Embracing the mystery

First, some beauty

I just got back from a week on Kaua’i.

After the first couple of disoriented days there, I finally really landed. Moved from wondering how to be on Kaua’i to being on Kaua’i. I was finally present, with my feet on the ground, feeling my grateful full heart. I basked in the sunshine and the rain and enjoyed putting over 500 miles on my rental car (how did this happen on such a small island?) and getting to snorkel three times on three gorgeous beaches. So much aloha.

Cliffs at Spouting Horn

I took a walk along the cliffs at Spouting Horn.

Heiau at Prince Kuhio Park, Kaua'i

Above is the heiau (ancient temple) at Prince Kuhio Park.

Sunset Kilauea Avenue

I was driving to see the Kilauea Lighthouse and drove past a dozen or so cars and thirty or so people watching the sunset. I stopped and joined them. Because of course. The lighthouse could wait.

Ganesh, Hindu Monastery, Kaua'i

Here’s Ganesh guarding the entrance to the Hindu Monastery.

Na Pali Coast from Ke'e Beach

The Na Pali coast from Ke’e Beach. One of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.

Now, let’s look at embracing the mystery.

You like to think you know what’s going to happen. You like to think you can control the outcome.

Of course you do, it’s human to want to know.

But you can’t know. You can’t control outcomes. All you can do is show up, and put one foot in front of the other in the direction of your goals, your visions, your highest good.

I’ve been Counting the Omer this year, for the first time (I had never even heard of it before, which makes sense, since I’ve never paid attention to Judaism until this year). Counting the Omer is a 49-day spiritual practice that begins on the second night of Passover. There’s a theme for each of the 49 days based on the Kabbala. Each day I receive an email with the day’s lesson and meditation suggestion. The teachings have been just what I needed: The content has been all about embracing the mystery, about stopping and connecting to what is in and around me, and sinking into gratitude.

Embracing the mystery: just what I need — facing having to move from my home and not by my choice. A powerful reminder that when changes have happened in my life — and they just keep happening! — I have survived and thrived all the way through (even if I couldn’t always see it at the time). I have been told many times that I probably haven’t been brought this far to be dropped on my head now. When things get scary, and challenging, and fear beckons me, I forget these truths. It’s good to be reminded!

Embracing the mystery requires a whole lot of letting go. Scary, yes. Liberating even more. How can I help support you as you move through your own mysteries?

Mercury retrograde is coming. And the Taurus New Moon.

New Moon in Taurus

Sunday, May 17th
26º56′ Taurus
9:13 pm Pacific
12:13 am Eastern (5/18)

Mercury retrograde in Gemini

Monday, May 18th
Thursday, June 11th

Mercury rules Gemini; rules communication, research, and learning

  • I’m looking forward to it. The Merc Rx window is a perfect time for me to be looking for my new home and office. A perfect time to be finding out my rights in this situation where my landlady wants to sell this place I rent.
  • I’m prepared. I will sign no agreements about leaving this place until this retrograde is well and truly over. My landlady wants to sign a contract by June 15th. Since Mercury won’t be out of shadow until June 27th, I’m going to propose we sign on July 15th (then I can compromise on June 30th if necessary).
  • One more aspect of the mystery: What if I find a perfect place during the retrograde? It’ll have to be extremely perfect for me to sign a lease before June 11th, but I’m open.

The New Moon reminds me to stop and smell the roses, wiggle my toes in the dirt, stare at the ocean, lean on a redwood (and daydream of Kaua’i).

The fiery get-going energy of Aries mellows and melts into sensual, divinely feminine Taurus. This New Moon invites us into the moment, into the here and the now. It reminds us also to take care of business, to check and double-check finances, to think twice and then one more time about expenses and commitments. Goes perfectly with the energy of the Mercury retrograde.

Suggestions for the New Moon and the Mercury retrograde

  • Review your financial strategies in your business — what needs to happen next?
  • Experiment with ways to increase pleasure and joy in your life — have you laughed yet today?
  • Embrace personal sustainability — honor Mother Earth as you fulfill your sacred mission in your work.
  • Practice exquisite self-care — use that Taurus energy to turn your love into better health, improved strength and flexibility.
  • Feed and nurture your relationships — with your clients, your loved ones, your friends.

How are you embracing the mystery? What’s up for you as we enter this next Merc Rx? I’d love to hear from you. Join the conversation, leave a comment. Blessed be!

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  1. Delicious pictures Sue! Embracing the mystery is a challenge at times. Although, I am much more in the practice of surrendering, showing up and trusting that it is all for my highest good. Thanks for the upcoming astrological tips and trends.

    • Lisa, welcome! Keep surrendering, and know I’m surrendering right alongside you. So nice to know we are not alone!


  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip ~ and thanks for sharing about the expected energy shifts. I’ve got a retreat going on for much of that period so appreciate your ideas for focus even more than usual. Aloha.

    • Renee, thank you. I shared so little of my trip in this article, actually. I packed a lot into my six days. So glad to share a little bit of the enchantment with you.

      Blessed be!

  3. I love your photos, sounds like a very special time for you. Sending you positive prayers for your possible move- set the intention to find your magical new home- my heart says you will be led,
    Thanks for the tips for the new moon
    namaste xx

    • Suzie, glad you like the pix. I took my pencils and sketchbook, and made one drawing — just one! I worked on it a bit each day…and then was called to take photos.

      I am working on my vision for my new home this weekend. I’m letting go of the resistance and I’m starting to get excited!


  4. Magnolias, Hubby and I spent 4 years of our life not knowing what exactly was going to happen. Christmas of 2010 we realized our marriage was on the rocks. February 2011 we decided that we were going to work and live on a cruise ship. March 2011 we applied for the job. By June 2011 I had been accepted into the waiting pool. By August he had been accepted into the waiting pool. In November we sold everything we owned to go live and work on a cruiship. We did that for two years. But we only now, march 2015, have settled down again. It has been 4 years of embracing the mystery indeed.

    • Nadia, welcome here. And thanks for sharing your story, powerful manifestation! You inspire me.


  5. Gorgeous photos Sue! I suppose I’m a bit more of a practical person and don’t really get the whole mercury retrograde thing. I certainly don’t let it stop me from doing what needs to be done. I do hope your transition from one home to the next is as stress free as possible. Remember to breathe 🙂 xxoo

    • Peggy, Good point. Being practical all the time makes it that much easier to not be taken by unpleasant surprises during the Mercury Rx times. I do however love being aware of the retrogrades; each one feels like an invitation to renew my commitment to mindfully taking care of myself, my technology, and the way I negotiate, and the way I communicate.

      Thanks for the prayerful intention and the reminder. When I focus on my breathing I’m present to the mystery and the gifts.


  6. Love the theme of embracing the mystery…and uncertainty. This is a big one for me right now too.

    Letting go. Creating space for something else to come in. Not knowing what comes next. Moving from a place of being open rather than a place of fear. Asking the Universe for support…and trusting that we are being supported and held in ways we might not even see or understand. I’m holding all this to Heart right now.

    Thank you for a beautiful post!

    • Dana, you put that just perfectly. I’m doing some vision work tomorrow and I think I’ll add some of your words to my writing / drawing / collaging.

      Blessed be!

  7. I’m so glad you had a good trip to Kauai! One of the many things I love about Hawaii is that each Island has it’s one unique feel and experience. While I will admit that I don’t follow the stars on a regular basis, I take Mercury in Retro very seriously! These are great suggestions for using the time wisely and in fact I’ve scheduled a few days off for myself to rest and plan for the rest of the year — can’t wait! Thanks for the insight and inspiration Sue.

    • Marquita, Kaua’i was wonderful. Lots of rain, as you predicted, but enough sunshine for three snorkeling episodes on three beautiful beaches. I fell madly in love (as I always do) with the island.

      Good for you for a few days of rest and planning.


  8. Magnolias, I love your insight, “You can’t control outcomes. All you can do is show up.” This is such a strong truth. My favorite picture of the trip was Ganesh guarding the entrance to the Hindu Monastery. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

    • Hi Kathleen, welcome.

      Glad you like the photo. I was blown away (and sorely tempted) by some of the Ganesh sculptures for sale in their gift shop. Wow!

      Love and blessings,

  9. The more you trust in the mystery the more you sit in a place of deep knowing, or at least return there pretty quickly. For better or worse, the path to beyond imagination goes straight through mystery.

    Looking forward to hearing where you end up and how you found your new place, even if temporary.

    • Lorraine, thanks!

      Deep knowing, yes; being in any other place is just too challenging. I really don’t have a choice but to trust the mystery and wrap myself in faith.

      Love and gratitude,

  10. “You can’t control outcomes. All you can do is show up.”
    Something that we have to do every day – some of the mysteries last a day, some last a lifetime but new discoveries are the key to a full live.
    Thanks for sharing your story, your pix and look forward to you sharing the outcome.

    • Betty, Good to know you’re holding space for the beautiful, magnificent, surprising outcome the Divine will be unfolding for me.

      Blessed be,

  11. Embracing the mystery – what a great concept. You can’t change the circumstance so it’s all about trusting yourself – that you’ll get through it and learn from it – and perhaps finding life even better – which I’m sure you will. You have that kind of spirit!

    • Diane, thank you for the loving comment. I like the “even better…” bit. I always make sure to close my prayers when I’m laying out my vision with “this, please, or something better”!

      Much love,

  12. Sue, Hawaii (where my husband and I honeymooned) will always be a special place. I loved your photos and how they brought me back to that time of new beginnings. I love your positivity, hope and flexibility. You know what you want to do and when and yet, you say that you can flex and compromise if needed. What a beautiful gift you have and you are!

    • Thank you Deb, so much!

      I did some work on my goals and visions for the next place to live over the weekend, and I’m moving forward. The outcome is a mystery, but I know it’s a good one.


  13. Embracing the mystery… that’s a lovely way of phrasing what lies ahead, because actually it is a mystery, which we help guide when we are in tune with ourselves and our vision… but there are many unknown elements and I feel sure that embracing, rather than fearing them can only be a good thing!

    Loved your photos Sue… what an amazing trip to see such beauty and calm 🙂


    • “…to see such beauty and calm.”

      Thanks, Jacs, I think I’ll grab that for my words of the week.

      Love and light,

  14. If you haven’t checked out the East Bay Community Law Center (www.ebclc.org) and/or the Oakland Tenant’s Union (oaklandtenantsunion.org) they’re good resources for knowing your housing rights. Also, unless you live in a home built in 1983 or later, a single unit building, or a building with 3 or fewer units and your landlord lives in one, you’re covered by Just Cause, which can be a huge help, housing-wise.

    • Melissa, thanks so much! I have checked out those services, and am so grateful to have learned about them.

      I am meeting with Centro Legal de la Raza for free legal housing/tenants’ rights advice next week — referred by EBCLC.


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