Ebb and flow

lowtideHow do you know when to act? When to wait? When to develop? When to research?

How do you move easily with the ebb and flow, instead of resisting?

There’s a predictability, a seasonality, in some businesses. If you’re in retail, you know that the months before holidays are your big sales time, and you can schedule your year around your production, launch, promotion and sales cycles. You know the ebb and flow in your business and to some extent you can relax in its predictability.

But if your business is like mine, an online business that’s not retail, the seasons of ebb and flow are more elusive and certainly harder to predict.

You may wonder:

  • How come I get more new subscribers to my list in springtime, and fewer in winter?
  • Why did my last teleclass, in April of 2013, get half the signups of the one a year earlier in April of 2012?
  • What’s the best time for me to launch a new program, and when and how should I promote it?

What tools do you use to determine your editorial calendar, your launch dates?

Life isn’t tidy, is it? The unexpected, well, one thing is that you can expect it!

I’ve been aware of the cycles of the Moon—I can feel them. I can feel that pull to go inside as the Moon wanes to dark. And I can feel the shiny glow of the Moon as she grows to full. I feel these pulls in my work, in my business, in my spiritual practices.

I pay attention to planetary movements, relationships and shifts as well. I’m a Scorpio, and we’re in my season now. The time when the veils between the worlds are thinnest. The time when your beloved dead can feel closer to you than usual. The time when, here in the northern hemisphere, the darkness is growing every day. Dark when I awaken, dark before dinner time. A time when I honor the return of the light with candles and sparkly bits and bringing the light to what’s hidden.

Astrology—a useful addition to your planning toolbox.

I take astrological input into account as I make my plans, always in a self-directed and empowered way.

Take Mercury retrograde, for example. I signed agreements with two new clients this week, smack dab in the middle of a Mercury retrograde. Yes, I did! Although it’s often advised to avoid signing papers at this time. What I do, though, is to add a couple of extra proofreading cycles before I send anything out, because I’ve learned that Merc Rx’s are times when I’m more error-prone, and the possibility of being misunderstood is higher than usual. So taking pains to be extra careful and crystal clear is really useful.

And just as you have a natal chart, your business has its own astrology!

Business Astrology

I’ve just (re-)launched Astrology for Your Business, and I’d love for you to take a look. Based on the date, time and place you choose (was it your launch date? the day you had the first glimmer of your audacious idea? the day you registered your url?…), I will create a business chart and a natal chart for you, and together we can look at what the planets have to say about you and your beautiful business. What’s auspicious? What’s challenging? What surprising aha’s will you see? You deserve to get all the support you crave, want, and need.

I’m so excited about this, and I’ll be talking to you about it in my newsletters, especially because between now and 12/21 (the Winter Solstice), you can get either the Insight or Flying Start Business Astrology programs at a significant discount. My gift to you.

I’d love to hear what you think! How do you work with astrology in your business, and in your life? Please let me know in the comments.


  • I am grateful for a restful weekend.
  • I am grateful for the gift of beeswax from my neighbor who just extracted 150 pounds of honey from her hives. Now I just have to figure out how to get the wax in a usable form so I can make a healing salve with it!
  • I am grateful for everyone’s patience with me as I stumbled and found my way to launch Business Astrology. So much to learn!
  • I am grateful for dinner and movie with my lovely brother-in-law this weekend.
  • I am grateful for my upcoming trip to the beach…it’s time for me to walk upon the sand.
  • I am grateful for my confidence to take control of my healing process, a good thing because my doctor is taking a sabbatical, and I haven’t replaced him yet. The hunt for a new healer is on!
  • I am grateful for the goals review I did this weekend. I have met my revenue and new-client goals that I put in writing in June. Wowowowow! So I wrote even more audacious ones for the next six months—I will be on track to have my 2014 income be double of 2013’s. Now that’s a goal!

What are you grateful for today, beautiful? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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  1. This sounds like a wonderful and valuable service you are offering Sue – a truly personalised and insightful business support!

    I also use astrology to help me “go with the flow” in my business. 

    I love what you say about increasing attention to errors and communication in mercury retrogrades. I know this is a time when astro followers can go into despair mode in our fast paced modern lives and need things done yesterday! 

    I’m learning to love my mercury retrogrades as a time to take a step back, let go of control a bit, and be more reflective about my business, review plans & project to-dos, tie up any loose ends, take some technology time-out, perhaps spend more time researching & where decisions absolutely must be made, quadruple check everything!    

    I also like to loosely work with the moon in life & business, aiming to launch new projects in the new/growing moon (not usually if mercury retro though!) & complete projects or prepare for the next project during a waning moon.

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