Eisodus or exodus? Where is your heart headed?

Eisodus or exodus?

Eisodus or exodus?
A little disclaimer, first

There’s a whole lot of Old Testament stuff connected to these two terms (exodus and eisodus), including some that I have a lot of trouble with — cultural appropriation, genocide, and more. But as with many spiritual teachings, when I can be still, and receptive, the goodness, the universal teachings, rise to the top. That’s what I’m sharing with you today — the good stuff, the good questions, from my heart to yours.

Eisodus and exodus

I heard a talk from one of my spiritual teachers during the holidays, and he shared a concept I had never heard before — eisodus. What landed and resonated for me is the idea that, in any moment, you are either headed away from something or you are headed toward something. I felt that distinction viscerally. I felt it as two questions: Where is your heart headed? And how will you get there?

When you are in exodus, when you are headed away, you are motivated by fear in one way or another. It could be in reaction to something that someone said, or something that happened. You could be trying to find a place, or situation, where you feel safe. You could be sure that Anywhere But Here would be more comfortable than your present circumstances (kinda like the Geographic Cure that’s talked about in 12-step recovery).

When you are moving in eisodus, you are moving toward, you are connected to faith, to your heart. You are finding direction and taking actions consistent with your intentions. You are present to what is, in deep acceptance. You are connected to the Divine (however that manifests for you: God, Goddess, nature, spirit) and cloaked in the courage and safety that connection gives you.

This distinction — eisodus or exodus? — raised some loving and powerful questions.

Take some time this week with these questions. You can do some journal writing, and of course, you are invited to share what comes up for you in the comments.

  • How do you deal with unexpected upsets? How do you get past reaction and reconnect with your sacred intentions?
    In your business, this could be loss of revenue, or a client deciding to complete their work with you. Or a computer failure, or your website going down. In your beautiful life, this could be a relationship that you see is not working for you. Or it could be illness. Or you could get in a bad car accident! What works for you to move you from reaction to intention?
  • How do you soothe your tender heart when you are upset? How do you release the impulse to defend and soften into acceptance?
    In business, and in your life, when you’re upset, do you notice impatience? Do you snap at others? Or yell and scream? (If you don’t yell and scream, you probably didn’t grow up in a rageful household, lucky you!) What do you do to connect to Divine compassion and forgiveness, for yourself first, and for others?
  • When you are tempted to kick it all to the curb and leave, how do you re-ground, and re-center, and connect to your breath, to your courage?
    In your business, especially when you’re just beginning or in a revenue ebb, it can feel just too hard, and too scary. Same with your relationships, and your health and self-care. How do you make friends with what is?

The answer to all three of these questions, for me, starts with gratitude. Because of course.

When I can reconnect to gratitude, in this now moment, no matter what, I’m in a better place. Grounded, connected to the Divine, in acceptance. This allows me to see with love everything that is on my plate in this moment. Car accidents, chronic illness, the financial state of my business… all of it, yo.

I’d love to hear how this lands for you. I know, it’s a unusual set of concepts for me to discuss, but I’ve been feeling them in a deep way since I heard them, and I thought you might find this useful. Please do share what you think in the comments.

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  1. Thank you for this insightful article Sue. I loved that it comes down to gratitude. That is where I always go to center, jump-start and remind myself that no matter what I’m more than Ok. Beautifully written

    • Debra, thanks for reminding me of what I wrote! Seems like fevers and coughs can make it hard for me to stay grounded in gratitude.

      I am grateful for you!


  2. What a beautiful post, Sue. I’ve been thinking about how I deal with the tough stuff this week as I’ve been moving through some personal challenges. What I’ve concluded is that I’m pretty good at bending like a reed in the wind and allowing whatever is happening to happen. I allow myself to become receptive and open, all the while watching and waiting for the moment when I can strategically straighten myself back up and continue forward. 🙂

    • Sheila, what a beautiful image, and so timely for me. I am bending too, and when I don’t resist, it can feel quite lovely.


  3. What a thought provoking article. I have not heard of the term eisodus until right now. I always love to learn something new. I really connected to the question; Where is your heart headed and how will you get there? I am currently practicing gratitude for both states of being eisodus and exodus. Thanks Sue, I love this.

    • Lisa, thanks so much. Gratitude for all of it. There’s really no other useful way to go. Right?

      Thanks for sharing.


    • Mary, that’s so lovely to read! And how liberating to shift from fleeing discomfort to seeking ease and liberation.

      Go you!

    • Jacqueline, yeah, I agree, what a fascinating concept to dive into. And its inaccessibility and scarce references (in English, anyway) made it even more challenging and alluring to study.

      Blessed be.

  4. Interesting post Sue. Three things came to my awareness as I read: vulnerability, trust myself, breathe. I’m learning to honour and place a high priority on the space that may exist between your two “e’s” – stillness. That’s where I find my grounding.

    • Marla, thanks, what you wrote is so insightful. Makes me think I should have made my illustration with the two shapes overlapping, allowing for the space of stillness in between. That’s now the only way I can see this!

      Love and stillness,

  5. Firstly I learned a new word eisodus I thought you had made it up when I first saw it, then I read further.

    love the contrast and your idea to overlap the two.

    Yes gratitude opens the doors to abundance and so much more. i had an incident this week that had me shutting down and then becoming very tired. this was exodus, eisodus is about changing and growing maybe
    Love Suziexx

    • Suzie, the more I dwell in the mystery of these concepts, the more I get that it all comes down to intention and attitude. I think you nailed it: change and growth. When you are committed to change and growth (no matter how uncomfortable), I think you can be sure you are standing sovereign in the most majestic way in any possible moment.

      Blessed be,

  6. I had not heard of Eisodus – I thought it was a misspelling 🙂 I work with my career coaching clients to create a vision of their future life and career so it becomes a strong pull forward. Most people know what they are running from Exodus). It’s harder to identify what they are moving toward (Eisodus). When they find it, it’s very powerful.

    • Diane, I love the way you put it — how powerful it is when you’re headed somewhere you intend to go.

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.


  7. Late comer, but I just learned the word and looked it up, and was captured by your site. Seems to me that it is as good to move toward something that can enrich you as it is to leave something that enslaves you. In other words, it seems that these two words work together to describe a process or event that involves a turning away from one thing to embrace another. The latter could not happen without the former.
    At the same time, people can continue to feel like they are trapped, when in reality, they are already free, and need to move forward in hope of what is before them. But even in this instance, they must escape anew the feelings of victimhood, of entrapment and entanglement, before they can reconnect with their loftier aspirations.

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