This is the time to divine and discover your theme for 2014

SolsticeSunWe’re less than two weeks away from the Winter Solstice

The energy right before the Solstice here in the North is particularly intense. The light is dripping away really fast these days, and the light that there is feels cold, the rays of the Sun are elusive and indirect. We have a lot of darkness being gifted to us. And while the darkness will be just as intense two weeks from now, after the 21st, the light will be returning, and the energy will be and feel different. So let’s use this time.

While I’m talking about the Solstice energy I’m experiencing on this side of the Wheel, if you’re coming up on the Summer Solstice at year end in the Southern Hemisphere, you can do this working too. The last days before any Solstice — Summer or Winter — is the culmination of that energy, as the Sun and the Earth do their eternal dance, every year, twice a year we get the gift of that moment when we are as far away as possible from the warmth of the Sun or as close as possible and basking in her light and heat—an ideal time for divination and intention-setting.

Let’s use that energy right now to go inside and divine what it is we will be working on and manifesting in the coming year

It’s so interesting to watch this process in myself. Each year that I do this it feels like I peel a layer and get down closer to the core.

For 2012 my theme was Joy. And for 2013 the theme that chose me was Healing.

Now, in the darkness that’s wrapping up 2013 and leading us into 2014, I find myself sitting with, dreaming about, what’s underneath both of those previous themes. Here’s what I am discovering: Regardless of just how joyful I am in any moment, and even more fiercely, regardless of how healthy this body of mine may be in any moment, I have a mission and purpose that thrums through me with a powerful force, and that is my commitment to be of Service. It is a privilege to connect, to teach, to learn, to facilitate, to share what I’ve learned. I’m very lucky and very honored to be doing so.

My theme for 2014 is Service.

Take some time over the next few days, and reach inside for your theme for the coming year. I can’t wait to hear what lands for you—you may be surprised! I always am. Please let me know in the comments.

I am so grateful

  • I am grateful for honoring my body’s need to stop, stop, stop and rest (which for me includes watching some cheesy tv and going to sleep early)
  • I am grateful for my friends and family who respond to my love with the same
  • I am grateful that I’ve learned that the antidote for loneliness is to reach out and connect (works much better than waiting in resentment for someone to reach out to me)
  • I am grateful that I have cashmere tights — two pairs! — that I bought in Bonnieux in the Luberon in Provence in 2010, and that they bring me so much warmth in this chilly time; they make me happy every time I put them on
  • blogwithheartI am grateful for my new 27″ iMac that is still sitting in its box and will likely for another two weeks; I’m waiting until I have four days in a row to do this so it won’t be stressful, and taking the time to plan it out in detail (so much to download!)
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  1. Sue, I am very moved and motivated by today’s post. My personal goal for the past few weeks has been to make friends with winter in whatever small ways I can (here in the northeastern US, not always so easy!). Your post on using the dark this way sheds a — dare I say — new light on it. 

    My first hit is that Service is my theme for 2014 also — but perhaps it is Connecting, because it is only through Connecting with others that I am able to serve them. Good food for thought on an icy December morning. 

    Blessings and gratitude!

    • Sharon, so happy to see you here! I love this, Connecting as the foundation for Service. Brilliant!

      May you enjoy the darkness, and celebrate the coming return of the light!


  2. Ha ha!! Sue, I just finished my first-ever video for my list, and it was outlining the energy for 2014: Being of Service, and how to work with this energy. No kidding. It’s the larger energy of the planet coming through – the idea that being of service is going to start looking and feeling different under the energy of the Divine Feminine. Look what happens when we all tune in! Big Love <3

    • Jenny, I’m finding this synergy all over the place. And I love how you put it, that the look and feel of Service is changing with the energy of the Divine Feminine.

      Thank you so much, sister!


  3. Great theme for 2014 — Service.    I think that will be my permanent theme,  as it’s not about me.  It’s about being of service to others.

    Absolutely in love with this statement.   

    “I am grateful that I’ve learned that the antidote for loneliness is to reach out and connect (works much better than waiting in resentment for someone to reach out to me)”

    We all feel alone at times.   Remember we are never fully alone as the energy of our past loved ones are always around.    If you still feel alone then find someone that can support you.  


    • Sam, Thanks for bringing your grounded and awesome spiritual take on connection, and how we are always and forever connected. I appreciate you!

      Love and light,

  4. Hi Sue,

    I love this post, thank you!  Going to spend some time meditate on a theme for 2014.  I have a feeling for me it’s surrounding ‘the sharp end’ of manifestation, since so much Personal and Spiritual growth has happened this year.

    Thank you for the lovely focus.



    A Mom On A Spiritual Journey!

    • Welcome, Sarah! I can’t wait to hear what your theme turns out to be, and how it reflects “the sharp end of manifestation.” Powerful!

      Love and magic,

  5. Count me in too. I’ve been receiving hints for the past several months on the theme of “your life is not your own”, of which I’m sure is in preparation for a full out dive into all its many facets in meaning and practice. If we are truly One, then in the giving of ourselves to empower others we are empowered in return. Trying to experience our Wholeness while remaining separate is a game of futility we no longer need to play, and cannot afford to play anymore. I foresee 2014 as another exponential leap in moving forward, the likes of which will make 2012 and 2013 feel slower than they were.

    Great to put this question out there Sue, for all of us to open ourselves to what’s ahead and hit the ground running!

    • Lorraine, wow, thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I am taking away that powerful truth that when we give and empower others we receive and are empowered in
      return. I am so grateful for you!

      Love and blessings,

  6. Sue, I thoroughly enjoyed your post and have to agree with everyone whose comment precede mine. I think Service is definitely a significant part of my theme for 2014, though the theme of connection that Sharon mentioned may indeed be the bigger theme for me. Or perhaps it is Service through Connection. I feel compelled to reach out to others and to make a positive difference doing so. I am heartened to be on the cusp of the next stage of this grand adventure and appreciate your insight along the way. 😉

    • Crystal, Service through Connection, absolutely. Because unless I’m connected to you somehow, I can’t serve you! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

      Love and light,

  7. Hi Sue! 

    I absolutely love that Service is your word for 2014! Beautiful and so fitting for you! I look forward to seeing how this manifests. My word for next year is Balance. It’s something that I’m ready to create in my life, and I look forward to it. Lots of love to you!

    • Jodi, thank you. And I support you living into Balance in the coming year, and I know you already have begun. Thanks for setting the beautiful example of self-love and appreciation that you do.

      Grateful for you!

  8. Hi Sue,

    As alway,s a wonderful post with lots of great inquiries! My theme for 2014 is Ease, which includes more balance, easy biz strategies and abundance, and more fun and play with my painting and SoulCollage® and my loved ones. I went overboard on the Service this year and while my mission to empower creative women and men is as strong as ever, I need to restructure things–big-time. May 2014 be a year of transformation for us all!

    Love, Gail

  9. Hi  Sue,

    I love your articles 🙂 

    What a great theme for 2014. I’ve been asking myself the question, “How can I be of service?” a lot the last few weeks. It’s a lovely way to wrap up the end of the year. 

    I can never choose just one word 😉 

    My words for 2014 are Love, Joy and Magic which are a reminder to myself to keep coming from my heart, being joyous and noticing and appreciating the magic that’s around me in everyday life. Also, to share these gifts with others and let them see how easy it is for them to experience too.

    I’ve spent most of my life living from my head, and protecting my heart, what a joke! And yet somehow I have still led a blessed, magical life for the most part. I’m looking forward to seeing just how amazing it can become when I actually create it from a place of love 🙂

    I love the way you end it with all you are grateful for.

    I’m grateful for your article today and the reflection time it’s given me. Thank you

    • Chizelle, I know! It’s hard to stick with just one. But it also feels good — for me — to dedicate the year to a theme. I love yours! Love, Joy and Magic. Beautiful!


  10. This is my first time here and I will avail of the newsletter and meditation! I have thought about using a word of the year before and never did. But I think it does add such focus and at the moment I need to slow and focus more in general. I need to think a little more, but I do love service! Although perhaps focus could also help as at the moment I am all over the place!

  11. ‘Service’ is a wonderful word and I’m loving your grateful list. I’ve been a bit slack with my own grateful posts lately and you inspired me to reach for gratitude again. 

  12. Beautiful post, thank you for expressing your year with us and giving us the opportunity to connect with this period. I love your words for next year. I have yet to discover my word for next year however ‘Adventure’ lurks and that ties in with being of service in the greatest ways. Bright blessings to you. Happy Holidays

  13. Love this idea, having a theme for the new year, I’m drawn to the idea of being in service also… what a wonderful concept to live 2014 through.. I will sit with it more and see what emerges.  Like Sam, I love that line on reaching out and connecting to overcome loneliness also,  intend to do more of that in 2014 as spent quite a chunk of 2013 in selective aloneness..  A time for divination and intention, love it, plan to do just that as we end 2013. Love your post as always Sue, thank you xo

    • Hi Caroline,

      So glad for the connection through the ether with such beautiful and passionate healers like you. It helps me so much when I’m reaching out and being loving in my flesh-and-blood life.

      I appreciate you!


  14. Love this post Sue and I am still working on my word for 2014.

    Last year mine was faith and i am feeling 2014 might be focus but when i read that your had been Joy that touched me – will let you know

    Love Suzie

    • Suzie, you bring so much Joy to me with your artwork, can’t go wrong with that one! I love Focus as well.

      Keep me posted!

      Love and light,

  15. Hi Sue,

    For 2014 I have two words – Happy and Relaxed. I cannot pick one as I feel they chose me. These came up during my meditation when I realized that ‘if I am happy wherever I am, however I am then I can accomplish a lot and offer a lot’. Wonderful time for setting intentions and goals!

    Love and Light, Bindiya


  16. Hi Sue!  Love this idea of going within to divine during the dark days just before Solstice..  🙂 I’ve done this every year since before I knew anything about astrology – it just felt right to me.
    Doing it since last year with a business vision in mind, however, has been more focused, direct, purposeful…  
    I very much want my biz to be of authentic, true service for others…but when I think of it, the first whispers I get are of “balance”.  I am still working on finding that sweet spot where I can serve others while still honoring and caring for mySelf.  <3

    Thanks so much for the inspiring work you do!

    • When you come from Balance, I think you are standing right in that sweet spot! Can’t wait to see how it manifests!

      Love and more love,

    • Scott, thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

      Welcome here. I appreciate your words so much.

      Love and blessings,

  17. Sue, this is a wonderful post! The past couple years I have done this and it really helps to focus on my intentions. I have had the word “Joy”…seeing and feeling joy in ALL circumstances. And this past year my word was “Inspire”…as I was led to inspire others to greatness! I will need to take some time and come up with my word for 2014. 🙂

    • Deanna, Powerful. May your theme for 2014 take the powerful combination of joyful inspiration and magnify it. Thank you so much for what you bring!

      Love and light,

  18. Finding a theme for the whole year will be hard for me, as a multi-passionate. The closest I get is the word Authenticity. I have planned to make a lot of changes in 2014. I will also be blogging on themes every week.

    • Linda, I love that word, “multi-passionate!” I’m interested to see what changes are going to be made manifest in your mulitple passions.

      Love and Solstice magic,

  19. I love that you list that for which you are grateful in your posts! I just stumbled upon your blog today.  Seems like you are a gratitude geek, just like me.

    Gratefully Geeky,


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