).
  • I’m on it. Your project’s on the burner  — sometimes on a rolling boil, sometimes on simmer — for the entire time we’re working together.
  • You’ve got my attention, my ideas, access to my giant bag of resources, and responses to your questions throughout.

I’m a forever graphic designer and I’ve been around the block a time or two. I know what it’s like to feel lost in your website; I’ll teach you as we go, and leave you with with a set tools that are easy to use and that you can actually find!

There’s a difference between handing off your baby to a web designer who leaves you clueless after a launch, and working with me. You deserve that difference.


Sharon Rosen said:

Sue helped me edit the copy for a sales page recently and the difference between where I started and where we ended is incredible.

Sue’s got a keen eye for what’s essential and how powerfully key points can be made with less words. Our copy editing session was fun, fast, and highly effective — my copy now feels clear and crisp yet warm and inviting. It’s my voice, but so much better than what I came to on my own.

I can’t recommend Sue highly enough for helping you get your marketing copy into its best flow and format.

Sharon Rosen’s a spiritual guide for awakening into clarity and confidence.

Design and Branding

A season of support — $995.

Every single collaboration with me is unique because it’s yours.

Which makes working with me tricky to describe. See yourself in one of the titles below? Expand the tab, read more. Then call me. I can help.

The magic of collaborative branding, marketing, and design

The art of the web page, knowing what content goes where.

Hone your messaging so your visitor stays with you long enough to click. It’s simple.

Take your visitor on a journey, and make sure you’ve invited them further in at the conclusion of each interaction. Learn when to use expanded copy, with context and examples, and when to pare it down to its essence. Learn how to craft your messaging so your reader stays with you long enough to get to your call to action and then click on it.

Niche, schmiche. Know who you’re talking and marketing to.

Knowing how to clearly describe your just-right client doesn’t mean you can’t serve anyone you’d like It’s simpler than that.

Get clarity about the people you’re here to help — what they’re looking for, how they live, what they care about, how they spend (or don’t) their dollars. When they come across you and your work, your intentional marketing language and framing will be inviting, making it more likely your visitor will want to engage with you in a deeper way.

Editing and maintaining the website you invested in was supposed to be easy, right?

Remembering where the controls are and keeping your site safe and secure can be daunting. With practice it’s simple.

With me on your team, you’ll safely find yourself becoming a confident website mamma (or poppa), trusting that your content’s working for you and that your visitors are having a good experience hanging out with you, your offers, and your wisdom — making it more likely they’ll come back, tell others about your awesomeness, and sign up!

Offers and fees. Explore the different ways you can serve your people.

Deciding what to offer, what to charge for, and what to give away can be daunting. It’s simpler than that.

Learn how to create offers and content (both free and paid) and how to adapt those offers for different situations. Learn how to scale and repurpose content. The work you put into this yields different entry points for new people to check you out. Identify what you’d like to explore and then get that going with as much of my help as you’d like.

So many web and social media options! Find the right fit for you & your budget.
Picking the right tech options can look big and overwhelming when you’re doing it yourself. It’s simpler than that.
Feel confident about how to choose tech and social media platforms that fit. Learn how to create content and engagement by using your best options, your unique services, and your market. You’re much more likely to create a compelling and attractive brand when you’re offering your best stuff using what works for you. 
Finding the words that make it easier to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

What makes you the one your ideal client will look at? Learn how to convey your uniqueness.

Find and trust your authentic voice, and get comfortable writing like you talk. Learn how to become aware of key thoughts, words, and phrases as they arise in your interactions — with clients and prospects — especially when you talk about your work. Learn how to present your magic in ways that make your viewer want to stick around and know more.

Your new website (or a re-do) is on the horizon. Get results that do the job for you.

Finding support that matches your unique needs and concerns isn’t hard. It’s simpler than you might think. 

Collaborative brand creation. One way most definitely doesn't fit all and you don’t have to do it all on your own. Decide how much of the tech development you’ll do and how much you’d like done for you. Same with clarifying your content and unique message, and refining your visuals. Pay for the help you need and create a useful and scalable brand.

Your website isn't getting the traffic or leads you thought you paid for. Fixable.

Sad but true. If your pleasant visuals aren’t creating engagement, you still have work to do. Relax. It’s simple.

Learn the tools and tips that will make your marketing more cohesive and likely to generate engagement and return visits (and then to referrals and getting hired). I have secrets to share about the true purpose of a web page and calls to action that will change your life and then — because that’s how this sh*t works — the lives of your clients. 

Design and Branding

A season of support — $995.

Unsure? Rather start with just one conversation?

Great idea! Sign up for a single Branding Simplified call. 45 minutes $97. All the deets are here.


Rabbi Shifrah Tobacman says:

Abundant gratitude to you, Sue! Your skillfulness as both a guide and practitioner made it possible for me to have an attractive website —people often comment on how beautiful it is! — and left me with some skill of my own for ongoing development of both the site and my professional practice. Thank you!

Rabbi Shifrah is an interfaith chaplain, community rabbi, end-of-life-doula, teacher, and poet.

What’s included in the Design and Branding season of support?

  • Nine 60-minute 1:1 working sessions — you choose your timing and your topic areas. We’ll meet online where we can work collaboratively, and you can record the calls for your records.
  • Work between our sessions in our confidential collaborative workspace. I’ll comment and make suggestions on content and ideas we’re co-creating. I’ll answer your emails, send along tips and resources, and even introduce you to people that can help you.

Nina Lockwood says:

I’ve benefited directly from Sue’s extensive experience in the worlds of branding, web design and graphic design.  She’s committed to ensuring that your uniqueness, authenticity and passion come through in how you share your work in the world. That’s what she's been doing for me.

I’m not a Luddite but I can be a slow learner when it comes to technology and knowing how to highlight what’s important. Sue’s helped me enormously, with patience and skill, in mastering the process of getting yourself known, liked and trusted in the land of the worldwide web.

I love Sue’s generous, down-to-earth, insightful, humorous and irreverent approach! She’s a one-of-a-kind, dedicated, heartfelt, multi-talented artist committed to making You (in my case, me) look great!

Nina Lockwood is an amazing artist, teacher, and coach.

Design and Branding

A season of support — $995.

This program’s for you if:

  • You’re looking for a supportive guide to help you stand out in an oh-so-crowded marketplace.
  • You’d like to get more response and conversions from all the work you put into your brand.
  • You’d like to know how to get the best impact out of your content (and the secrets of repurposing with intention!).
  • You’re an artist or a writer. A healer or a coach. A rabblerouser or relinquisher of privilege. You’re mission driven and disruptive where disruption is needed. You’re doing important work in the world.
  • You’re ready to connect with and engage the people you want as clients. You’re ready to grow your business and thrive as you go.

This program’s not for you if:

You’d like to end up with a new website or logo or both (or more!) crafted by me at the end of this season of support. I offer those services separately, when it’s a fit, and when some of this foundational work’s been done. Gorgeous visuals do a better job for you when you’re clear.

I’ve been honored to work with some amazing clients:


Allison Pettingill says:

Sue’s helped me define my voice and take a deeper look at how I communicate with my audience. I value her willingness to let me do my work and answer my questions.

Sue treats your vision, your work with care and respect. I truly appreciate her patiently showing me how to do something so that I can tackle bigger and bigger issues on my own.

Allison’s a client who’s building an actual castle!

Design and Branding

A season of support — $995.