Does your brand reflect what’s unique about you?
Is your brilliance showing in your words and visuals?
Are your marketing efforts resonating for your just-right clients?
“Sue has a gift that many highly creative people seem to lack: she is not only a talented designer; she’s also a great listener, she really got us.” — Allen Price, Tresendas

Sophisticated and harmonious

Branding and Design

There are a ton of decisions to be made about your brand.
Both when you start out, and as your business grows.

As your business grows and as you grow with it, you’ll find yourself evaluating and reevaluating your marketing plans and strategies on the regular.

Are you wondering:

  • Who is my just-right client and what actions can I take so my marketing efforts make it easier to reach them?
  • How do I create programs and services and products that best serve my clients and customers?
  • How will I get the attention of my chosen audience in a way that makes them want to know more? What does my brand look like? What words do I use?
  • How do I engage so that my visitor becomes a subscriber, a fan, and a client?
  • How do I stay in their minds? What social media and marketing options are best?

Get a ton of clarity. Make things easier for yourself. Book a Design and Branding call with me. We’ll look at your vision for your business and brand, how it’s working for you now, and where you’d like to get to next. I will listen to your unique circumstances, and tapping into my decades of experience, I’ll make suggestions that will be tailored to point you in the direction of your desired results. Simply and clearly.

I’ve created these Design and Branding sessions to be unique creative consultations. Whether you end up hiring me to do design or writing for you..., or if you’re a DIY’er..., or somewhere in between.... We may have this one single conversation. You’ll walk away with more clarity and a sense of relief than you did before. Or we’ll continue on to another collaboration; the specific one you need. Either way, you’ll have simple and clear guidance.

Here’s the link to book your Design and Branding call. The cost is $97 and the call lasts as long as 90 minutes, giving us plenty of time to go as deep and as granular as is needed.

Want to get better results out of your brand? Ready to have your brand visuals shine like a beacon for your clients? If you see yourself in one of these, please click through and book your call.

Want to get better results out of your brand? Ready to have your brand visuals shine like a beacon for your clients? If you see yourself in one of these, please click through and book your call.

  • You’re just starting out. So many options. So much to consider. Wondering whether to hire a designer or do it all yourself, or are you somewhere in between? This doesn’t have to be overwhelming.
  • Time to rebrand? Maybe your marketing efforts are falling flat and you don’t know why. Maybe you haven’t taken a fresh look at your website and social media channels in too many years. Where to start?
  • You want a beautiful website and logo that works and you want to hire someone who delivers sophisticated visuals based on decades of experience and a ton of skill. Yes, lovely, we should definitely talk..

Book your Design and Branding session today. The fee is $97 and the call lasts for as long as 90 minutes. By the time the call ends, we’ll both know if another call is in the offing in which we’ll work out the details of the next steps we’ll take together.

Having trouble finding a time that works for you? Click here.
A little about me

I’m Sue Kearney

I’m Sue Kearney, seasoned and sage, holding a lantern at the crossroads for people in the third third of life. In my work as a designer and brand whisperer, I collaborate with visionaries, changemakers, and healers to create resonant brands, websites, and social media marketing.I'm an artist and a maker of healing and beauty remedies. When I have my coaching hat on, I look with you at what’s stopping you, and I point you back to your innate resilient wonder-full self. (Want to know more about me? Here you go.)

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